Monday, July 31, 2006

isp ish

i might be having internet problems starting tomorrow. sigh. oh well, at least my isp called me earlier on. i can only imagine turning on my computer to get online and get frustrated coz i didn't know they're having some sort of technical difficulties or chu chu. i'd probably go crazy and scream again only to find out it's nobody's fault and i'd end up being a bigger bitch than usual.=(
hey, it's all good, i guess...maybe this'll give me time to actually go to the beach or something. afterall, what's the point living in CEBU? i haven't done that in a while, and my life has become SO mundane, it's making ME CRAZY! lol. t'seems like everything just makes me crazy. i'm such a loonie, i need a drink!=) see? told ya i'm CRAZY.

oh god, i haven't even had a drink yet and already i'm acting like a fool!!!!!!

anyways, since i'll be lonely without all you guys to rant on about my sorry little life...just in case i really DO get disconnected tomorrow and you end up missing me (and i promise i'll do my bitchiest best to get my internet access back!), just SMS me if you wanna know how desperate i've become, or email me at

ok? i'll miss you all!!!!!!!! love love love and lots of love!!!=)

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