Thursday, August 31, 2006

rain-shine-rain weather + Dominique Cohen fall collection

so i woke up this morning feeling horrid as ever. the philippine weather is killing me! what's up with the weather lately anyway? it's scalding-hot one time, next thing you know it starts pouring HARD. pick a team dammit!! it's ruining everybody's dress code! lol. shallowallow. ;)

seriously, it was like really sunny when i woke up, during breakfast, and after i showered. which is why i chose this cutsie little outfit and a sexy pair of wedges, thinking the warm sunny weather was going to perk me up for the rest of the week. the minute i get into the car, it starts to rain...until noon! as in dark, dreary, muddy *blech*, kind of rain. not like those lovely rain showers you get to see in "happy" movies. =(

apres lunch, i finally decided to just stay in for the rest of the day and organize a few things that have been left undone since god knows when, and reward myself for a good job *lol* by lounging at the balcony with a hot cup of tea, some commercial pastry from Swiss Cottage, and a pack of ciggies. lo and behold, when i got home, it stopped raining. =)

sigh..why my life? =D

it was so fucking hot, i actually thought all the a/cs in the house were broken! even the cat felt drained from the heat! look! he looks dead! lol.

but then i realized, cats sleep like 80% of the i had to snap back into...sanity. =)

forget David Yurman this season...
check out the Dominique Cohen fall collection at i love Dominique Cohen. the designs are so whimsical, it makes me want to cry! no, really, it does make me cry just knowing i can't afford even their cheapest studs. coz if i had enough money for that, i'd end up buying a useless pochette from LV. trust me, i know what i'm saying. i have 4, none used. =(
but if you're lucky, and loaded enough, do splurge on a piece or two. they're fabulous. just fabulous...and if ever you really do jump on the temptation train, email me the pics, so i may lose sleep over it and hate you forever. lol! =)

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miel said...

gorgeous bitaw! super expensive lang, ill stick to sepa nalang. lolz