Sunday, August 06, 2006

a proud moment for Cebu's spenderellas

BT emailed me a link of one of her Flickr contacts. i'm not an active Flickr member, because one: i'm too cheap to pay their premium for a pro account, eventhough BT, TT, and i are quite loyal to it coz random viewers can't just right click, save and claim it as their own (compared to other popular photo sites such as Photobucket, Imageshack and Multiply). especially those with delicate details of designer handbags! shame on you eBay scammers! =)

so anyway...this girl, adlaw, is amazing. she's apparently either from Cebu, or somewhere in the Visayan region, coz well, she knows Bisaya (local dialect). =) but she's based in manila...i think. i'm not sure, i don't know her personally...and neither does BT. she's just on her contact list coz adlaw is also a fabulous photographer but second only to being a more fabulous materialistic shoe and bag addict! lol!

please DO check out mizz adlaw's photostream.

girl, i am SO proud of you! i really can no longer stand the stereotype of Cebuanos or Visayan people being just MAIDS, DRIVERS, or some other form of manpower!!!! we DO have pride! and we DO HAVE moolah to splurge on things aside from basic commodities!!! lol!

ring ring!!!! hello Lhullhier, Aboitiz?? (speaking of which, that Amparito Lhullhier is such a style inspiration for us all! nevermind that daughter Monique is taking Hollywood by storm!)

so i am urging all you guys FROM CEBU to NOT BE AFRAID to flaunt that excess! come on, power to the people!!! lol! this is our chance to show to the world that we are not just the "Inday" and "Dodong"s of the world, for crying out loud!!! there IS fabulousity that exists within our little island, and it's high time we flaunt it! don't you think so?

if you know are one, or you know anyone, and have photos to back up your "image", please do email me at, and please, don't insult me by sending me photos of fake Guccis and Pradas...i won't be amused. =)

i know i'm quite lazy, but rest assured, i WILL take time to blog bout you and your fabulous collezione. ;)

this is such an out-of-the-blue decision...i'll post a better explanation soon on what i really want. coz i'm too hungry to function properly (at TT would say)!!! lol!

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