Thursday, November 23, 2006


Hi –

The purpose of this e-mail is to request the removal of all unauthorized product photos, text and all brand identification logos in relation to dominique cohen inc. All usage on Cheeky Chic Chica is completely unauthorized. As such, it is subject to trademark and copyright violation, as it has not been approved or endorsed by dominique cohen, inc.

We must insist that all the unauthorized content is removed within 24 hours of this notification. We request that you notify us in return, via e-mail, of the removal of all unauthorized imagery and text.

Should you fail to comply with removal of all unauthorized imagery photographs and text, you will be risking immediate legal response and potential litigation for both trademark and copyright infringement and damages. We will not hesitate to protect the viability and value of our brand within the marketplace, and will not fail in seeking legal remedy in order to protect the value of our brand name.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Edited) D.R.

dominique cohen, inc.

bull. i merely promote. no intention of theft. i always place a link to where i got the image. i'm infuriated and i don't know why. it's not just's everything else in my fucked up little rut.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

a night of chi-chi to celebrate L'original Cheeky!!

AHHHH...FINALLY! a decent saturday night of just FUN FASYON & FABULOUSITY!!!

it was the birthday celebration of none other than The Original Cheeky of this small little city we call "Cebu", Miss CTP.

and in the usual fabulous fashion that L'Cheeky is oh-so-known-for, she celebrated her *bleep*th b-day atop one of Cebu's most-recognized buildings --Ayala Life FGU Center.

photo from TT, coz she was the only one who had decent pics from the party, since we were all...hammered.

the following photos are really blurry, but it was the best i could do with my sorry photography skills and all-the-way-up-there-level of intoxication. =(

FGU's rooftop view

photos of le célébrant d'anniversaire (left) and her sister, Mizz La LPE (right). ;)

i know it's kindda hard to tell, but try to look closer at those gorgeous shoulderblades!!! would you believe Miss Cheeky already has FIVE boys??!!! and she still has the bod, skin, and hair (not to mention a TDF wardrobe) that most 20-year olds would KILL for!!!

life is SO unfair, go figure. lol.

(told y'all the photos are screwed. lol!!)

Miss Cheeky was wearing a fabulous halter Pucci-esque dress by...errrmm...i forgot which designer, since i was too drunk then when she told me. lol. gimme a break, i deserved last night's freeflowing champagne-whoring. ;)

regardless of how drunk we ALL were, it was undeniably THE private party this season!!! and she was surprised i was able to go, since it was the soft opening of The Loft at I.T. Park. are you kidding me??!!! i wouldn't have missed this party even if the entire Skyrise Building (which is kindda funny, coz it only has like what, 5 floors? lol) was flooding with Goyard bags and Hermes goodies...wait, who am i kidding now? ok I would've dropped by ITP first, grabbed a shitload of freebies, but STILL go to her birthday! lol.

everything served was heavenly, excellent champagne (especially since i've become so accustomed to the cheap kind lately. lol) and cocktails --not to mention an uber-cute bartender, and every single guest was dressed-to-killll! yours truly, excluded. *bawl* now i hope you understand why i don't bother to post photos of myself!!! ohtheshame!!! lol

oh, and the entire night was FAKE-FREE!!!! ohhhhhh...ahlaveit!!! mostly Vuittons (surprise surprise), a few Chanel-toting matronix, a handful of Hermes and Fendi (i spotted a lovely gold python Spy), a couple of Goyards, and loads of Prada (i swear, TDWP movie made such a huge marketing impact on Prada. lol. which i don't get, since most of the clothes, bags and shoes featured on TDWP weren't even Prada?) rarely do you get to end an entire day/night out without seeing a fake Vuitton or Fendi here in the third world, it's not even funny.

seriously, the entire night exceeded all of my expectations. all of her birthday bashes of yesteryears were always fab, but this one was MAJOR. and i was lucky enough to have gatecrashed. lol!!! i can't wait 'til next year, babe! ;)

Cheers to that! ;)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

La Lohan gets dumped....YES!!

is it so bad if i feel GREAT after having just discovered that La Diva Lohan has just been dumped by richboy hottie Harry Morton? People just reported it, read bout the whole scoop here.

awwwwwww...just when she thought he was going to MARRY her after that megawatt Cartier bling of a ring he recently gave her.

now we can all feel better bout not being her. yeah sure she has like loads of Hermes, Chanel, and Balenciaga. yeah sure she's like BFFs with Karl Lagerfield and Marc Jacobs. yeah sure, I'M JEALOUS. which is exactly why i feel SOOO GREAT RIGHT NOW. lol.

i never gave a woot when i heard she broke her wrist. who cares? emotional pain is WAY better to "get back" at undeserving bitches that you're just SO SUPER jealous of. she is human afterall...and a miserable one, too.

jealousy is me. jealousy is ALL OF US. jealousy is a bad bad thing, but it sure does make life fun when you see the source of your pain get hurt. oh come on, admit know you feel luuuvvvly too!!! lol.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i'm macadamia NUTTTSS!!!!

after months of staying away, i finally gave in to the craving earlier today. i had my first Blended Chocolate Macadamia Nut at Gloria Jeans Coffees at Banilad Town 11 months!! oh please please please somebody be PROUD OF ME!!!

and OMG it was as heavenly as the first time i've ever tasted it!!!!

crap, now how am i ever going to fit in that box full of skinny jeans?!??!?!?!?! i can't wear skinnies if hello, I'M NOT SKINNY!!

see how my super yummy whipped cream melted within like minutes after i got my order from their counter!!!! it's SO hot down here, it's ridiculous! no amount of sunblock and oversized Chanel shades can ease a girl's discomfort earlier...
...which is why i just HAD to order the CMN!!!! fuck this can i ever get to wear those lovely riding boots that are so HOT HOT HOT this season when the weather here can barely even tolerate plain ol' PUMPS or FLATS?!!!?!?!?! i've been wearing Havaianas straight for three weeks now, even during occassional rainshowers, it's starting to become BLAH. and i really don't want to get used to it, coz god knows i can't get flat-footed anytime in my life. i just can't. it'll be too painful. not with a face like mine. lol!

i'm so hopeless, it's not even funny!!! =( was SOOOO good, it was orgasmic...seriously!!! =( you GOTTA try it girls!! screw their creme brulle!!! the CMN should be the bestseller, not the CB!!! lol

lawwwrrdd how am i ever going to lose weight??!! somebody just shoot me!!!!

i'm still on a major sugar rush right now. translate that to hyperactive, and more confused than usual. not to mention manic-depressive. i feel SO ffffFaaaaAaaaaTttttttt.....

oh screw it, i'm gonna stop blogging. just read TT's post on our GJ splurge earlier...hers is more comprehensive (k, not really, but better than mine lol) post.

i'm just too macadamia nuts right now to function properly!!! *bawl*

Thursday, September 14, 2006

stop the WhINE!!!

y'all know how i've been whining nonstop with this whole internet ish. nope, it's still not fixed.



i hate to admit it though, but i've actually been starting to enjoy this whole no-blogging thing since Globelines went berserk.

i got to organize a bit more...(yeah, remember that? lol. i'm STILL on it!!) i took some much-needed time to get back intouch with the real girlfriends, but do bear in mind that I LOVE YOU ALL MY DEAR DEAR READERS. lol. yeah right, as if there's like a gazillion of you out there. most of the folks who read my crap ramblings are people whom i actually KNOW!!! lol.
AND, i got to get my sorry, no-internet-life, bored-to-death-at-2am ass to just chillax in my room with good music, 2 packs of Marlboro Light Golds (yep, i've shifted to lights now), a bottle of super cheap apple-flavored wine....

(seriously, it's SO cheap, but good enough to down the boredom)

...and lots of pretty pretty shoes to stare at while laughing at all the little artificial apples floating in my flammable veins. ;) lol.

i'm going nuts, and i'm too numb to even complain anymore.

i still hate fucking Globe!!!

--XOXO-- ♥ to you all!!!!!!

Posh Spice: fashion liability?

gotta make this quick, coz my internet's still fucked...SO sorry ladies for the absence. please believe me when i say i am SO hating this whole no-internet ish like a bitch. i've been whining for days, and it still sucks. unfortunately, whining doesn't work on me. =( i know some girls that are lucky enough for it to work for them, but i'm such a jinx on everything in my life right now. *BAWL*

boohoo. i'm not the only one having a hard time. apparently, Mrs. David Beckham *envy* isn't so cheery either. check out this article from the DailyUK.

i say, whatever she wants to wear and how she wants to wear it...and how MANY TIMES she wants to strutt her stuff, so be it. so as long as she can afford it (+ a HOT HOT HUBBY), not to mention SKINNY ENOUGH TO PULL IT OFF....why the hell not?????!!!

photo from

ok, so maybe i wouldn't exactly choose to wear this outfit...but you GOTTA love that immaculately white Birkin and those uber-cute slouchy boots!!! with just the Birkin alone, you could barely even notice the fake hair extensions and the fake tan! so what?

she has a lovely Birkin that I (OR WE) DON'T HAVE!!! *BAWL*

screw the psycho analysis on why she's like that. WE'RE ALL SHALLOW AND INSECURE DEEP DEEP DEEEEEEEEPPPPPP DOWN INSIDE. just not everybody's willing to ever admit it.

toodles!! gotta go whine again! =) lol.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

internet down *SCREAM!!!*

i think the title of this post says it all. and i don't want to say any more, coz i just HAVE to keep this entry short. preferably SUPER short coz it took me TWO hours to get the Blogger startup page to load, and i already wrote this SUPER-long entry on the LV Miroir line, only to find out it didn't publish coz after clicking "Publish", it said "Page cannot be fucking found!"!!!! i could just SCRRREEAAAAMMM!!!! =( boohoo...i should stop whining. i have to keep this short, remember? if i do, somebody please shoot me!!! see what frustration does to someone? I'M TALKING TO MYSELF omgstopitstopit!!!!!

ok, maybe not really all of what i have to say about this screwed-up-third-world-internet-access-that-i'm-paying-for-A-LOT!!!! arrrggghhh!!!! i've been calling their customer services hotline for like a gazillion times since yesterday, and they still haven't sent anyone over to fix it. i may not be some tech-freak genius, but i'm pretty sure it's not MY fault. wait...maybe it is?'s not my fault. i already had a few geeky friends come over to check it out and they all said it's my ISP.

customer-relations said they're having technical so at least that made me feel better that i'm not the only one pissed. ;) almost all of my friends use the same provider, so this could actually make room for some "quality time" with the lovely friends since we're all down and out. besides, our relationships have been revolving around around LJs, YMs, and MSN messengers far too long already. lol.

so please excuse me for not being able to update anytime soon. i love you all, and hopefully if you're actually reading this, you still have an itty-bitty spot there for me as well. ;) lol. besides, i'm taking this as a chance to relax and unwind.....hopefully. =/

hmmmm...nails done, cut & color + extra hair treatments, massage, clubbing, 11PM-coffee, DVD from last season marathon, OMG this blog has made me miss out on SO much, i should be GRATEFUL my internet access is screwed!!! lol. kidding. i love to blab. and i love the attention you guys are giving me. ;) i am afterall....just a girl. LOL!!!

errmmm...i know i said "short", but hey, at least it published!!! =)

Monday, September 11, 2006

sad goodbyes & Marc Jacobs goes supersize!!!

major major MAJOR headache right now from last night, so i'm gonna have to keep this short & sweet. i don't have pics of last night's rendezvous, because it mainly consisted of heartbreaking news and lots of booze.

two of my favorite Starbucks baristas have resigned, and it's a big deal for me coz they've been more than just "your friendly local barista". for the past two years, they've been really good friends. we even hung out with them after closing on weekday nights when we're too dumb to notice they had already closed. lol.

they're just wonderful people. so to MT and Mizz H, i'll truly miss you both!!! who'll make my perfect lattes now? =(

so we all know fall's about big bags. but how big can you really go? saw this Marc Jacobs Shopping tote for $478 at

would you look at the size of that thing??? it's not just for the shopping loot, i think you can throw in the whole shop as well! plus your SA! lol.

although i find this bag quite amusing, i won't get it. Longchamp Le Pliage for shopping totes forevahhh!!! lol.

besides, *OMG* LV is just SO harsh on me this year, it's not even funny!!!=( the Damier Azur and Miroir line is already coming out this November, and i still don't have a CENT on my bag fund!!!! =( i don't even know how i'm ever going to pay for that white Suhali Lockit (still obsessed, and it won't be going away anytime soon! help!!!).