Thursday, August 10, 2006

shamefully wrong on Marc Jacobs stam bag + new Juicy Couture fall bags

oh god...remember my ridiculous whining on the Marc Jacobs east/west stam bag?? OMG...i was SO wrong!!!! i met up with an old friend, EC today and i saw her MJ is beautiful!! the leather was gorgeous, as expected. it was handy, it was funky, it was flirty, it was just downright fabulous! =( *eat my heart out...and CRY!!!*

and i knew it...i knew i should've just kept shut about the topic, coz i knew then i was going to eat my words, immediately after publishing that post!!! =) oh well, it's ok. afterall, i DID point out even then, that i didn't want to look at any more photos of the bag, coz i just might fall for it...and lordie, did i!!! ...and i fell HARD!!! i should just roll over and cry, coz i'm a spoiled brat who no longer has the trust fund needed for my LONNGGGGGGGGGGGG luxlist de horreur! =( *bawl!!!!* aaaaahh ptoooooey! i've been broke and in still denial for so long now, it's not even funny. see this is why i just fucking blog about things that i want, instead of actually going out there and GET THEM!!! =( somebody hug me, please...i SO badly need it right now!

jeez...all that drama for a bag. sigh...oh well, i guess i should just comfort myself with the honest truth that i am SO happy for a dear old friend and her baby, and that i am backing my word on that statement i made on my previous post. i'd still burn plastic for a Chanel 2.55 in another color, material, or size, than buy a MJ stam. =) there, i said it. and i'll stick to that and never whine...on this certain subject alone...ever again, and try to get my act together on being "all grown up". pffffttt...y'right! lol!

oh least, i am certain about one thing today though... despite my latest raving on the Juicy Couture (costume) JEWELRY collection, i am not at all happy with their fall handbag lineup (from the New Arrivals section at just looking at them makes me even more confused than i usually am.

Juicy Couture Velour Classic Jada with Pin and Pom Poms $165.00 or PhP 8,475.23


Juicy Couture Velour Classic Daydreamer with Pin and Pom Poms $175.00 or PhP 8,988.88

sorry JC, i know i have an incredibly confused sense of style, and not everybody agrees with my sense of style, but i just don't see this happening. and i don't think i'd be edting posts on this one anytime soon...or ever, for that matter. =)

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