Thursday, July 27, 2006

forget pretty template

ok, i have just decided to give up on the template ish. tt was right, i should just settle with the given templates on blogger. i'm fine with this. i wanted the dots in white, but again, i need a dark background for all the pretty colors i need to cheer me up on blogging depression. besides, mrs. t already uses the dots on white. i will forever feel like a total copycat if i do just that...eventhough i know there are millions out there using the same template. oh god, i love mrs. t. and why am i posting about something so pointless? i won't even start on how much i adore mrs. t coz i really don't feel like blogging. this is exactly why i deleted my lj. oh god, i'm afraid my laziness is coming back to haunt me once again...and i'll regret this if i give in...again.

saw something yummy on tv. now i have an excuse to stop rambling.;) smoochies!!!

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