Saturday, August 19, 2006

TheBagHag's been a Cebuana!!!

edit: i just checked the URL of the perpetrators's site,, and it's no longer there. LOL!! the cellphone number given is also out of coverage area.
what, got scared??? you were tough enough to STEAL, for crying out loud. now you're scurrying off and think you can just hide, forget about it, eventually con someone else and think you can still get away with it? sigh, whatever.

actual post:
lemme just say, before i start ranting (hopefully not, but whatever.)...i had a HORRIBLE day today, am sick as HELL (i feel like my head's about to crack open any second), and was not in exactly in the cheeriest of moods when i heard the news...
great, perfect timing.

good friend BT, just called and told me about what happened to Mrs. T's blog last month! last month, and i didn't even know about it! omg, have i really been that OFF lately??!!!! for crying out loud, i adore the woman, to the point of scary (but thank god not borderline stalker) fanatic, and i can't even read her blog regularly anymore and miss out on major news like this?!?!! i even put her name on MySpace "heroes"...yep, i have Myspace, buzz off. =P
whatever, headache again. back to the score...

someone blatantly stole her photos off her blog, even to the point of copying not just the images, but the text as well!!! thief! thief!

worst part? fucking moron is from CEBU!!! as if it's not bad enough that the world already thinks we're ALL (fuck generalizations) crap, SOMEONE had to do this and deflate our already-bad image once again?

seriously, nobody's even speaking up about how bad the situation really is. even Filipinos (from the rest of the country) think Cebuanos are crap. we've been profiled as "just maids, drivers, hos, and whatnots" for the past god-knows-how-long...and it's already making me go insane as to why we all just can't be...decent, at the very least! never mind class, fashion, fame, style, and luxury. BASIC HUMAN DECENCY PEOPLE!!!! coz the REAL good people of Cebu are paying for your fuckups! yo, i'm no saint. not even close. but i DO know the basics. i don't steal, i don't cheat, i don't lie (well, at least not totally grave ones. just tiny fibs to get out of trouble with the 'rents. lol). i DO wish harm on other people though, which is also bad, and i'm aware of it. just like i'm aware that i really want to hurt someone right now!! arrrrgggh!!!

i don't even want to talk any more on how i feel about this issue. i'll stop before my head actually cracks, coz the pain is already too much to bear.



whatever i blabbityblabbed, i don't care if i sound insane. all i know is i am pissed. and i am ashamed of this...this ughness. i am SICK. i am just not happppyyyyyyyyy...

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