Thursday, November 23, 2006


Hi –

The purpose of this e-mail is to request the removal of all unauthorized product photos, text and all brand identification logos in relation to dominique cohen inc. All usage on Cheeky Chic Chica is completely unauthorized. As such, it is subject to trademark and copyright violation, as it has not been approved or endorsed by dominique cohen, inc.

We must insist that all the unauthorized content is removed within 24 hours of this notification. We request that you notify us in return, via e-mail, of the removal of all unauthorized imagery and text.

Should you fail to comply with removal of all unauthorized imagery photographs and text, you will be risking immediate legal response and potential litigation for both trademark and copyright infringement and damages. We will not hesitate to protect the viability and value of our brand within the marketplace, and will not fail in seeking legal remedy in order to protect the value of our brand name.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Edited) D.R.

dominique cohen, inc.

bull. i merely promote. no intention of theft. i always place a link to where i got the image. i'm infuriated and i don't know why. it's not just's everything else in my fucked up little rut.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

a night of chi-chi to celebrate L'original Cheeky!!

AHHHH...FINALLY! a decent saturday night of just FUN FASYON & FABULOUSITY!!!

it was the birthday celebration of none other than The Original Cheeky of this small little city we call "Cebu", Miss CTP.

and in the usual fabulous fashion that L'Cheeky is oh-so-known-for, she celebrated her *bleep*th b-day atop one of Cebu's most-recognized buildings --Ayala Life FGU Center.

photo from TT, coz she was the only one who had decent pics from the party, since we were all...hammered.

the following photos are really blurry, but it was the best i could do with my sorry photography skills and all-the-way-up-there-level of intoxication. =(

FGU's rooftop view

photos of le célébrant d'anniversaire (left) and her sister, Mizz La LPE (right). ;)

i know it's kindda hard to tell, but try to look closer at those gorgeous shoulderblades!!! would you believe Miss Cheeky already has FIVE boys??!!! and she still has the bod, skin, and hair (not to mention a TDF wardrobe) that most 20-year olds would KILL for!!!

life is SO unfair, go figure. lol.

(told y'all the photos are screwed. lol!!)

Miss Cheeky was wearing a fabulous halter Pucci-esque dress by...errrmm...i forgot which designer, since i was too drunk then when she told me. lol. gimme a break, i deserved last night's freeflowing champagne-whoring. ;)

regardless of how drunk we ALL were, it was undeniably THE private party this season!!! and she was surprised i was able to go, since it was the soft opening of The Loft at I.T. Park. are you kidding me??!!! i wouldn't have missed this party even if the entire Skyrise Building (which is kindda funny, coz it only has like what, 5 floors? lol) was flooding with Goyard bags and Hermes goodies...wait, who am i kidding now? ok I would've dropped by ITP first, grabbed a shitload of freebies, but STILL go to her birthday! lol.

everything served was heavenly, excellent champagne (especially since i've become so accustomed to the cheap kind lately. lol) and cocktails --not to mention an uber-cute bartender, and every single guest was dressed-to-killll! yours truly, excluded. *bawl* now i hope you understand why i don't bother to post photos of myself!!! ohtheshame!!! lol

oh, and the entire night was FAKE-FREE!!!! ohhhhhh...ahlaveit!!! mostly Vuittons (surprise surprise), a few Chanel-toting matronix, a handful of Hermes and Fendi (i spotted a lovely gold python Spy), a couple of Goyards, and loads of Prada (i swear, TDWP movie made such a huge marketing impact on Prada. lol. which i don't get, since most of the clothes, bags and shoes featured on TDWP weren't even Prada?) rarely do you get to end an entire day/night out without seeing a fake Vuitton or Fendi here in the third world, it's not even funny.

seriously, the entire night exceeded all of my expectations. all of her birthday bashes of yesteryears were always fab, but this one was MAJOR. and i was lucky enough to have gatecrashed. lol!!! i can't wait 'til next year, babe! ;)

Cheers to that! ;)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

La Lohan gets dumped....YES!!

is it so bad if i feel GREAT after having just discovered that La Diva Lohan has just been dumped by richboy hottie Harry Morton? People just reported it, read bout the whole scoop here.

awwwwwww...just when she thought he was going to MARRY her after that megawatt Cartier bling of a ring he recently gave her.

now we can all feel better bout not being her. yeah sure she has like loads of Hermes, Chanel, and Balenciaga. yeah sure she's like BFFs with Karl Lagerfield and Marc Jacobs. yeah sure, I'M JEALOUS. which is exactly why i feel SOOO GREAT RIGHT NOW. lol.

i never gave a woot when i heard she broke her wrist. who cares? emotional pain is WAY better to "get back" at undeserving bitches that you're just SO SUPER jealous of. she is human afterall...and a miserable one, too.

jealousy is me. jealousy is ALL OF US. jealousy is a bad bad thing, but it sure does make life fun when you see the source of your pain get hurt. oh come on, admit know you feel luuuvvvly too!!! lol.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i'm macadamia NUTTTSS!!!!

after months of staying away, i finally gave in to the craving earlier today. i had my first Blended Chocolate Macadamia Nut at Gloria Jeans Coffees at Banilad Town 11 months!! oh please please please somebody be PROUD OF ME!!!

and OMG it was as heavenly as the first time i've ever tasted it!!!!

crap, now how am i ever going to fit in that box full of skinny jeans?!??!?!?!?! i can't wear skinnies if hello, I'M NOT SKINNY!!

see how my super yummy whipped cream melted within like minutes after i got my order from their counter!!!! it's SO hot down here, it's ridiculous! no amount of sunblock and oversized Chanel shades can ease a girl's discomfort earlier...
...which is why i just HAD to order the CMN!!!! fuck this can i ever get to wear those lovely riding boots that are so HOT HOT HOT this season when the weather here can barely even tolerate plain ol' PUMPS or FLATS?!!!?!?!?! i've been wearing Havaianas straight for three weeks now, even during occassional rainshowers, it's starting to become BLAH. and i really don't want to get used to it, coz god knows i can't get flat-footed anytime in my life. i just can't. it'll be too painful. not with a face like mine. lol!

i'm so hopeless, it's not even funny!!! =( was SOOOO good, it was orgasmic...seriously!!! =( you GOTTA try it girls!! screw their creme brulle!!! the CMN should be the bestseller, not the CB!!! lol

lawwwrrdd how am i ever going to lose weight??!! somebody just shoot me!!!!

i'm still on a major sugar rush right now. translate that to hyperactive, and more confused than usual. not to mention manic-depressive. i feel SO ffffFaaaaAaaaaTttttttt.....

oh screw it, i'm gonna stop blogging. just read TT's post on our GJ splurge earlier...hers is more comprehensive (k, not really, but better than mine lol) post.

i'm just too macadamia nuts right now to function properly!!! *bawl*

Thursday, September 14, 2006

stop the WhINE!!!

y'all know how i've been whining nonstop with this whole internet ish. nope, it's still not fixed.



i hate to admit it though, but i've actually been starting to enjoy this whole no-blogging thing since Globelines went berserk.

i got to organize a bit more...(yeah, remember that? lol. i'm STILL on it!!) i took some much-needed time to get back intouch with the real girlfriends, but do bear in mind that I LOVE YOU ALL MY DEAR DEAR READERS. lol. yeah right, as if there's like a gazillion of you out there. most of the folks who read my crap ramblings are people whom i actually KNOW!!! lol.
AND, i got to get my sorry, no-internet-life, bored-to-death-at-2am ass to just chillax in my room with good music, 2 packs of Marlboro Light Golds (yep, i've shifted to lights now), a bottle of super cheap apple-flavored wine....

(seriously, it's SO cheap, but good enough to down the boredom)

...and lots of pretty pretty shoes to stare at while laughing at all the little artificial apples floating in my flammable veins. ;) lol.

i'm going nuts, and i'm too numb to even complain anymore.

i still hate fucking Globe!!!

--XOXO-- ♥ to you all!!!!!!

Posh Spice: fashion liability?

gotta make this quick, coz my internet's still fucked...SO sorry ladies for the absence. please believe me when i say i am SO hating this whole no-internet ish like a bitch. i've been whining for days, and it still sucks. unfortunately, whining doesn't work on me. =( i know some girls that are lucky enough for it to work for them, but i'm such a jinx on everything in my life right now. *BAWL*

boohoo. i'm not the only one having a hard time. apparently, Mrs. David Beckham *envy* isn't so cheery either. check out this article from the DailyUK.

i say, whatever she wants to wear and how she wants to wear it...and how MANY TIMES she wants to strutt her stuff, so be it. so as long as she can afford it (+ a HOT HOT HUBBY), not to mention SKINNY ENOUGH TO PULL IT OFF....why the hell not?????!!!

photo from

ok, so maybe i wouldn't exactly choose to wear this outfit...but you GOTTA love that immaculately white Birkin and those uber-cute slouchy boots!!! with just the Birkin alone, you could barely even notice the fake hair extensions and the fake tan! so what?

she has a lovely Birkin that I (OR WE) DON'T HAVE!!! *BAWL*

screw the psycho analysis on why she's like that. WE'RE ALL SHALLOW AND INSECURE DEEP DEEP DEEEEEEEEPPPPPP DOWN INSIDE. just not everybody's willing to ever admit it.

toodles!! gotta go whine again! =) lol.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

internet down *SCREAM!!!*

i think the title of this post says it all. and i don't want to say any more, coz i just HAVE to keep this entry short. preferably SUPER short coz it took me TWO hours to get the Blogger startup page to load, and i already wrote this SUPER-long entry on the LV Miroir line, only to find out it didn't publish coz after clicking "Publish", it said "Page cannot be fucking found!"!!!! i could just SCRRREEAAAAMMM!!!! =( boohoo...i should stop whining. i have to keep this short, remember? if i do, somebody please shoot me!!! see what frustration does to someone? I'M TALKING TO MYSELF omgstopitstopit!!!!!

ok, maybe not really all of what i have to say about this screwed-up-third-world-internet-access-that-i'm-paying-for-A-LOT!!!! arrrggghhh!!!! i've been calling their customer services hotline for like a gazillion times since yesterday, and they still haven't sent anyone over to fix it. i may not be some tech-freak genius, but i'm pretty sure it's not MY fault. wait...maybe it is?'s not my fault. i already had a few geeky friends come over to check it out and they all said it's my ISP.

customer-relations said they're having technical so at least that made me feel better that i'm not the only one pissed. ;) almost all of my friends use the same provider, so this could actually make room for some "quality time" with the lovely friends since we're all down and out. besides, our relationships have been revolving around around LJs, YMs, and MSN messengers far too long already. lol.

so please excuse me for not being able to update anytime soon. i love you all, and hopefully if you're actually reading this, you still have an itty-bitty spot there for me as well. ;) lol. besides, i'm taking this as a chance to relax and unwind.....hopefully. =/

hmmmm...nails done, cut & color + extra hair treatments, massage, clubbing, 11PM-coffee, DVD from last season marathon, OMG this blog has made me miss out on SO much, i should be GRATEFUL my internet access is screwed!!! lol. kidding. i love to blab. and i love the attention you guys are giving me. ;) i am afterall....just a girl. LOL!!!

errmmm...i know i said "short", but hey, at least it published!!! =)

Monday, September 11, 2006

sad goodbyes & Marc Jacobs goes supersize!!!

major major MAJOR headache right now from last night, so i'm gonna have to keep this short & sweet. i don't have pics of last night's rendezvous, because it mainly consisted of heartbreaking news and lots of booze.

two of my favorite Starbucks baristas have resigned, and it's a big deal for me coz they've been more than just "your friendly local barista". for the past two years, they've been really good friends. we even hung out with them after closing on weekday nights when we're too dumb to notice they had already closed. lol.

they're just wonderful people. so to MT and Mizz H, i'll truly miss you both!!! who'll make my perfect lattes now? =(

so we all know fall's about big bags. but how big can you really go? saw this Marc Jacobs Shopping tote for $478 at

would you look at the size of that thing??? it's not just for the shopping loot, i think you can throw in the whole shop as well! plus your SA! lol.

although i find this bag quite amusing, i won't get it. Longchamp Le Pliage for shopping totes forevahhh!!! lol.

besides, *OMG* LV is just SO harsh on me this year, it's not even funny!!!=( the Damier Azur and Miroir line is already coming out this November, and i still don't have a CENT on my bag fund!!!! =( i don't even know how i'm ever going to pay for that white Suhali Lockit (still obsessed, and it won't be going away anytime soon! help!!!).

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Big Bag picks

big bags really are "IT" for the season, and yours truly just isn't strong enough to resist!! =) here's my two top picks for today...

Marc Jacobs Striping Hudson Bag

i know this is kindda old news already, but it's a great weekday bag to pack all those daily essentials. although the straps are too short to be worn on the shoulder. and it has a Trompe l'oeil signature push-lock closure on front with stud accents, which has been Marc Jacob's "thing" for this season's handbag collection. he's even incorporated some to last season's quilted leather. it's also available in black and chestnut, but i'm loving this super-rich dark brown one with the beige stripes. drawback? $1,275 or PhP 64,414.66! so i'm just gonna have to pass.

let's talk perfect carryall, shall we? i am totally loving this

Leather Skye bag from Joy Gryson
this bag just screams, "it" all over!!!

let's do a checklist:

  • soft Italian leather? CHECK!
  • suede lining? CHECK!
  • braided details? CHECK!
  • brushed metal hardware? CHECK!

luxe AND cool!! iluvit!!! and the price is just right at $695 or PhP 35,112.30. well, yeah, it IS kindda expensive, but hey, it's almost HALF the price for the MJ one! =) besides, i have a feeling Joy Gryson is going to be the next "it" designer for 2007. she's earned my respect for her work at Coach, Calvin Klein & her most recent? Marc Jacobs! lol. plus points on beating the "boss" on these two bags. ;)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Big Bag Bigger, Biggest"

thanks to BT for emailing me a link to this article! see girls? big bags really ARE IN!! =) the New York Times says so!!!

It’s the year of the hefty bag: supersize pocketbooks that are substantial enough to balance out hoof-like platforms and wedges and roomy enough to carry three diet delivery meals or let sylphlike celebutantes climb in and hide from those hectoring paparazzi. The new U-Hauls are as wide as most female arms are long and are all about texture, contrast and high luxury. Below are seven bags for living extra-large.

please click on this link to go to the NYT article.

lookielook!! the first bag they featured is from our very own Rafe Totengco! and call it nationalistic pride, but i am totally loving the gorgeous cognac leather and chocolate-brown braid detailing. the price is ok too, for $595 or PhP 30,060.17.

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!! i have been having major palpitations on number 3 since i first laid eyes on it!! it's an oversize hobo in gold python by Devi Kroell and they even have it in metallic beige, burgundy, black anthracite, olive, bronze and silver. but i am SO loving the gold python.

metallics + exotic skin = cheeky l♥ve!!!

unfortunately, to every love story, there's always a pesky villain. hello pricetag of $2,890 or PhP146,006.56!!!

love or no love, i'm still spending my non-existent money on that white LV Suhali Lockit, thank you very much.

of course, they also featured YSL's Double ($1,195 or PhP60k), and the Chanel Coco Cabas a.k.a. Large Vinyl Shopper ($1,225 or PhP61k). both of which, have been getting massive rave reviews from bag lovers worldwide and are getting sold out like, everywhere!!!

but dammit i still want that DK gold python hobo!!! =( *bawl!!!*

Thursday, September 07, 2006

it's actually ok not to touch anything

ladies, i gotta keep this short and sweet. i'm running late as usual, and i just have to post this before i end up not posting anything again for a week or so coz i'd either be too sick, busy, or just plain lazy!!!

my time management skills have gone to shit since oh-i-can't-even-remember-anymore!!!!

so, my temporary OCD is already over...thank gawd!! and my favorite part of this whole crazy-for-organization week is this...

why? because i didn't even touch it! lol.

it's right above my vanity dresser, and i never really got to notice how "ok" it was to have all these random things juxtaposed into a small (don't worry, it's sturdy enough. heaven forbid it might collapse on me! i'm already brain-damaged enough!!) shelf of perfume bottles. i originally placed them there one by one, coz i didn't have any space left on my actual dressertop...and unwarily amassed 18 on this shelf alone. lol

and although i'm no saint...or angel, for that matter, but i just luvluvluv these little ceramic angels. never really noticed them until now. =)

see hags? look around your personal space first, before asking yourself where all that moolah went, when you just got your allowance/paycheck less than a week ago!!! lol.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

les résultats of my sorry organization skills + Paris Hilton gets denied??!!

because of just sheer EXHAUSTION, i ended up dumping the rest of my junk onto wherever, and get back on organizing them oh i the

next year or so. =)

this thing started it (needtoorganize) all...
i can't remember what it was originally,

but i found this lovely cameo brooch under all the junk, & i love it!
told ya you can "shop" from your own stuff!

look!! i even found a cat!! lol. kidding. i just had to post this coz i really have a hard time taking photos of moving things...and believe me, he's REALLY hard to photograph! grrrr...

so after days of trying, i ended up stuffing some of the junk left on the floor into any space left i could find.

all the stuff i categorized under "Priority E"...and i have no more closet, drawer, et al ANY space left to store them. =( i swear, this is the result of just utter frustration.

ok, i DID have some "pretty" results from my little project...i'll post em later. i'm hungry!!! =(

SHOCKING NEWSFLASH! reports that the shallow & materialistic world's most famous heiress was denied entry at a club in New York for a private MTV Video Music Awards afterparty last thursday...and ended up crying even in front of all those paparazzi.

this is actually the first pic i've ever seen Miz Hilton crying...ever.

first off, who is that girl with her and what's up with the bag and shoes?? they're just...not right! you would think Paris Hilton's friends would have half the mind to dress up better for a night out, especially if it's so super exclusive that even she was denied entry!

maybe the reason why she didn't get in because the bouncer couldn't even see her because he already turned gay and screamed "ewwww!!" in his head after seeing "the friend" and her bugly all-over look. lol.

as for Paris...if the second biggest reason why you're even famous at all is being a major partygirl and having enough power over all the clubs (even having a chain of her own)...on a GLOBAL scale, and were denied entry to...ANYWHERE, wouldn't you just BAWL??!!

she may not be the richest heiress in the world, but i'm pretty sure she can still afford to BUY Bungalow 8, period!! lol

i lurvvvve her outfit though, and omg those killer ankle booties!!

check out the rest of the

4 days of absence and still unfinished task of organizing + shameful baghag query!!!

i know i know, i haven't updated. i've just been SO caught up with this whole organizing thing, it's not even funny anymore. at first it was like, "yeah, i think really should start reworking my junk" and kindda lessen the mess in my life...starting with my room.

but omg, i'm going insane!!!

i know i've already said this in my last post, but i STILL can't believe how much junk i've collected for the past year alone, i can't even remember HALF of the stuff i have!!! in a way, it was kindda fun...coz i now feel like i've just gone shopping with all the "new" loot i've unearthed from my very own closet. lol.

i totally recommend this for anyone who's materialistic and currently financially-incapacitated!! lol. shop in your own closet with an invisible credit card, you'd be surprised!! ;)...and yes, crazy coz of the invisible credit, but all good FUN nevertheless!

boring pictionary of cheeky's "work" coming up! i couldn't upload all the other shots. dude, i'm telling you, Blogger really hates me!! unfortunately, these that actually did upload are the less interesting ones. i'll post the rest tomorrow...or in a few hours, after giving myself a reward for all my huhuhu "hard work" in the form of an horrific caloriefest of blended chocolate-cream from Starbucks...and an hour with a lovely masseuse named, "Celia".

i'm so tired, i can barely type...just see the pics for yourself and you'd know WHY!! =( and what's worse is, i gruelled over it for days only to make it look like this: NORMAL AND ORDINARY!!! =( i should've taken "BEFORE" pics so you guys would understand. *bawl!!*

my ordinary closet # 1

my ordinary closet # 2

my ordinary closet # 3

my ordinary closet # 4

and my Mom said i was special! *huhuhu*

shamful confession: so...after my Lockit-lusting, i asked good ol' pal, BT to ask the ever-so-fabulous Mrs. T on something so incredibly simple, it was just plain DUMB. good thing SHE asked the question and not me! lol! sorry girl!! but you gotta admit, it was pretty hilarious!!

so anyway, the chainsmoking girls and i were hanging out when they started to talk about my Lockit post which eventually led to this stupid wonder-game on who could con their dads...or moms first into buying them a Lockit (all Suhali, none MonoCanvas) .

suddenly, JM started to wonder what the GM, MM, and PM meant in LV bags. they all friggin' turned to ME for answers!!! i'm like, i have absolutely NO IDEA!!! we're no LV VIPs, and we certainly couldn't ask our moms, coz that'll only ruin any possible hope for a new overpriced (no, they're not. yeah, right) bag purchase, coz they'd already say, "no" before asking.

tip: always ask for the bag when already INSIDE the store, there's a bigger chance for actual checkout. lol.

all of a sudden, BT went all, "stop using up what's left of your brains and go ask Mrs. T!".

we all didn't want to, for fear of being called "ignorant"...even with the fact that we ALL were. lol. so, after what seemed like forever of relentless persuasion and just utter annoyance, we finally got BT to do it. lol.

she wasn't too happy bout it, but hey...important thing is she actually DID it. and Mrs. T was kind enough to answer our dumbass question.

so to the rest of the world who's too ashamed like us to acknowledge the fact that we're no LV experts, here are the answers to probably one of those questions you still haven't gotten answers to in your life and are too scared to to "when is he going to propose??"

courtesy of MRS. T:

GM = Grand Modele (the largest size)
MM = Medium Modele (medium-sized)
PM = Petite Modele (the smallest size)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

signs of aging = OCD scare?

i stayed in last night. yeah, go figure. my life has been such a bore lately, and i don't even have any plans of complaining. it's like i don't care anymore, and i'd rather stay home. omg. i really AM getting old.

what's worse? i woke up EARLY on a sunday morning. yeah sure, it's a good and healthy sign. but that coming from the bitch who once snuck (and yes, correct word is "sneaked", go get a life =P) out of her parents house and WALKED all the way to the street corner, like a MILE ahead the guard house, in heels, to hail a stinky cab just to go clubbing??

oh, and it doesn't just end there. so i woke up at 7am, had one of those picture-perfect, still-hot breakfasts. i even had time to just sit and stare at all the pretty flowers in the garden!!! after which, i went back to my room...TO ORGANIZE.

exactly! HWAT?!!!??!

after 4 hours, i have come to realize how much of an impulsive shopper i really am. oh well, what else is new...WE ALL ARE! =P but seriously ladies, i have amassed so much shit in the last year alone, that i have absolutely no idea what to do with them NOW. 4 hours, and i'm NOT EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH all my junk. besides, i ran out of those plastic organizing boxes thingies...and i'm kindda worried if ACE doesn't have any left. coz i wouldn't want to buy different boxes. i want them to be all identical, and pretty. ???? (OC symptoms?)

check out my "work" so far... (circa 2005-2006)

i know, i know...beads overload? hello, i live in CEBU. =P

everything in its place. some, i have no idea where to put, but who cares? i'm tirrreeed!!!!! =( i started off with categorizing accessories by material, then threw them back in the pile and sorted them out by color, then i got tired and just placed each item in any available space.



Saturday, September 02, 2006

Louis Vuitton Lockit bags

Louis Vuitton Lockit Collection

ladies, this is it. i've been steering away from talking about LV since i started this new blog, coz honestly, i think 90% of my previous blog's content was all about LV, it was starting to become super unhealthy. i actually suffered withdrawal symptoms a bit. lol.

but i just canNOT help but yak about the new Lockits. honestly, when it first came out, i was like, "yeah, whatever. maybe my mom would like it, but no, not me". and you have no idea how much of a proud moment it is for me everytime i convince myself not to like ANYTHING from LV. =) so please bear with me, coz i don't think i would be able to give out necessary details on each bag (hence the links), coz it's just too painful. lol.

LV Monogram Canvas Lockit $770 or PhP 39,058.94

i still don't like the monogram canvas lockit. it's just...not me. kindda borderline matronix, but a 20-year old can still pull it off.

hello, Birkins on 16-year olds are everywhere nowadays!! =)

LV Suhali Lockit PM $3,000 or PhP 152,177.70

this is probably the most expensive lockit in the entire collection to date.

there are other alternatives though, such as the Lockit Nomade, which is cheaper by almost $1,000.

the Lockit Nomade is around USD2K. roughly converted from British pounds to US$2,018.88 or PhP 102,409.50

LV Suhali Lockit MM $2,470 or PhP 125292.97

THIS is the bag that made me a convert! if not for this particular bag, i would have NEVER even thought of actually scrimping on the cashflow just to save up for it. i love love love LOVE this bag and it makes me wanna cry just knowing it's so damn expensive! =(

LV Suhali Lockit PM $2,100 or PhP 106,524.39

the Lockit is definitely one of those bags that you get to keep for a long long LONG time until we all turn gray. it has major potential to become a classic, just as The Speedy or The Alma.

whew! i can't believe how GOOD it feels again to talk about every girl's next bestfriend (after diamonds, of course. lol) - Louis Vuitton.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Roberto Rodriguez sexy top

dare to bare and be frilly and fabulous!! =)

i saw this top a couple of weeks ago, and printed it out and asked myself whether i could ever be brave enough to wear something as head-turning as this. and by golly the answer is a big YES! =)

Roberto Rodriguez Silk-Front Top $275 or PhP 13,984.49

gorgeous, isn't it? it's sexy. it's fun, with a touch of old-world glam. it's like a modernized mourning dress from The Renaissance, only you wear it for guys to mourn over the fact they can't have you! lol.

it's silk and has a sheer lace front. it can be worn sleeveless (as shown in the first photo), or with cutout half sleeves (shown below). it has a banded waist and a cheeky silk tie on the side.

price-wise, it's not that bad, really, especially noting that this is like one of those pieces in your wardrobe you can just hang and stare at and it makes you smile knowing how sexy you'd look in it. so-so tops that nobody else but you would think is eye-catching actually cost more! :)

perfect for those spontaneous night outs with the girlfriends. oh, and do keep count, and tell me how many heads you've turned with this baby!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

rain-shine-rain weather + Dominique Cohen fall collection

so i woke up this morning feeling horrid as ever. the philippine weather is killing me! what's up with the weather lately anyway? it's scalding-hot one time, next thing you know it starts pouring HARD. pick a team dammit!! it's ruining everybody's dress code! lol. shallowallow. ;)

seriously, it was like really sunny when i woke up, during breakfast, and after i showered. which is why i chose this cutsie little outfit and a sexy pair of wedges, thinking the warm sunny weather was going to perk me up for the rest of the week. the minute i get into the car, it starts to rain...until noon! as in dark, dreary, muddy *blech*, kind of rain. not like those lovely rain showers you get to see in "happy" movies. =(

apres lunch, i finally decided to just stay in for the rest of the day and organize a few things that have been left undone since god knows when, and reward myself for a good job *lol* by lounging at the balcony with a hot cup of tea, some commercial pastry from Swiss Cottage, and a pack of ciggies. lo and behold, when i got home, it stopped raining. =)

sigh..why my life? =D

it was so fucking hot, i actually thought all the a/cs in the house were broken! even the cat felt drained from the heat! look! he looks dead! lol.

but then i realized, cats sleep like 80% of the i had to snap back into...sanity. =)

forget David Yurman this season...
check out the Dominique Cohen fall collection at i love Dominique Cohen. the designs are so whimsical, it makes me want to cry! no, really, it does make me cry just knowing i can't afford even their cheapest studs. coz if i had enough money for that, i'd end up buying a useless pochette from LV. trust me, i know what i'm saying. i have 4, none used. =(
but if you're lucky, and loaded enough, do splurge on a piece or two. they're fabulous. just fabulous...and if ever you really do jump on the temptation train, email me the pics, so i may lose sleep over it and hate you forever. lol! =)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

template issues part deux

omg! first i wasn't able to log in my blogger account coz i got confused with the whole blogger beta thing, that i just gave up and decided to have a blog-free weekend. so so SO sorry hags for neglecting my post, if it makes you feel any better, i didn't have a good time *sob*! =( which actually kindda sucks, coz i was SO expecting it to be fabulous and carefree. not. i ended up watching old dvds and went through a major caloriefest that i have absolutely no idea how to shed off NOW.

second is i'm kindda getting pissed just looking at my template. tt was right. it really does look "too busy". only problem is i can't figure out how to edit the new blogger's html page coz they don't have "raw html feature" YET. which is ok for me, coz at least i know they're going to come up with it. the new feature's actually pretty great, but i'm afraid i'd have to lose all the other data that aren't available for editing on the new no-brainer editor.

so basically, i don't know whether i love or hate blogger beta. why should i be surprised, i'm like that with EVERYTHING in my life. lol!

enough enough erase erase!!! =)

fashion update: omg my email was like really full from all my subscriptions! i didn't know they could really pile up like that after only a few days of not going online. alas, my life has become so boring, that i've revolved my life around a hunk of what i used to see as junk (my computer). i am now nearing social suicide and into startrek world and be the geek i was prolly destined to be. sans the actual computer SKILLS...and smarts. lol! *whine*

from the limited time that i eyeflipped through all the emails (i'm too lazy to read them right now, hello), i noticed the same trend in all the email updates.

from saks:


  1. CROP IT
  4. ADD FUR

there ya have it ladies, short and sweet. i'll give a proper update soon, i promise! for now, i'm going to go back to my lovely bed and enjoy my hopefully LAST night of being a foodwhore slob. and pray to god i never be like this again for the rest of my life! lol!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Prince Andrea Casiraghi was in the Philippines and i was too lazy to know sooner...

i think i just might have to scream and not care if the home owners' association's president knocks on my door and give me a piece of her nasty mind.

Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi was in the Philippines for a week, and i didn't even know about it. it was in the news and everything. the whole third world knew, and i didn't. great, talk about being up to date with current events to broaden my sic, self-centered and shallow mind!!!!!

his visit to the Philippines was for mainly for his mother's charity, to reach out to the children of the third world. he even went to visit Payatas!! I'VE never even been to Payatas...yet. i seriously need to give back...more. hey, if a royal can do that, why can't us "lowly commoners", right?

see how big of an impact that boy has on me? i have totally forgotten about all my wants, my needs. and actually considering totally bursting my shallow and materialistic bubble to go to fucking Payatas and be friendlyfriends, hughugkisskiss with poor children that smell like dead rats. seriously.

a few friends told me they had the chance to meet him at Nuvo sometime last week whenever, i don't care anymore coz hello, I WASN'T THERE!!! =( bitches kept on asking why i didn't go...uhmmm...i'm a nobody, and i'm in CEBU??! if i WAS there, not THAT, would be surprising!! huhuhuhu

i usually don't like long hair on guys...but come on! he's fucking royalty, you can't argue with that! =) i'll take scruffy blond long hair anytime over bucktooth William. ok, so maybe i will. if he'll have me, 'course i will! lol. gawd..why am i such a lowlife?? sad part is, i actually know why. =)

i googled him and came up with tidbits of info on our blond prince...

Education: Lycée Jeanne d'Arc, Saint Aspais, Fontainebleau, France.

sigh...i knew my mother had a point when she told me to go to AUP. why? why did i have to disobey and suffer now? i should be so lucky for crying out loud!!!

i know i choose not post personal photos, for fear of being seen and (might be) recognized in public and be pelted with rotten eggs, with the exception of one. one photo. just one photo with him, and it would've truly kept me satisfied until the next royalty love-of-my-life comes along. i definitely would've posted it EVERYWHERE!

Myspace, HERE, Flickr, Photobucket, Multiply...hell, EVERYWHERE!!!!

Personality: sensitive, introvert, cordial, sportive, admires his late father.

*swoon* i don't care if he's so stereotypical and sounds like a fictional character from some children's book...or an r-rated paperback.


  • Football

i love football!!! 95% of the boys...and men i've adored over the years are soccer players!! lol.

  • Horse riding

i throughly enjoy horseback riding, plus it's the (obviously) best excuse to wear those absolutely wonderful riding boots! =)

  • Water sports

uhhmm...i love to swim, and i like lounging by the beach? both with proper skin protection. and i play bowling (hello, SPORT) on my cellphone sometimes when bored while floating.

  • Skiing

errrr...hello, Las Islas Filipinas!!! we sweat, not shiver. ;) which is why all 6 trips to ski resorts in my life have not been very pleasant in the actual skiing part. =(

  • collecting Swatch-watches

by god, i will resurrect all those Swatch watches i've accumulated in the 80's and the 90's. screw tacky and color-overload...ok, maybe not. prince or no prince. =D

  • Reading
*faint* we ARE destined for each other...

see? 1 out 6 isn't so bad, it's almost perfect! =) afterall, there's no such thing as a perfect life, so he'll just have to settle with me. =D

sigh, pretention is so much fun. =D but the snap back to reality can be SO brutal. trust me, i'm having a major headache right now from swimming in that dizzying pool of imaginary royal fantasy.

prince + cheeky = VALIUM

fuck, i don't have any. i'll settle for some Advil and Tylenol. pfft. loser loser loser

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Haurex La Mostra watch

i'm usually pretty conservative when it comes to watches. on a regular basis, i just alternate my trusty old Cartier Tank and Rolex Oyster. they have served me well for ages but lately, i've taken a liking to head-turning, attention-whoring, big bling watches. maybe it's Paris Hilton, maybe it's Rachel Roy, but i have seriously acquired the watch fever.

of course, i also have to put into consideration the major possibility that after a couple of weeks of using, i'm probably going to tuck them away in any space left in my drawers (if i could find one! good luck! lol).

so, i browsed around looking for cheap alternatives to hardcore-bling Tiret watches. hello, i live in the third world...the cheapest Tiret watch when converted to phil. peso, would be like 1.6MILL!!! no thanks, i'm not THAT big of a labelwhore. i'd rather buy 2 croc Birkins. lol!! "not a labelwhore". gimme a break, i DID say "not that big". ;)

saw this cutie art-decoish Haurex La Mostra watch at

instead of white gold, or platinum, the case is in stainless steel. instead of diamonds, crystals (well, at least they're Swarovski! lol). the leather is genuine, BUT *major* it's CROC-STAMPED. uh oh...broke snob syndrome again! lol! oh well, stamped or not, for $198 or PhP 10,165.44 (marked down from $263), it's already a great buy!

i know pink and white have been hot since Mean Girls. and thank god it's slowly going away...but i really prefer the cyan one.'s your call. =)

besides, the most important thing is you'll look cute, you'll have something sparkly to wave off the fuglies, and it's (hopefully) large enough to tell you the time when you go overboard on the cocktails so you can sneak in back home! lol!

other top picks for NM's top 10

the day has come for TT to be sane again...hopefully. i wish you luck, my dear dear friend. in more ways than you've ever wished or even planned. but then again, our neurosis is what binds us together and lets us be. i have to stop here, before you tool up on me. lol!

so anyway, i'm still happy about the fact i was able to feature just one item per category in my personal picks for Neiman Marucs' top 10. whatever, right? but really, it's so surreal for me. just knowing that i was able to narrow down on my iwanttohavethemall streak.

however, no amount of hypnotism or self-talk can change a materialistic bitch into a saint. maybe some sort of narcotic, but drug-free? nevah... =)

Diane von Furstenberg Printed Wrap Dress
$345 or PhP 17,712.51

this is such a classic. so versatile. i, personally can't get enough DVF wrap dresses. in every single gorgeous print and solid color.

and talk about mileage! i've worn mine to weddings, to parties, to clubs, to brunch, to dinner, to church! lol! SO worth every single penny dropped!

it served our mothers well in the 70's, and it's still rocking our world NOW! ;)

definitely a staple in every girl's wardrobe...

Vince Draped Cashmere Sweater & Tank

Sweater Price: $275 or PhP 14,118.67

Tank $40 or PhP 2,053.62

Vince ring belt $125 or PhP 6,417.58

love the sweater, love the belt, but we can all do without the tank. =)

i don't care if it's 100% cotton. i'd use the 40 bucks to add to purchasing another sweater in a different shade! lol. 100% cashmere, babe. worth it, anytime. ;)

Prada Leather Oval-Buckle Belt

$295 or PhP 15,145.48

who can argue with Prada? ;) besides, imagine all the possibilities you can poof up in your wardrobe with this belt?

i'm loving the pewter over the black.

when it comes to "rock chic", nobody does it better than Alexander McQueen. i usually don't go for the whole "look", but his magic has made me a convert quicker than i can ever say, "no way"! =)

McQ Striped Tee

$130 or PhP 6,674.28

McQ Skinny Jeans

$225 or PhP 11,551.64