Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Big Bag Bigger, Biggest"

thanks to BT for emailing me a link to this article! see girls? big bags really ARE IN!! =) the New York Times says so!!!

It’s the year of the hefty bag: supersize pocketbooks that are substantial enough to balance out hoof-like platforms and wedges and roomy enough to carry three diet delivery meals or let sylphlike celebutantes climb in and hide from those hectoring paparazzi. The new U-Hauls are as wide as most female arms are long and are all about texture, contrast and high luxury. Below are seven bags for living extra-large.

please click on this link to go to the NYT article.

lookielook!! the first bag they featured is from our very own Rafe Totengco! and call it nationalistic pride, but i am totally loving the gorgeous cognac leather and chocolate-brown braid detailing. the price is ok too, for $595 or PhP 30,060.17.

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!! i have been having major palpitations on number 3 since i first laid eyes on it!! it's an oversize hobo in gold python by Devi Kroell and they even have it in metallic beige, burgundy, black anthracite, olive, bronze and silver. but i am SO loving the gold python.

metallics + exotic skin = cheeky l♥ve!!!

unfortunately, to every love story, there's always a pesky villain. hello pricetag of $2,890 or PhP146,006.56!!!

love or no love, i'm still spending my non-existent money on that white LV Suhali Lockit, thank you very much.

of course, they also featured YSL's Double ($1,195 or PhP60k), and the Chanel Coco Cabas a.k.a. Large Vinyl Shopper ($1,225 or PhP61k). both of which, have been getting massive rave reviews from bag lovers worldwide and are getting sold out like, everywhere!!!

but dammit i still want that DK gold python hobo!!! =( *bawl!!!*

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