Saturday, July 22, 2006



tt!!! i can't believe how GORGEOUS HE IS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!!!!! he's super yummy. and OMG how fabulous was that jacket?! it was amazing! either the MAN (and boy would i love for him to call me HIS GIRL! -flirt-) has REALLY good taste, or the moolah he's paying for his stylist is SO worth it! I TOLD YOU WE SHOULD'VE GONE TO MANILA THIS WEEKEND! tt and i were supposed to go and have a "manila weekend", and that was WAY before this whole LDW ish, now all the more reason for me to blame tt and rub it in even more why she said "no"!

i'm still searching for good videos of him on youtube like you said. but i still can't find the one aired earlier today. but i don't care! oh my god i'm going mad!!! call me a "bitch, ho, slut, etc", and i'll even give you half of my inheritance, i don't care. i want that boy in my room tonight! LOL!!! god i'm such a slut. yeah, well for a guy who looks like THAT, anything baby, anything! LOL!!!
ok, i can't seem to figure this whole video attachment thingie...


Twilly said...

Haha. You can have him CC, good luck on beating out the rest of the world for his precious attention. I just found out how large of a following that boy has. Tsk! Oh why did I even bother to spend time watching that fateful first episode? As if my neurosis wasn't bad enough before all this! Ayayayyyyyyy! Caramba! Haha! I'm going to hit the sack now. My eyes are nearly bleeding from all that YouTube! Let's do 3pm tomorrow, k?

cheeky said...

sure thing! i didnt know u were stil up! come on ym pls? ure not answering my calls bitch.=P call me when u wake, im still finishing up the last episodes on the OC that i missed.