Saturday, July 22, 2006

frantic night

just woke the same clothes i wore last night! oh my god. last night was such a blast. lotsa foreign people, but who cares? saw this really cool girl with really inexplicably cool hair. no, not nice hair, just cool. she had a drool-worthy body that i wanted to kill her. i promised everyone i wouldn't say where we all went last night. it's this big secret thing. nope, not vudu, formo or any club for that matter. seccccrrrreeettt!! lol. BB just might probably blurt it all out especially since he's been having a hard time keeping up with this whole blogging task. hey, i'm struggling too! and so is TT but we sure as hell are trying!!=) anyways, i'm still kindda groggy and i'm not in the best mood ever coz my head hurts like a bitch, and i wanna go crawl back to bed, but i seriously just need to blog this or else i'd never be able to update within the next 12 hours or so, then ill totally forget all bout it and i'm gonna feel really bad tomorrow and blahblahbha.

first thing's first, i need to take my fucking makeup off! i've already been having skin troubles lately. ugh! and the last thing i'd wanna do is make thing worse than it already is. but my hair's really pretty today. you know how your hair feels sooo perfect immediately after waking up? like all your natural oils in your hair are still there and you so love the feel but you know you really should wash your hair on a daily basis or else it's just gross? but thank god for kerastase. i love kerastase. and i love my friends. i love my life. and yet i wanna crawl under my duvet and just cry myself back to sleep for all the fucked up stupid things i blurted out last night. god help me god! as you may have noticed, i'm still pretty uhmm...a little woozIE.

it's ok, i'm pseudo-SOBER now. a little i think. i really want to go back to sleep.

fuck my maid said wowowi's on like 1pm. that's like what 45 minutes from now. i hate clocks. i have a big one in front of my face right now. hate knowing the time. tt you really should just take mine, i dont want it anywhere i could see it. i wanna see leewdongdkook? i forgot his name. i know he's cute. basta he's cute. i love him. he's tt's crush but i'm stealing him from her. wait, she dosen't own lee...that boy. i should have him. i now know what to ask my parents for my birthday!!! "mom, dad, i want that boy on the tv. could you please wrap him up for me pretty please?". HA! TT YOU'RE SO DEAD! girl you know i can ask my parents that, and you know ud rather die before ever saying that to or about anyone! lol! kidding girl, i love you, but i really do have the hots for him. oh my god! you are SO right! MY HORMONES REALLY ARE OVER THE PLACFE!!!

i need some pain killers and a huge mug of coffee. my yaya said black with no sugar always helps. i hope she's fucking right. oh god my head is killing me!

guys when you wake up, please call me. i'm depressed lonely and miserable. i love you all for being patient with me and please remind me i need new shorts. i wanna go to jessica and rustan's later in ayala. so please remind me that, but remind me to delete this post later before even meeting up in ayala. or starbucks? oh fuck not ayala. it's a saturday! all those highschool rejects are going to be sprawled all over ayala! starbucks, the foyer, friggin' sbarro and timezone! nevermind, let's just go to starbucks sm and buy shorts at oh god they dont have decent stores in sm! let's just have coffee then. bring me lots of cigs ill pay for them later. im running low and i cant ask manong to buy at starmart coz he's going to tell on me. he's SO fucking upright, i love him yet i hate him.

and that's all i have to say im going to watch fucking hoookerlooking dancers on woowowi and hate them with all my heart coz they're at least 5 meters near lee wong dook.

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