Thursday, September 07, 2006

it's actually ok not to touch anything

ladies, i gotta keep this short and sweet. i'm running late as usual, and i just have to post this before i end up not posting anything again for a week or so coz i'd either be too sick, busy, or just plain lazy!!!

my time management skills have gone to shit since oh-i-can't-even-remember-anymore!!!!

so, my temporary OCD is already over...thank gawd!! and my favorite part of this whole crazy-for-organization week is this...

why? because i didn't even touch it! lol.

it's right above my vanity dresser, and i never really got to notice how "ok" it was to have all these random things juxtaposed into a small (don't worry, it's sturdy enough. heaven forbid it might collapse on me! i'm already brain-damaged enough!!) shelf of perfume bottles. i originally placed them there one by one, coz i didn't have any space left on my actual dressertop...and unwarily amassed 18 on this shelf alone. lol

and although i'm no saint...or angel, for that matter, but i just luvluvluv these little ceramic angels. never really noticed them until now. =)

see hags? look around your personal space first, before asking yourself where all that moolah went, when you just got your allowance/paycheck less than a week ago!!! lol.

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