Thursday, August 24, 2006

Haurex La Mostra watch

i'm usually pretty conservative when it comes to watches. on a regular basis, i just alternate my trusty old Cartier Tank and Rolex Oyster. they have served me well for ages but lately, i've taken a liking to head-turning, attention-whoring, big bling watches. maybe it's Paris Hilton, maybe it's Rachel Roy, but i have seriously acquired the watch fever.

of course, i also have to put into consideration the major possibility that after a couple of weeks of using, i'm probably going to tuck them away in any space left in my drawers (if i could find one! good luck! lol).

so, i browsed around looking for cheap alternatives to hardcore-bling Tiret watches. hello, i live in the third world...the cheapest Tiret watch when converted to phil. peso, would be like 1.6MILL!!! no thanks, i'm not THAT big of a labelwhore. i'd rather buy 2 croc Birkins. lol!! "not a labelwhore". gimme a break, i DID say "not that big". ;)

saw this cutie art-decoish Haurex La Mostra watch at

instead of white gold, or platinum, the case is in stainless steel. instead of diamonds, crystals (well, at least they're Swarovski! lol). the leather is genuine, BUT *major* it's CROC-STAMPED. uh oh...broke snob syndrome again! lol! oh well, stamped or not, for $198 or PhP 10,165.44 (marked down from $263), it's already a great buy!

i know pink and white have been hot since Mean Girls. and thank god it's slowly going away...but i really prefer the cyan one.'s your call. =)

besides, the most important thing is you'll look cute, you'll have something sparkly to wave off the fuglies, and it's (hopefully) large enough to tell you the time when you go overboard on the cocktails so you can sneak in back home! lol!

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