Monday, July 17, 2006

Dior gaucho in gold!

god! as if things weren't bad enough (fyi: my wallet's sick. and i mean really sick), i had to find out that Dior has come up with the gaucho (my latest obsession) saddle bag IN washed METALLIC LEATHER! why oh why did i have to go to eLUXURY ???heftily (but surprisingly justifiably -bag addict's excuse) priced at $1,660 for the medium-size. see? only a measly (yeah right) $265 difference between the gold and the famous white gaucho! although i do know that the white one's probably going to last longer than the gold. but dammit, i want the gold!:(

why oh why is eluxury so cruel to me when the last thing that i need right now is a new bag...coz i can barely even afford a new pair of slippers. no, not even sandals.:( sigh, and i was eyeing on those red joelles from tod's. ugh. no fair!! daddy dearest, if you're reading this, i promise i'll be a good girl. i promise i will no longer use my IDD to call my friends just coz i'm bored and nothing good was on tv so my phonebills won't be THAT gastronomic. please please please give me back my (yet again) gold card. i miss it SO much, it kidding!

hardiharhar i'm so shallow. oh don't you raise your eyebrows at me missy, you know you are too!!:) in the words of the great
, "coz we are living in a material world and i'm a mamaterial girl!". LOL!

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