Monday, September 11, 2006

sad goodbyes & Marc Jacobs goes supersize!!!

major major MAJOR headache right now from last night, so i'm gonna have to keep this short & sweet. i don't have pics of last night's rendezvous, because it mainly consisted of heartbreaking news and lots of booze.

two of my favorite Starbucks baristas have resigned, and it's a big deal for me coz they've been more than just "your friendly local barista". for the past two years, they've been really good friends. we even hung out with them after closing on weekday nights when we're too dumb to notice they had already closed. lol.

they're just wonderful people. so to MT and Mizz H, i'll truly miss you both!!! who'll make my perfect lattes now? =(

so we all know fall's about big bags. but how big can you really go? saw this Marc Jacobs Shopping tote for $478 at

would you look at the size of that thing??? it's not just for the shopping loot, i think you can throw in the whole shop as well! plus your SA! lol.

although i find this bag quite amusing, i won't get it. Longchamp Le Pliage for shopping totes forevahhh!!! lol.

besides, *OMG* LV is just SO harsh on me this year, it's not even funny!!!=( the Damier Azur and Miroir line is already coming out this November, and i still don't have a CENT on my bag fund!!!! =( i don't even know how i'm ever going to pay for that white Suhali Lockit (still obsessed, and it won't be going away anytime soon! help!!!).

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