Friday, August 04, 2006


you guys...i'm really at a rutt right now. i still SO badly want that vacation i was talking about on my last post. but i know i can't leave fucking cebu anytime soon. some family thing...whatever. i just want to get out of this place, and come back in like 2-3 weeks...maybe even a month, and see cebu in the same light that i used to. i really love cebu you guys, i really do. no other place could fit in my "comfort zone" profile more than this lil' island of ours. it's summery all year round, and you get to live between beautiful mountain views (OMG I MISS MOUNTAIN VIEW!!), and FABULOUS (and i MEAN fabulous!) beaches of mactan. and i know the shopping selection is terrible, but hey, it's every father-with-a-daughter's financial heaven!! hell for US, but at least the old man's happy. and when they're happy... they get these lovely guilt trips (IF you're lucky) and offer you to go to hong kong or even just manila to shop til you drop...ALONE OR WITH A GIRLFRIEND coz they're too busy to go with you!! complete with first-class tickets (or just tickets if you're flying fucking domestic!!), 5-star hotel accomodations, and all the room service you want...nope, make that NEED (if you're planning to go clubbing til 6AM)! lol!

for now, it's ok if i don't get that trip. i have to be realistic. i'll never get permission until september. fucking september. GOD!!!!! again, it's ok...FOR NOW. thank god for FRIENDS, superslim sony digital cameras, decent restaurants, COCKTAILS, the internet, satellite...or cable tv, cosmo, vogue...MEGA and preview (both local and fabulous) magazines. especially MEGA. i dunno why. i subscribe to MEGA, and just buy the rest (preview, metro, cosmo, etc.) at national bookstore or at some starmart or select whenever.

oh yeah, i still haven't gone to audionet or junrex to ask for that D&G razr. maybe some other time. i'm still using my magenta. it's not broken...yet, so it'll do for now. what i DO need is a friggin new digiecammie. i broke it. ='( i know i know! i don't even remember HOW i broke the damn thing!!! wait...maybe THAT'S why i broke it. coz i was too fucked to know what the hell i was doing. tsktsktsk!!!! ditzyditz!!

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