Wednesday, September 06, 2006

4 days of absence and still unfinished task of organizing + shameful baghag query!!!

i know i know, i haven't updated. i've just been SO caught up with this whole organizing thing, it's not even funny anymore. at first it was like, "yeah, i think really should start reworking my junk" and kindda lessen the mess in my life...starting with my room.

but omg, i'm going insane!!!

i know i've already said this in my last post, but i STILL can't believe how much junk i've collected for the past year alone, i can't even remember HALF of the stuff i have!!! in a way, it was kindda fun...coz i now feel like i've just gone shopping with all the "new" loot i've unearthed from my very own closet. lol.

i totally recommend this for anyone who's materialistic and currently financially-incapacitated!! lol. shop in your own closet with an invisible credit card, you'd be surprised!! ;)...and yes, crazy coz of the invisible credit, but all good FUN nevertheless!

boring pictionary of cheeky's "work" coming up! i couldn't upload all the other shots. dude, i'm telling you, Blogger really hates me!! unfortunately, these that actually did upload are the less interesting ones. i'll post the rest tomorrow...or in a few hours, after giving myself a reward for all my huhuhu "hard work" in the form of an horrific caloriefest of blended chocolate-cream from Starbucks...and an hour with a lovely masseuse named, "Celia".

i'm so tired, i can barely type...just see the pics for yourself and you'd know WHY!! =( and what's worse is, i gruelled over it for days only to make it look like this: NORMAL AND ORDINARY!!! =( i should've taken "BEFORE" pics so you guys would understand. *bawl!!*

my ordinary closet # 1

my ordinary closet # 2

my ordinary closet # 3

my ordinary closet # 4

and my Mom said i was special! *huhuhu*

shamful confession: so...after my Lockit-lusting, i asked good ol' pal, BT to ask the ever-so-fabulous Mrs. T on something so incredibly simple, it was just plain DUMB. good thing SHE asked the question and not me! lol! sorry girl!! but you gotta admit, it was pretty hilarious!!

so anyway, the chainsmoking girls and i were hanging out when they started to talk about my Lockit post which eventually led to this stupid wonder-game on who could con their dads...or moms first into buying them a Lockit (all Suhali, none MonoCanvas) .

suddenly, JM started to wonder what the GM, MM, and PM meant in LV bags. they all friggin' turned to ME for answers!!! i'm like, i have absolutely NO IDEA!!! we're no LV VIPs, and we certainly couldn't ask our moms, coz that'll only ruin any possible hope for a new overpriced (no, they're not. yeah, right) bag purchase, coz they'd already say, "no" before asking.

tip: always ask for the bag when already INSIDE the store, there's a bigger chance for actual checkout. lol.

all of a sudden, BT went all, "stop using up what's left of your brains and go ask Mrs. T!".

we all didn't want to, for fear of being called "ignorant"...even with the fact that we ALL were. lol. so, after what seemed like forever of relentless persuasion and just utter annoyance, we finally got BT to do it. lol.

she wasn't too happy bout it, but hey...important thing is she actually DID it. and Mrs. T was kind enough to answer our dumbass question.

so to the rest of the world who's too ashamed like us to acknowledge the fact that we're no LV experts, here are the answers to probably one of those questions you still haven't gotten answers to in your life and are too scared to to "when is he going to propose??"

courtesy of MRS. T:

GM = Grand Modele (the largest size)
MM = Medium Modele (medium-sized)
PM = Petite Modele (the smallest size)

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