Thursday, August 24, 2006

other top picks for NM's top 10

the day has come for TT to be sane again...hopefully. i wish you luck, my dear dear friend. in more ways than you've ever wished or even planned. but then again, our neurosis is what binds us together and lets us be. i have to stop here, before you tool up on me. lol!

so anyway, i'm still happy about the fact i was able to feature just one item per category in my personal picks for Neiman Marucs' top 10. whatever, right? but really, it's so surreal for me. just knowing that i was able to narrow down on my iwanttohavethemall streak.

however, no amount of hypnotism or self-talk can change a materialistic bitch into a saint. maybe some sort of narcotic, but drug-free? nevah... =)

Diane von Furstenberg Printed Wrap Dress
$345 or PhP 17,712.51

this is such a classic. so versatile. i, personally can't get enough DVF wrap dresses. in every single gorgeous print and solid color.

and talk about mileage! i've worn mine to weddings, to parties, to clubs, to brunch, to dinner, to church! lol! SO worth every single penny dropped!

it served our mothers well in the 70's, and it's still rocking our world NOW! ;)

definitely a staple in every girl's wardrobe...

Vince Draped Cashmere Sweater & Tank

Sweater Price: $275 or PhP 14,118.67

Tank $40 or PhP 2,053.62

Vince ring belt $125 or PhP 6,417.58

love the sweater, love the belt, but we can all do without the tank. =)

i don't care if it's 100% cotton. i'd use the 40 bucks to add to purchasing another sweater in a different shade! lol. 100% cashmere, babe. worth it, anytime. ;)

Prada Leather Oval-Buckle Belt

$295 or PhP 15,145.48

who can argue with Prada? ;) besides, imagine all the possibilities you can poof up in your wardrobe with this belt?

i'm loving the pewter over the black.

when it comes to "rock chic", nobody does it better than Alexander McQueen. i usually don't go for the whole "look", but his magic has made me a convert quicker than i can ever say, "no way"! =)

McQ Striped Tee

$130 or PhP 6,674.28

McQ Skinny Jeans

$225 or PhP 11,551.64

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