Thursday, August 31, 2006

rain-shine-rain weather + Dominique Cohen fall collection

so i woke up this morning feeling horrid as ever. the philippine weather is killing me! what's up with the weather lately anyway? it's scalding-hot one time, next thing you know it starts pouring HARD. pick a team dammit!! it's ruining everybody's dress code! lol. shallowallow. ;)

seriously, it was like really sunny when i woke up, during breakfast, and after i showered. which is why i chose this cutsie little outfit and a sexy pair of wedges, thinking the warm sunny weather was going to perk me up for the rest of the week. the minute i get into the car, it starts to rain...until noon! as in dark, dreary, muddy *blech*, kind of rain. not like those lovely rain showers you get to see in "happy" movies. =(

apres lunch, i finally decided to just stay in for the rest of the day and organize a few things that have been left undone since god knows when, and reward myself for a good job *lol* by lounging at the balcony with a hot cup of tea, some commercial pastry from Swiss Cottage, and a pack of ciggies. lo and behold, when i got home, it stopped raining. =)

sigh..why my life? =D

it was so fucking hot, i actually thought all the a/cs in the house were broken! even the cat felt drained from the heat! look! he looks dead! lol.

but then i realized, cats sleep like 80% of the i had to snap back into...sanity. =)

forget David Yurman this season...
check out the Dominique Cohen fall collection at i love Dominique Cohen. the designs are so whimsical, it makes me want to cry! no, really, it does make me cry just knowing i can't afford even their cheapest studs. coz if i had enough money for that, i'd end up buying a useless pochette from LV. trust me, i know what i'm saying. i have 4, none used. =(
but if you're lucky, and loaded enough, do splurge on a piece or two. they're fabulous. just fabulous...and if ever you really do jump on the temptation train, email me the pics, so i may lose sleep over it and hate you forever. lol! =)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

template issues part deux

omg! first i wasn't able to log in my blogger account coz i got confused with the whole blogger beta thing, that i just gave up and decided to have a blog-free weekend. so so SO sorry hags for neglecting my post, if it makes you feel any better, i didn't have a good time *sob*! =( which actually kindda sucks, coz i was SO expecting it to be fabulous and carefree. not. i ended up watching old dvds and went through a major caloriefest that i have absolutely no idea how to shed off NOW.

second is i'm kindda getting pissed just looking at my template. tt was right. it really does look "too busy". only problem is i can't figure out how to edit the new blogger's html page coz they don't have "raw html feature" YET. which is ok for me, coz at least i know they're going to come up with it. the new feature's actually pretty great, but i'm afraid i'd have to lose all the other data that aren't available for editing on the new no-brainer editor.

so basically, i don't know whether i love or hate blogger beta. why should i be surprised, i'm like that with EVERYTHING in my life. lol!

enough enough erase erase!!! =)

fashion update: omg my email was like really full from all my subscriptions! i didn't know they could really pile up like that after only a few days of not going online. alas, my life has become so boring, that i've revolved my life around a hunk of what i used to see as junk (my computer). i am now nearing social suicide and into startrek world and be the geek i was prolly destined to be. sans the actual computer SKILLS...and smarts. lol! *whine*

from the limited time that i eyeflipped through all the emails (i'm too lazy to read them right now, hello), i noticed the same trend in all the email updates.

from saks:


  1. CROP IT
  4. ADD FUR

there ya have it ladies, short and sweet. i'll give a proper update soon, i promise! for now, i'm going to go back to my lovely bed and enjoy my hopefully LAST night of being a foodwhore slob. and pray to god i never be like this again for the rest of my life! lol!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Prince Andrea Casiraghi was in the Philippines and i was too lazy to know sooner...

i think i just might have to scream and not care if the home owners' association's president knocks on my door and give me a piece of her nasty mind.

Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi was in the Philippines for a week, and i didn't even know about it. it was in the news and everything. the whole third world knew, and i didn't. great, talk about being up to date with current events to broaden my sic, self-centered and shallow mind!!!!!

his visit to the Philippines was for mainly for his mother's charity, to reach out to the children of the third world. he even went to visit Payatas!! I'VE never even been to Payatas...yet. i seriously need to give back...more. hey, if a royal can do that, why can't us "lowly commoners", right?

see how big of an impact that boy has on me? i have totally forgotten about all my wants, my needs. and actually considering totally bursting my shallow and materialistic bubble to go to fucking Payatas and be friendlyfriends, hughugkisskiss with poor children that smell like dead rats. seriously.

a few friends told me they had the chance to meet him at Nuvo sometime last week whenever, i don't care anymore coz hello, I WASN'T THERE!!! =( bitches kept on asking why i didn't go...uhmmm...i'm a nobody, and i'm in CEBU??! if i WAS there, not THAT, would be surprising!! huhuhuhu

i usually don't like long hair on guys...but come on! he's fucking royalty, you can't argue with that! =) i'll take scruffy blond long hair anytime over bucktooth William. ok, so maybe i will. if he'll have me, 'course i will! lol. gawd..why am i such a lowlife?? sad part is, i actually know why. =)

i googled him and came up with tidbits of info on our blond prince...

Education: Lycée Jeanne d'Arc, Saint Aspais, Fontainebleau, France.

sigh...i knew my mother had a point when she told me to go to AUP. why? why did i have to disobey and suffer now? i should be so lucky for crying out loud!!!

i know i choose not post personal photos, for fear of being seen and (might be) recognized in public and be pelted with rotten eggs, with the exception of one. one photo. just one photo with him, and it would've truly kept me satisfied until the next royalty love-of-my-life comes along. i definitely would've posted it EVERYWHERE!

Myspace, HERE, Flickr, Photobucket, Multiply...hell, EVERYWHERE!!!!

Personality: sensitive, introvert, cordial, sportive, admires his late father.

*swoon* i don't care if he's so stereotypical and sounds like a fictional character from some children's book...or an r-rated paperback.


  • Football

i love football!!! 95% of the boys...and men i've adored over the years are soccer players!! lol.

  • Horse riding

i throughly enjoy horseback riding, plus it's the (obviously) best excuse to wear those absolutely wonderful riding boots! =)

  • Water sports

uhhmm...i love to swim, and i like lounging by the beach? both with proper skin protection. and i play bowling (hello, SPORT) on my cellphone sometimes when bored while floating.

  • Skiing

errrr...hello, Las Islas Filipinas!!! we sweat, not shiver. ;) which is why all 6 trips to ski resorts in my life have not been very pleasant in the actual skiing part. =(

  • collecting Swatch-watches

by god, i will resurrect all those Swatch watches i've accumulated in the 80's and the 90's. screw tacky and color-overload...ok, maybe not. prince or no prince. =D

  • Reading
*faint* we ARE destined for each other...

see? 1 out 6 isn't so bad, it's almost perfect! =) afterall, there's no such thing as a perfect life, so he'll just have to settle with me. =D

sigh, pretention is so much fun. =D but the snap back to reality can be SO brutal. trust me, i'm having a major headache right now from swimming in that dizzying pool of imaginary royal fantasy.

prince + cheeky = VALIUM

fuck, i don't have any. i'll settle for some Advil and Tylenol. pfft. loser loser loser

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Haurex La Mostra watch

i'm usually pretty conservative when it comes to watches. on a regular basis, i just alternate my trusty old Cartier Tank and Rolex Oyster. they have served me well for ages but lately, i've taken a liking to head-turning, attention-whoring, big bling watches. maybe it's Paris Hilton, maybe it's Rachel Roy, but i have seriously acquired the watch fever.

of course, i also have to put into consideration the major possibility that after a couple of weeks of using, i'm probably going to tuck them away in any space left in my drawers (if i could find one! good luck! lol).

so, i browsed around looking for cheap alternatives to hardcore-bling Tiret watches. hello, i live in the third world...the cheapest Tiret watch when converted to phil. peso, would be like 1.6MILL!!! no thanks, i'm not THAT big of a labelwhore. i'd rather buy 2 croc Birkins. lol!! "not a labelwhore". gimme a break, i DID say "not that big". ;)

saw this cutie art-decoish Haurex La Mostra watch at

instead of white gold, or platinum, the case is in stainless steel. instead of diamonds, crystals (well, at least they're Swarovski! lol). the leather is genuine, BUT *major* it's CROC-STAMPED. uh oh...broke snob syndrome again! lol! oh well, stamped or not, for $198 or PhP 10,165.44 (marked down from $263), it's already a great buy!

i know pink and white have been hot since Mean Girls. and thank god it's slowly going away...but i really prefer the cyan one.'s your call. =)

besides, the most important thing is you'll look cute, you'll have something sparkly to wave off the fuglies, and it's (hopefully) large enough to tell you the time when you go overboard on the cocktails so you can sneak in back home! lol!

other top picks for NM's top 10

the day has come for TT to be sane again...hopefully. i wish you luck, my dear dear friend. in more ways than you've ever wished or even planned. but then again, our neurosis is what binds us together and lets us be. i have to stop here, before you tool up on me. lol!

so anyway, i'm still happy about the fact i was able to feature just one item per category in my personal picks for Neiman Marucs' top 10. whatever, right? but really, it's so surreal for me. just knowing that i was able to narrow down on my iwanttohavethemall streak.

however, no amount of hypnotism or self-talk can change a materialistic bitch into a saint. maybe some sort of narcotic, but drug-free? nevah... =)

Diane von Furstenberg Printed Wrap Dress
$345 or PhP 17,712.51

this is such a classic. so versatile. i, personally can't get enough DVF wrap dresses. in every single gorgeous print and solid color.

and talk about mileage! i've worn mine to weddings, to parties, to clubs, to brunch, to dinner, to church! lol! SO worth every single penny dropped!

it served our mothers well in the 70's, and it's still rocking our world NOW! ;)

definitely a staple in every girl's wardrobe...

Vince Draped Cashmere Sweater & Tank

Sweater Price: $275 or PhP 14,118.67

Tank $40 or PhP 2,053.62

Vince ring belt $125 or PhP 6,417.58

love the sweater, love the belt, but we can all do without the tank. =)

i don't care if it's 100% cotton. i'd use the 40 bucks to add to purchasing another sweater in a different shade! lol. 100% cashmere, babe. worth it, anytime. ;)

Prada Leather Oval-Buckle Belt

$295 or PhP 15,145.48

who can argue with Prada? ;) besides, imagine all the possibilities you can poof up in your wardrobe with this belt?

i'm loving the pewter over the black.

when it comes to "rock chic", nobody does it better than Alexander McQueen. i usually don't go for the whole "look", but his magic has made me a convert quicker than i can ever say, "no way"! =)

McQ Striped Tee

$130 or PhP 6,674.28

McQ Skinny Jeans

$225 or PhP 11,551.64

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

personal picks for NM's TOP 6-10 for fall

my top picks for Neiman Marcus' TOP 6-10 essentials for the fall....

6. Narrow Pants

Goldsign 14-K Gold Envy Jeans
$325 or PhP 16,675.26

from afar, most skinnny jeans all look alike, right? but i got glued to this particular one in an isntant. it's your typical dark wash jeans, with a golden twist ;) it has 14-karat yellow gold spun into the fabric. talk about feeling royal...discreetly! lol!

7. Dresses
BCBG Max Azria Kimono Wrap Dress
$280 or PhP 14,366.38

i spent SO much time ogling at the dresses in their selection, that i had a seriously hard time deciding on just ONE piece. i had to eliminate at least 5 favorites, and was tempted so many times just to post a classic wrap dress from Diane von Furstenberg just to make it easier for me! lol! *lazylazy*

but definitely no regrets on this one. price is just right for a versatile wrap dress like this one. hello, a Prada keyring can cost just as much! lol! it's 100% silk with white ribbon & black lace-print trim.

beautiful, just beautiful...

8. Bold Gold
Rebecca Norman Oval Hoops
$150 or PhP 7,696.28

18-karat yellow gold vermeil.
classic, cheap, versatile, and just imagine the mileage! you can wear this even in your 60s!! i even know women past their 70s who still wear hoops (and of the J.Lo kind!) lol!

9. Black Leggings
Norma Kamali Catsuit
$170 or PhP 8,722.45

yep, the 80's is back, and have no plans of going away anytime soon. lol! thousands across the world have already pulled out their leggings from their disco days at the back of their closets, and wearing them everywhere! some even to church! lol!

if yours are already worn out...and well, stretched out, you can always buy a new pair. sure, you can go for the $12.99 ones at Target or Costco, but you can also slash some serious dough on a luxe piece like this one. why buy just plain leggings, when you can buy an uber-sexy catsuit? teenyboppers wear, on the other hand, are a lady of zhazhing. ladies, represent!! ;)

10. Boots and Booties

Christian Louboutin Suede Ankle Boot
$870 or PhP 44,638.40

any season in 2006 would just NOT be complete without featuring a Louboutin. everybody's in on the craze...unfortunately, so am i. they're sexy as hell, and photograph oh so well!!! lol! they even make my awkward feet look like Aphrodite's! lol!

hate to break it, but yeah...Manolo just have to take a break and relax for the rest of the year or so...Louboutin is hot, and we all just want to be burned, baby! lol!

there, that's my TOP 10 picks for the fall, according to despite the financial incapacity, i have this strange satisfaction just drooling over these items for the past 36 hours. lol.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

personal picks for NM's TOP 1-5 for fall

ok, so i've decided to just to have my top picks for Neiman Marcus' TOP 10 for the fall season in two installments. i'm either not smart enough to figure this whole simultaneous uploading bit out, or i'm just not as patient as i'd like to be. maybe both. wait...yes, it's both. =)

i had such a hard time picking out my favorites from the selection provided, but i narrowed it down so i could stick to the plan and have just ONE item per category. besides, i don't have much time coz i'm already running late for a meetup, so excuse the short descriptions. i can always just yak on about the rest on some other post. ;) ...and will do!

so here's my personal picks from their TOP 1-5 selection...

1. Black and Gold bags

Miu Miu Maltese Napa Shoulder Bag
$1,445 or PhP 73,901.49

i just love how it's so much like an Hermes Kelly --can be worn on the shoulder, or as a handbag.

2. Red Accents

Dior Cannage Drawstring Bag, Medium
$1,245 or PhP 63,672.91

this is like a super-soft version of the Louis Vuitton Noe. i'm an LV-whore, but definite choosing this over its LV counterpart. =)

i also love the D hardware accent dangling on the side...
3. Belts

Dolce & Gabbana Metallic Snakeskin Belt
$560 or PhP 28,640.02

i know, i know, kindda pricey compared to my usual dibs on the belt department. but hey, it's Dolce, it's gold, and it's snakeskin...

3 elements of qualifications for having a hefty pricetag! lol

4. Tunics

Karoo Mark Eisen Cashmere Kimono Sweater & Long Cami

Sweater is $396 or PhP 20,252.59

Cami is $83 or PhP 4,244.86

i love the modern drape thing going on in this sweater. plus, it doesn't hurt that it's cashmere!

as for the cami, you can always just buy the sweater, and buy a cheaper cami, but of the same cuteness and comfort! =)

5. White Shirts

Theory Ruched Top
$95 or PhP 4,858.58

also available in black and gray (same price, equally gorgeous)

Theory has always been very dependable when it comes to modern yet classic silhouettes, all with a contemporary twist. and they're not as expensive either. and i am totally loving those sleeves!!!

definitely, this, i'm buying...because i'm sure i can afford it. lol.

hating Blogger's photo uploads!!!!!

Blogger's photo uploading feature is seriously fucked up. but then again, why am i even complaining, when i'm using their services FOR FREE???!!!! lol!

i'm such a freeloader. afterall, why pay for a proper domain when i can spend all that money on shoes, bags, clothes, and whatnot so i may make myself feel like a princess, when i'm actually bordering on pauper? ;)

my apologies to the Blogger staff, crew, whatever you people call yourselves. but seriously people, i've been trying to publish my post on my top picks for Neiman Marcus' top 10 for fall, and i have a feeling winter will come, and i still won't be able to upload these damn photos!!! =)

wow, my problems are SO serious. lol!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Neiman Marcus' TOP 10 essentials for fall has come up with their TOP 10 essentials for fall, and i am going gaga over their selection ladies!!!! click here for to see their TOP 10. i'm still not done ogling!!

i'll update soon on my top picks...and of course, the most "affordable". by that, i mean, items actually worth paying much-needed moolah for. ;) lol!

everything is subjective and relative, right? sometimes, a $1,000+ handbag is already "a steal", but a $10 tanktop is a "ripoff"!!! lol!! besides, remember that i'm on the process of learning on how to be *ugh*...practical. lol!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

TheBagHag's been a Cebuana!!!

edit: i just checked the URL of the perpetrators's site,, and it's no longer there. LOL!! the cellphone number given is also out of coverage area.
what, got scared??? you were tough enough to STEAL, for crying out loud. now you're scurrying off and think you can just hide, forget about it, eventually con someone else and think you can still get away with it? sigh, whatever.

actual post:
lemme just say, before i start ranting (hopefully not, but whatever.)...i had a HORRIBLE day today, am sick as HELL (i feel like my head's about to crack open any second), and was not in exactly in the cheeriest of moods when i heard the news...
great, perfect timing.

good friend BT, just called and told me about what happened to Mrs. T's blog last month! last month, and i didn't even know about it! omg, have i really been that OFF lately??!!!! for crying out loud, i adore the woman, to the point of scary (but thank god not borderline stalker) fanatic, and i can't even read her blog regularly anymore and miss out on major news like this?!?!! i even put her name on MySpace "heroes"...yep, i have Myspace, buzz off. =P
whatever, headache again. back to the score...

someone blatantly stole her photos off her blog, even to the point of copying not just the images, but the text as well!!! thief! thief!

worst part? fucking moron is from CEBU!!! as if it's not bad enough that the world already thinks we're ALL (fuck generalizations) crap, SOMEONE had to do this and deflate our already-bad image once again?

seriously, nobody's even speaking up about how bad the situation really is. even Filipinos (from the rest of the country) think Cebuanos are crap. we've been profiled as "just maids, drivers, hos, and whatnots" for the past god-knows-how-long...and it's already making me go insane as to why we all just can't be...decent, at the very least! never mind class, fashion, fame, style, and luxury. BASIC HUMAN DECENCY PEOPLE!!!! coz the REAL good people of Cebu are paying for your fuckups! yo, i'm no saint. not even close. but i DO know the basics. i don't steal, i don't cheat, i don't lie (well, at least not totally grave ones. just tiny fibs to get out of trouble with the 'rents. lol). i DO wish harm on other people though, which is also bad, and i'm aware of it. just like i'm aware that i really want to hurt someone right now!! arrrrgggh!!!

i don't even want to talk any more on how i feel about this issue. i'll stop before my head actually cracks, coz the pain is already too much to bear.



whatever i blabbityblabbed, i don't care if i sound insane. all i know is i am pissed. and i am ashamed of this...this ughness. i am SICK. i am just not happppyyyyyyyyy...

Lindsay Lohan's hippie mode

that "brunette to blonde" post made an old friend, JS (girl, where are you?) email me this photo:

what's happening to Lindsay Lohan??
ok, bandana, sweatblots on the tanktop, inner pockets showing below the shorts, and cigarette on hand? i-just-had-sex-inside-the-suv-look? classy? surrreee, whatever you say, girl. you're the "celebrity"! if tacky is your thing, US Weekly would probably just say you're researching for a role. =P
the "hippie look" didn't work for Mariah Carey at the peak of her much-publicized breakdown (know what they say, bad publicity is still publicity! lol)....what the hell made La Lohan think she could pull it off?

ok, why did i just say that...i shouldn't be comparing anyone to Mariah. especially considering since for the past decade, Mariah's only assets are just that....assets. real estate, massive bank accounts, ludicrous insurance policies and major bootay. ;)

i need major revamping, and i can't write about anything else. i'm beached, and i don't know how to get out of this slump.

trashy mental state = trashy celebrity dissing.

Manolo goes western!!!

i am beat! which is why i wasn't able to post anything yesterday. i just needed some serious "me" time. actually, i still haven't had that, despite my update absence. i tried to relax, but all i could think about was blah and blah. fuck this world. materialism is the only escape i have! lol!

with that said, i'm going to keep this short, and wallet-draining sweet...

the Daisy Duke is here to stay...well, at least 'til the end of fall. lol! even the shoe god Manolo dipped his leadtips on some sexy western flava....

Manolo Blahnik Two-tone Western Boot

$1,050 or PhP 53652.59

this particular pair kindda reminds me of that Juicy Couture and Ana Sui butterfly boots i posted about last month.

Manolo Blahnik Tooled Western Boot

$895 or PhP 45732.44

Manolo Blahnik Calfskin Western Boot

$1,050 or PhP 53,652.59

this one's a safer choice compared to the two-toned pair. it's more versatile, therfore insuring more mileage compared to its flashier counterpart of the same pricetag! =)

all photos from:
check out the rest of the cowgirl frenzy at

if you're lucky, and just SO not like me right now...

BUY! and pretty please email me and send me photos, so i may drool over your loot, wish you the best, and secretly come up with a devious plan to hunt you down and steal your life. lol!

damn ladies, i need some SERIOUS neurosis is getting worse by the second, it's not even funny.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

brunette power!!!!

if "blondes have more fun", then how come all these celebrities are going brunette? practically everybody noteworthy are shifting to the dark side, sporting luscious locks of rich browns. boy, that Aniston vs. Jolie thing really did make an impact to other levels besides just showbiz gab! iluvsit!

oh, except Britney Spears. i think that Harper's Bazaar ish was just not right. i'll end it there. she should've just sticked to the "dumb blonde" (her, not YOU) image. afterall, she DID marry Kevin Federline...and still sticking with him with a second baby, at that!!!!!

here's a few of my top picks in the selection at

much better than the blonde, with such a pale face like hers. Keira Knightley couldn't have made a better decision by going subtle on the shift. love the curls, love the highlights and lowlights, love HER. she looks SO old-world glam, i'm currently swearing under my breath why no amount of primping could give me that seemingly effortless glamour. but sometimes i can't help but notice that if you cut all her hair off, no make up, no nothing...she has angular facial features of a cute BOY...or some skinny mid-20's guy. i actually have a British male chuva friend who has an incredibly striking resemblance to her. that, or i'm just really jealous coz i'm not as skinny as her.

tsk...somebody please tell me i'm pretty!!!!

ahhhhhh...La Lohan, La Lohan. there's not enough time to talk about Lindsay Lohan. even if it's just about her hair. coz it always branches out to SO many other topics. =)

she still manages to look trashy even in Elizabeth Taylor-ish style of dark curls, bright lips, and dripping in diamonds. or maybe i'm just jealous...again.

she could've actually pulled off the blonde, had she chosen a more suitable shade. famous freckles, and platinum blonde don't really work...not unless she planned to go all Ana Nichole Smith, which is actually pretty unsurprising, considering all her latest scandals, and whathaveyous. but omg, that photo of her and Nichole Richie (her zombie-arms twin) at the Cartier event last year is still stuck in my head. major thinspiration that i still have yet to actually work on. lol.

whatever her plan was, it worked. love her, hate her, everyone's still talking about HER.

all photos from

Drew Barrymore..blonde or brunette, i still love her cherub face. even though she's obviously aged drastically over the past year alone. and i'll leave it at that.

also featured were Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger, and Alicia Silverstone. all of which, i like better in blonde. Cher Horowitz would never be the same if she were brunette. maybe Bridget Jones, but not Cher! Clueless has made such an impact on all our lives (well, if you read my blog, it probably DID), it would be sacrilege to even alter a single!

but aside from that little detail, BRUNETTES RULE! of course i'm biased. ;) lol!

tsk...and they said Angelina Jolie (Billy Bob Thornton days) would never make a style impact! i specifically remember reading an article stating "blonde is the only way to go, brunettes would never amount to anything! look at Angelina Jolie!".

oh i'd SO love to see that columnist's face right now! to that author, two words babe:


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dior shades and the modern peasant top

i'm keeping this short coz my mouse is all screwed up. it took me almost half an hour just to log on to Blogger for crying out loud!

remember the peasant top days? well, i personally didn't give in to that trend then. not when YSL first started to pour in on all the fashion glossies everywhere, not when the rest of the designers started to follow trend and make their own, and especially not when SM and Metro started to produce their own!! lol!

but damn, i don't care if i'm like ages late, but i'm SO into the modern version of those nasty off-shoulder ones:

Peasant Blouse & Boot-Cut Jeans, both from the illustrious Yves Saint-Laurent collection. photo creds:

Peasant Blouse is $348 or PhP 17,850.63 marked down from a whopping $695 or PhP 35,649.96!!! (still hefty, if you ask me.'s pretty! *pout*)

Boot-Cut Jeans are $448 or PhP 22,980.12 marked down from $895 or PhP 45,908.94!!!

*low self-esteem mode* yes, omg...i canNOT afford that! I WANT MY CARDS BACK!!!! you guys might've noticed i've REALLY REALLY tried hard to be practical in my shallow NEEDS. not just wants, i'm serious. =P and if i do have that amount to splurge...hello new handbag!!!

let's go to something more attainable, less depressing and less daunting on our financial life...
call me stupid, but this is exactly the photo i posted on MySpace. lol. i didn't have anything decent without my oh-shameful face in it. me shhyyyyie...

but i seriously love them. i know everybody's been donning oversized shades, it's almost sickening...but Cebu's too damn hot and just glaring to NOT have at least a decent pair.

Christian Dior overshine glasses for $240 or PhP 12,310.78

i still haven't looked up where to buy online, much less go to Executive Optical or Acebedo to check. just been to damn busy...slacking. ;)

photo creds:

Monday, August 14, 2006

Marc by Marc Jacob wedges + Victoria's Secret alternatives

i don't like the sun. i really don't. we're not very good friends. i hate him, and there are times wherein i really feel like he hates me too. yes, i'm nuts.

but living in the Philippines has made it harder and harder for my spoiled-little-princess-need to stay sweat-free, all the time. after a while, you just have to embrace the fact that you're already stuck, so might as well make the most out of it...or get used to it, but still go on complaining. whichever way goes for you.

later on, you slowly see the "beauty of it all". especially here in Cebu, where there aren't much skyscrapers to block the dreaded sun from ruining your newly-micropeeled skin (compared to Metro Manille). but it does make up with a lot of other perks. afterall, there's always basement parking, and superblack tint for your car. ;) nope, no valet parking in Cebu. =P

all year round, it feels like summer in Cebu. sure, there's the occasional thunderstorms and cloudy days (my fave). but most of the time, it's always (TOO) fucking hot, it's not even funny.

but as i just said earlier, it DOES have a lot of perks. the world is slowly picking up on how fabulous the beaches there are like more and more new establishments opening on a monthly basis. cute korean boys (oh god, after that Lee Dong Wook issue, i SO started noticing koreans more!), and finally GOOD restaurants (cuisine, in particular). by good, i mean, up to par. if you want world-class cuisine, Shangri-la Mactan is the only way to go. but all the local chains are fabulous. omg...sudden craving for bbq. love love love. -->fat fat fat!

one of the major perks is you get to wear nearly-slutty shorty shorts all the time, and it's justifiable! lol! Cebu's "style" is basically laid-back, breezy, "summery". and majority (both men and women) DO their best not to look "trying hard". which is fine by me.

so with micro-minis and shorty-shorts at large, the only way you could really accentuate those leggitylegs are (if one happens to be blessed, and just pray to god they are) with fabulous footwear...and spray-on leg bronzers (but don't forget to be immaculately HAIR-FREE for crying out loud!) for COMFORTABLE daywear besides flip-flops, a pair of sexy wedges is the way to go (so as long as you have perfectly-pedicured tippy-toes!). then chuck them after 7PM! lol! pumps are better for clubbing, hello.

but for daytime, i'd still want to lounge around I.T. Park or Off-Roads Cafe's roofdeck (early morning *gawd* or 5PM the earliest!!) looking like this...;) i like sunny backgrounds so as long it's on print.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Grosgrain Ankle Wrap Wedge

original price: $225 or PhP 11,531.56

NOW ON SALE: $113 or PhP 5,791.41!!!

gotta love clearance sales baby!!!!

photo creds:

all photos below are from (in my drastic effort to be frugal. *struggles*
if you still don't feel like shelling out more than a hundred bucks, or 5k pesos on a pair of decent wedges, fine...go for something disposable like these...

Victoria's Secret Sequin espadrille sandal $28 or PhP1,435.04 marked down from $35.

it's hot...for now. sooner or later, there's a very big possibility those sequins might start to annoy you (coz you're the only one who can actually see them up close). don't worry, just remember, you got your shoe fix for less than $30! so be happy...=)

i actually like these better though...

Victoria's Secret Anklestrap espadrille sandal

for only $25 or PhP 1,281.28

but denim and gold? hmmmmm...again, "disposable", but it'll make you feel cute for a week or two.

now, if you really need some major help in height-boosting, you could always go for a pair like this.

Victoria's Secret Embroidered wedge sandal

$58 or PhP 2,972.58

but i just dread the "boatshoe" look...and the embroidery is too damn disturbing. too..."cowgirl goes to Hooters".

shooters, anyone? lol

now this...let's just say, i'd rather be a hooker dressed as Daisy Duke (sans boots) with the previous wedges, than be caught anywhere dead, near, and much less *shudder* actually wearing this...thing.

again, from Victoria's Secret...this totally changed my mood for VS earlier. i'm not even going to a add a link to this. it's too horrid for words. fugly bugly.

Legwrap wedge sandal $36 or PhP 1,845.05

"A sweet & sexy look that wedges out fall's competition. Imported silk/polyester satin. 3 3/4" covered wedge heel."

hwat??!!!! sweet and sexy?? wedges out fall's competition??!!! jeezz...

in the end, it's really up to what you guys want. for a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs (on sale), you can already buy 3 or 4 pairs from Victoria's Secret, or some other secondary lines. your call. it's all bout priorities, girl.

oh what the hell...i'm going for the MJs!!!! lol!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


i was just reading Bryanboy's latest me assuming, but i think our very own celebrity internet-queen just might be on yet another local tv show. ohhh, i really do hope so. i haven't had the chance to watch all his previous tv guestings. that breakfast show was way too early, and the rest...i've was too darn busy, and i am just not happy bout that!!! *pout*

no people, we don't have Tivo in the third world! =P


i have adored Bryanboy for years, but i still haven't had the guts to send him an "I L♥VE BRYANBOY" photo to be posted on his site. =) me shyyyy!!! ;)

i quiver in the presence of real royalty! lol!

anyhoo...please please please support BRYANBOY's site. and i assure you, it'll be a fun ride!!!

Bergdorf gold flats fest!!!

found a couple of great steals of metallic feet candy on the dumping bin of!!

Gucci Flat Thong sandal for $213 or PhP 10,916.55 a major plummet from it's $425 or PhP 21,781.84 pricetag!!!

this one's a keeper for me...even when the time comes people start getting sick of gold! lol!

both photos from:
Jimmy Choo metallic skimmer flats for only $148 or PhP 7,585.21 from $295 or PhP 15,119.16!!!

oh come on!!! Jimmys for less than PhP10K people!! even that's cheap for the major stingers of Cebu.

*knock knock BT!!!*

i'm not much into flats, coz i'm a bit unblessed on the height department, but i'd wear these babies to a day out with the girls...or a boy *winkydoo!*...anytime! it'll definitely spice up any bland Cebu uniform of white tops and bottoms...;)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

more Lanvin lookalikes

had a lovely dinner with old friends earlier, got home, and checked the Prada fall collection at saw another batch of Lanvin "lookalikes". =) iluvit!

Prada Nylon and Cervo Tote $1,450 or PhP 74,314.53

for the Lanvin Kentucky...

and the new Prada Nylon and Cervo Convertible Tote $990 or PhP 50,738.89

for the Lanvin Kansas

Miu Miu offering "alternatives"?

noticed how handbags have been starting to look alike lately? the phenomenal demand for the Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle, for example, gave birth to millions of counterfeits. ok, so that's already given, and expected. and unfortunately, the philippines is ONE of the biggest patrons of fake bags, fake wallets, fake dvd players, fake dvds, fake cds, fake everything!!! but it's not just actually inspired legit houses of design to discretely "copy" a popular bag's "look". the texture, material, dimension, color palette, shape and of course, design...are so similar to each other, that even experts have a hard time differentiating them from afar. i don't know, but i really do think these new babies (i'm not saying they're bad) are more alike than a hundred pairs of fraternal twins!!

i won't even post pictures of the Balenciaga Motorcycle look-alikes...way too many of them! =) besides, if y'all must know, i hate to admit this...but i have issues on uploading. i guess i'm not smart enough to take this Blogspot uploading process easily. especially this annoying feature of only being able to post 5 photos max simultaneously. ohgod i miss my LJ♥...

was browsing through the new MiuMiu collection at, and started to the design godess in Miuccia Prada running out of juice lately?

call me bored or stupid, but i really think these KINDDA look alike. lemme repeat that before y'all go on a "boo! you's stupid!" rampage on the comments page (don't worry though, good or bad, i'll still accept them. lol)...they look KINDDA alike. =P

Lanvin Kansas $1,625 or PhP 83,283.52

(inspiration taken from Hermes Birkin and Kelly? hmmm...hello belt! c'mon, give me credit. i'm no expert, but it's not hard to believe, right?)

photo creds:

and the...

Lanvin Kentucky $ 1,545 or PhP 79,183.41

a widely-popular choice amongst the practical and still fabulous lot.

they're both buttery-soft, and large enough to carry all those daily carry-on essentials for packrats from all over.

i personally, haven't pondered on getting this bag. i get happy just by looking at it. coz i know i'd rather buy a mid-sized tote i can either lug around everywhere and not worry about it, or something i could treat like a REAL baby...wipes, yaya, and all.

photo creds:

"has been" (which i seriously doubt still) or not, i'm loyal to the function of the le dix motorcycle in my lifestyle. more than a year old already and i still haven't gotten tired of it. so worth the months of waiting back then!! it's fast becoming close to beating the mileage on my 5-year old speedy...not the hand-me-down from my mom, coz that, i archived. too much memories for me to destroy on some TANGA mishap at say...Off Roads Cafe on a rainy day. =)

ENOUGH senseless talk!!!! back to topic!!!!!!!! both Lanvins were and still are big hits, and lookie look at what i'd like to call the MiuMiu "alternative"...coz "copy" would be too harsh. ;)

the Miu Miu Spring Satchel $950 or PhP 48,688.83

they have it in black as well...

what do you guys think? KINDDA alike, noh?

photo creds:

and ahhh...who can disregard the Chloe Paddington? this was THE bag of the moment in 2005. it was so hard to get, that reportedly sold 376 bags in 36 hours and a LONGGGG 4-figure lineup on their waiting list!

i didn't cave in to the lure of the Paddington either, much less the Silverado! coz at the peak of their popularity last year, i was still wondering how to pay off my credit card dues on the bag splurge i made then...6 bags, 1 actually used. yes, the le dix. =( plus other family members and friends who bought the Paddington kept on complaining on how heavy it was due to the bigass padlock trademark. i'd rather have "Birkin elbow" than a paddington one, thank you very much. lol! but, it's all good. especially knowing that more and more people are retiring their paddingtons early on, and claiming new love and loyalty to the Edith bag NOW!!! lol.

so anyway, i don't have a photo of the regular Paddington, i grabbed this instead...

Chloe Paddington Washed Lizard Bag has a whopping pricetag of $7,200!!! PhP 369,010.08!!! *faint faint!!!*

i love lizard, but damn...for this hefty sum, just save up a bit more and buy a freakin' BIRKIN!!!! =)

photo creds:

MiuMiu alternative? their Cervo Brigitte Tote looks like a cross between a Paddington (sans the heavy padlock), and an Edith...

$1,415.00...*whistle!!!* or PhP 72,520.73

sorry, i just have to pass pass!!!

these handbag prices are making me both unhappy, pouty, and hungry...

i hope this newfound month-old "healthy lifestyle" of mine can save me enough credit and actual cash on hand to buy a Birkin after months of recluse...

...doubt it. but hey, gotta love daydreaming. it's like free ecstasy without the brain damage...ok, maybe a little, but minimal compared to the actual narcotic!!! ;)

Friday, August 11, 2006

ego down, but pride is still way up UP UP!!

accidentally viewed one of my favorite blogs just now...and what a wonderful wakeup welcome (3 Ws!!! yes, that's lame) it was!!! =)

note: yes, i just woke up... =P

The Fash Pack: Cebu

i feel kindda bad, coz the post was (SO) about what i really SHOULD be posting, rather than my usual thingamajigs. seriously, this whole blog has been more like this big personal wishlist for the world to read (hoping one of my friends could get the hint and Fedex me some goodies!!!!), rather than my goal of showcasing Cebu's uber-chic lot. oh fuck it. i don't want to go out, much less write about what i SHOULD be doing. =( i am fucked, and i'm not doing anything about it. boohoo.....give me a month, i'll be ok then...and hopefully, back to "normal"...if that ever means anythign nowadays. *snicker* but my ego is still quite bruised, coz i feel even more useless than usual. =(

BUT...much love love love and ever so grateful to the wonderful Fash Pack for posting a nice article about the opening of a new itlian restaurant called, Acqua, in our much-loved Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu!!!

*i have yet to actually try the Acqua experience to be able to post something about it. i promise to give a proper update...soon*

thanks to The Fash Pack's pictionary, i saw a lot of Cebu's oohlalas at the opening. Bunny Ludo was there...surprise! lol. kidding, i love her! she's so nice, i get hurt just thinking how hard it'd be for me to be as genuine as she is. =) i still can't understand how skinny she is when she's one of Cebu's most popular restaurateurs. life is so unfair. oh well...

and of course, one of my heroes (i actually put that in MySpace!), Teresing Mendezona, was there as well. a lot of other newbies, that i'd rather not mention, for fear of making some major mistake, and as usual, expats galore. =) i'd also like to note that there was even a Goyard St. Louis GM in yellow present at the event. the fourth one i've seen so far within Cebu. yes, i keep count because i am shallow, lame, pathetic, and have absolutely nothing else better to do with my time but oggle at other people's things...sometimes bodies and faces. =)

now, why wasn't i invited???!!!!!! oh yeah, i'm not important. lol.

so in turn, it's all good... it's still a proud day for me (for us all) knowing someone has newly-discovered that we're not so "backward" (as we're usually called) afterall. ;)


Thursday, August 10, 2006


ok, i've officially gone NUTS!!! i caved in to MySpace...fuck. 4 years, and i have just decided NOW. see how lame i am?? gawd...i seriously need to straighten out my act. hello, i was pretty fuddled when i did it. i have an excuse, so lay off! like YOU guys don't have MySpace!!! =P

ok, so i took a safety buzz earlier with the full intention of signing up for MySpace, just so i could have an excuse NOW. there, i said it. =P

oh whatever, at least i got to practice my html skills...eventhough there's a bigass rolling whiteboard beside me right now with all the necessary html codes that i had my brother's webmonkey write on yesterday afternoon. =P ahhhhh ptoooeeey!!!! i'm unhappy, so give me a break. i'll post a more sane explanation tomorrow...make that LATER, after i wake up, and enjoy an expected nice hangover.

TT is so going to laugh...and spit on my face the second as she finds out about this. lawrd why me??!!!!!

edit: (taken from my MySpace blahblahs...)

oh yeah...i just went on a crazy "Add to Friends" frenzy if you happen to be one of those unfortunate people i powerclicked for a request for invitation, then i probably think you're fabulous...or hot, or both...or i'm just plain drunk. =D but please please don't panic coz you think some crazy bitch of a stranger is stalking you!! lol!!! i just got sad when i saw the "Cheeky has 0 friends" note...god i need a life...

...i mean it though, and i'm putting it up again here, coz i shamelessly plugged this blog add on my profile earlier, and i'm afraid it's already too late to cop out now. yep...not only did i sign up for the damn thing, i also embarrassed myself by OVERclicking on practically every profile i viewed that appealed to me. oh god, what could those people be thinking when they see my request? i swear, it was blatant harassment!!! it was like me running around Times Square...wait wait...*local local!!!!!* MANGO AVENUE, butt-neked screaming "ADD ME!! ADD ME!!!!"!!!!!!!!


i am a fool to think i'm cut out for myspace...seriously. i'm scared of the vile reactions i just might get the next time i check my emails, and turn on my cellphone to be bombarded with phonecalls and text messages from real friends and again be ridiculed for my bad decisions. =) lol. life life life life life life liffffffffffffe.........

i feel so vulnerable right now...i miss my ♥LJ. i should've just sticked to LJ. Blogspot is so..."out there". =(

oh fuck it...i can't turn back now. i'd be too much of a charlatan than i already am, if i say i'm too embarrassed to do yet another stupid thing like canceling my MySpace account. so with that said...ADD ME!! ADD ME!!!. do it.

edit part deux:
OMGOMGOMG...the press is right. MySpace really IS powerful!!!!!! was just about to call it a night, and jump into bed, when...
damn, only 1 hour after my...that thing i did...i get 3 friend requests???? oooo oooo!!! make that 5!!! my YM just popped up saying i have 2 more new friend requests!!!!! and these are complete strangers, i'm tellin ya...all of my friends, both real and imaginary, are still out right now and will probably be home to check this post by 6AM later (that is, of course, if they're not as hammered as expected). one of the requests was from this tom brady guy. he's some sort of NFL guy, i don't know. i bet half of my inheritance that he's not really THE tom brady. probably his publicist, assistant, or some freako stalker of a fan who's too cheap to make a decent .com site slash shrine dedicated to his "idol". wait...i shouldn't be mean, coz i might lose "a friend". and for somebody who currently only has 5 friends (all of which, i don't even know personally!!!!!!), i can't afford to lose one!!! god...i know, i's lame. and god knows i already need to sleep, but dammit, this is better than caffeine!
forget all that rara i said earlier...i now love MySpace! it's good for my ego, and it feeds my delusions that i am special, and in-demand. lol!!!

Givenchy schimanchy...i want it!!!!!!!

i won't lie to you guys and claim to be some fabulous makeup artist, junkie, afficionado, whatever. i just respect how it can do wonders to a non-celebrity/supermodel face like mine...and yours. ;)! i know it's important, and god knows how i've been trying to get dexterity skills to fucking apply it RIGHT. fuck, i think makeup artists are just GODS! you think makeup is as easy as that *snap*??!!!? HELL NO! i even stooped to taking makeup classes, and i still suck at it!!!! owmygawd am i that useless???!! apparently, yeah...=( so, to keep my self-esteem healthy, i concluded that makeup doesn't just take requires freakin' TALENT to perfectly apply it...fabulously.

don't get me wrong here, i HAVE learned the basics since my virginal days of "just powder and gloss". i think a perfect foundation for your skintone is a girl's (or a faggot's) bestfriend. oh god, that just reminded me that a day never goes by without me seeing a Gaisano Metro girl with horrid skintone-foundation issues. as if their uniforms aren't enough, they have to suffer those royal blue and VIOLET (not just purple, i'm tellin ya!) eyeshadows in all the wrong places!!! =( TSK!!!

so, being the "just a fan" that i am, i resort to collecting makeup instead, rather than being a know-it-all when it comes to practicality, usage, and application... i love Shu Uemura best (like the rest WHOLE WORLD), Dior, Chanel, YSL, and so on and so on. Clinique doesn't suit me for some reason, although it's the most popular in Cebu...and i would've loved it if Clinique suits my skin's PH coz it's cheap, and i could seriously use the savings!!!

but screw savings...i like everything limited and exclusive, being the self-righteous princess that i am. c'mon, you know how i feel, right? coz you know you do too. =) you may not be as much of a self-centered hag that i am, but you know everything "limited edition" and "exclusive" just gives you chills in your spine that sends some sort of electronic zing to your nerves that lifts up that index and middle finger to hand out your gold Mastercard... ;) winkydoo!!!! lol!!!

so after all that ranting, this is what i've found that could hopefully be justified after that spens of an intro...
Givenchy Prismissime Eyes
"These limited-edition shadow palettes -in Sweet Chocolate and Intense Chocolate versions- are almost too pretty to use, but then you wouldn't experience the range of luscious looks each collection of nine shades and textures delivers."

Price: $52 or PhP 2,670.80 !!!!!!!

well what d'ya know? a limited edition something that we can all actually afford here in good ol' Pinas! lol! definitely buying at Rustan's...if unavailable, definitely swiping at and i'll be patient enough for delivery...especially coz they don't ship internationally. boohoo...twice longer the wait. =(

photo creds:

shamefully wrong on Marc Jacobs stam bag + new Juicy Couture fall bags

oh god...remember my ridiculous whining on the Marc Jacobs east/west stam bag?? OMG...i was SO wrong!!!! i met up with an old friend, EC today and i saw her MJ is beautiful!! the leather was gorgeous, as expected. it was handy, it was funky, it was flirty, it was just downright fabulous! =( *eat my heart out...and CRY!!!*

and i knew it...i knew i should've just kept shut about the topic, coz i knew then i was going to eat my words, immediately after publishing that post!!! =) oh well, it's ok. afterall, i DID point out even then, that i didn't want to look at any more photos of the bag, coz i just might fall for it...and lordie, did i!!! ...and i fell HARD!!! i should just roll over and cry, coz i'm a spoiled brat who no longer has the trust fund needed for my LONNGGGGGGGGGGGG luxlist de horreur! =( *bawl!!!!* aaaaahh ptoooooey! i've been broke and in still denial for so long now, it's not even funny. see this is why i just fucking blog about things that i want, instead of actually going out there and GET THEM!!! =( somebody hug me, please...i SO badly need it right now!

jeez...all that drama for a bag. sigh...oh well, i guess i should just comfort myself with the honest truth that i am SO happy for a dear old friend and her baby, and that i am backing my word on that statement i made on my previous post. i'd still burn plastic for a Chanel 2.55 in another color, material, or size, than buy a MJ stam. =) there, i said it. and i'll stick to that and never whine...on this certain subject alone...ever again, and try to get my act together on being "all grown up". pffffttt...y'right! lol!

oh least, i am certain about one thing today though... despite my latest raving on the Juicy Couture (costume) JEWELRY collection, i am not at all happy with their fall handbag lineup (from the New Arrivals section at just looking at them makes me even more confused than i usually am.

Juicy Couture Velour Classic Jada with Pin and Pom Poms $165.00 or PhP 8,475.23


Juicy Couture Velour Classic Daydreamer with Pin and Pom Poms $175.00 or PhP 8,988.88

sorry JC, i know i have an incredibly confused sense of style, and not everybody agrees with my sense of style, but i just don't see this happening. and i don't think i'd be edting posts on this one anytime soon...or ever, for that matter. =)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

kitschy Kitson

i love kitson...WAY before the hollywood hype started...seriously. they have a lot of cool stuff, and unfortunately, i'm no celebrity, hence i am called a wannabe for claiming what i just said earlier. ptooey!!!!! i don't care, as long as i can afford my own shit, that's good enough for me! lol!

i'm liking Disney Couture now. BT...girl, i finally get that quirky sense of taste of yours!!! =) i am totally loving the Kidada - Alice in Wonderland Leather Charm Bracelet that's been gracing the zombie wrists of Nicole Richie and now-trailertrash ones on Lindsay Lohan (i swear...what happened to that girl?!?!?!?!).

photo creds:

i love color, and this shade of blue is just perfect. and i can't help but be reminded of Bottega Venetta with the leather braids and LV for the quirky charms. lol. ohgod...ding ding ding ding!!! pretentious bitch alert!!! =)

well, it's certainly PRICED like one!! even i'm not willing to shell out $345 or PhP 17,734.41 for that...ok, maybe i am. but for that price, i can already get a an LV Multicolore Koala Bracelet for only $270 or PhP 13,879.11. it's cheaper, and it's an LV. can't argue with that. LV vs. Mickey Mouse? no contest.

photo cred:

wait, what am i saying?!? i still love that Kidada in all it's glorious literal charms!!!!! arrrggghh!!!! why did my father have to ruin my dreams and tell me money don't really grow on trees?!?!?! =(

i still won't buy those damn Team ___ shirts though....