Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i need a vacation!!!!

i'm sick and tired of waking up and not knowing what to do for the rest of the day. we all have those days, right? like you're sick and tired of the place, but it's still home, and you don't want to leave for good. but damnit, i need a vacation! i want an all-expense paid trip to wherever and max out my credit card...and worry about it later.=) i was having coffee at starbucks sm earlier with tt and bb, and tt said she was planning on going to manila this weekend. i'm like, what??!! I WANT TO GO TOO!! but i can't...coz i honestly, i can't afford it right now. sure, i can pay for the plane ticket, and the hotel accomodations, but oh my gawd it is SO going to hurt knowing i can barely buy anything at greenbelt (especially GB4!!!!!!!!) and rockwell. i know i sound like a friggin spoiled brat. i'm really not that bad. it's just that...oh YOU GUYS KNOW HOW I FEEL!!! i want to leave NOW. no wait...i want to leave tomorrow. or sometime soon. but i can't.=( i have to wait until september! tt's busy until september. and i really don't want to go alone. how depressing is that? fuck the modern independent woman image. I WANT COMPANY! i NEED company!!!!!!!!!

hmmmmm.....i'll end it here. i need to go find a way into conning my dad to buy me an all-expense shopping spree...or at least some sort of lame packaged tour or something like that. whatever...i just need to get out...

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