Tuesday, August 08, 2006

kitschy Kitson

i love kitson...WAY before the hollywood hype started...seriously. they have a lot of cool stuff, and unfortunately, i'm no celebrity, hence i am called a wannabe for claiming what i just said earlier. ptooey!!!!! i don't care, as long as i can afford my own shit, that's good enough for me! lol!

i'm liking Disney Couture now. BT...girl, i finally get that quirky sense of taste of yours!!! =) i am totally loving the Kidada - Alice in Wonderland Leather Charm Bracelet that's been gracing the zombie wrists of Nicole Richie and now-trailertrash ones on Lindsay Lohan (i swear...what happened to that girl?!?!?!?!).

photo creds: kitson.com

i love color, and this shade of blue is just perfect. and i can't help but be reminded of Bottega Venetta with the leather braids and LV for the quirky charms. lol. ohgod...ding ding ding ding!!! pretentious bitch alert!!! =)

well, it's certainly PRICED like one!! even i'm not willing to shell out $345 or PhP 17,734.41 for that...ok, maybe i am. but for that price, i can already get a an LV Multicolore Koala Bracelet for only $270 or PhP 13,879.11. it's cheaper, and it's an LV. can't argue with that. LV vs. Mickey Mouse? no contest.

photo cred: eluxury.com

wait, what am i saying?!? i still love that Kidada in all it's glorious literal charms!!!!! arrrggghh!!!! why did my father have to ruin my dreams and tell me money don't really grow on trees?!?!?! =(

i still won't buy those damn Team ___ shirts though....

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