Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hating Blogger's photo uploads!!!!!

Blogger's photo uploading feature is seriously fucked up. but then again, why am i even complaining, when i'm using their services FOR FREE???!!!! lol!

i'm such a freeloader. afterall, why pay for a proper domain when i can spend all that money on shoes, bags, clothes, and whatnot so i may make myself feel like a princess, when i'm actually bordering on pauper? ;)

my apologies to the Blogger staff, crew, whatever you people call yourselves. but seriously people, i've been trying to publish my post on my top picks for Neiman Marcus' top 10 for fall, and i have a feeling winter will come, and i still won't be able to upload these damn photos!!! =)

wow, my problems are SO serious. lol!

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