Friday, August 04, 2006

ring ring surprise & mushfest!

ok, i still have internet access. fucking internet people can't decide when to actually fix their shit! i can't NOT know when they're actually cutting me off! but anyywas....
i got a lovely surprise call from ZF earlier. omg, i miss her SO fucking much! cebu's SO not the same without her!!!!! i miss those days Z, y'know when we had absolutely no idea what to do for the day, and we'd talk about where we'd wanna go for HOURS on end, and we end up just chatting the day away at starbucks, one order after another, and bitch about everything in our lives and see these random acquaintances and end up having drinks with them before heading home? and the minute we do get home, we call each other up and talk about all the juicy details we couldn't talk about coz we were in a public place. lol! oh i'd kill to have just one day like that again right now. no worries, just ciggies, coffee or booze, and our little bitchfits to keep us company while we figure out what to do with our lives....

i'm glad you're happy with D. he's a great guy, i just realized. and to be honest? i'm jealous...but i'm more happy for you than ever. i really hope he's finally "the one". afterall, every girl wants to have their own prince charming...we go through life nitpicking everything about us, creating all these vanity solutions, and picking the perfect outfit every single day (and men don't even realize how hard it is, and they NEVER even notice!)...and the world think we're such vain, shallow, and insecure bitches, when it's really all about looking our best, hoping that one day...our own man would take notice and ask us out. and hope it'll end up in a relationship. a GOOD relationship. the kind we'd drop everything in our lives for. the kind we'd forget the elusive houses of chanel, vuitton, and hermes for...(but c'mon, admit it...we still secretly wish our man would pamper us with luxury until death do us part!) ♥, love ♥, LOVE ♥. REAL ♥ love is SO hard to find nowadays. everybody's too caught up with the world. i know i am too, but it's sad coz no matter how shallow, materialistic, and albeit spoiled i am...deep down, i just KNOW i'd fucking chuck everything away just for one glorious moment of meaning. OMG!!! I HAVE BECOME DEEP!!!!

i need a drink. this can't be right.

anyways, thanks for the call bitch. love you lots and miss you LIKE HELL!!!!!

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