Thursday, July 20, 2006



UC BANILAD people, you better tell that bitch of a schoolmate of yours to back off! no matter how big of a bitch she is, i'm bigger! or i could be...LOL.

for crying out loud, of all the freakin brownassed, zit-infested flat-nosed bitches in the world, SHE had the gall to bitch bout me when i don't even know who the fuck she is???!!!! if all she wanted attention, then damn bitch, you's a smart ho, coz i am totally giving you a piece of my mind when i see you again!

i went to x salon banilad with CP and BT. i wasn't going to have anything done coz i already did all my necessary shit yesterday at x salon waterfront. so while waiting for CP to get his hair and nails done, BT and i decided to go downstairs...just to check it out really. we didn't take the elevator coz well, first... it's way too small for comfort. second, it's like a sauna in there! third, i just can't stand the smell of it!

so, from the mezzanine (where x salon is) we walked down the stairs and there was this bunch of girls hanging out or something. chika2x whatever. i don't really mind. i don't approve of sitting on ANYTHING that gets stepped on (stairs definitely included!), period, but like, whatever, right? all of a sudden the prettiest girl there (oh yeah, she was the prettiest alright compared to the rest of those toosociallyunacceptableyetstillsocialclimbing bitches from the south! arrrrggghhh!!!! ) ...suddenly tells the rest of her "gang"(if they weren't wearing super tacky beaded baby pink and blue bags, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference from the REAL GANGSTERS!) something like, "OW MY GUD! OF COURSE IT'S NOT REAL! IT'S SO KLER IT'S A FAKE! THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A BORRRRBERRRI BACKPACK!" in a REALLY "exagg" louder-than-usual voice. she did everything she could for her statement to be audible enough for the rest of the fucking UC people to hear. oh, she's from UC. why am i sure? coz she was twirling her fucking ID lanyard with UC BANILAD stamped all over it like it was a strand of chanel pearls for crying out loud! why, do you ask, she did that? I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA! that's just it, i didn't even know she was talking about ME! BT and i were too busy scrutinizing the PLACE, that we didn't even notice all the dumbass students sprawled everywhere! i even thought she was just simply talking, period! about some OTHER girl! it wasn't until we went back up to the mezzanine, passed by her again, heard another snide remark on "BORRRBERRI", head towards x salon, did BT guffawed out loud while we were lighting our cigs by the trashbin outside the entrance door.
i swear i was too much of a ditz to get it sooner!

i was all like, "why? what's up? what's so funny?"...
BT: why'd you bring a backpack instead of your usual handbag?
CC: coz i had a lot of stuff to bring, coz i was meeting up with you guys, so i wasn't riding with my driver, therefore i wouldn't be able to leave my usual stuff inside the car, and i couldn't find a bigger bag that could fit everything, and everything else chittychatchat...besides, i wanted to have my hands free today and i haven't used a backpack for ages already, and wanted to use one...
i blabbed on and on and on about the WHYS for like 5 minutes while BT was doing her best to keep her composure not to laugh.
i got even more confused, and initially thought it was just because i was using a backpack, and nothing more.
BT: that's why. y'heard bout what that girl just said?
CC: oh my god, YEAH! 'course i did! haha BORRRBERRI! the girl is ridiculously hilarious!
BT: really? (smiles) that's nice of you to think bout it that way...
CC: why wouldn't i? what do i care anyway? hellllooo...this is the philippines, and we're in CEBU for crying out loud!
BT: yeaaappp...that's probably just it. (another evil smile)
CC: WHAT?!! (already exasperated)
BT: sigh...CC, what backpack are you using right now? (wink)
CC: oh this old thing? it's Burberry. don't you think the leather is just absolutely gorgeous? i was kindda hesitant to use it today, it's been at the back of my closet for years and i've never used it, i never had the need to use a backpack before, but it's SO buttery-soft i just couldn't resist and lookie here the lining's in......(then it hit me) OHMYGOD... THAT BITCH!!!
i ran down the stairs to see if the bitch was still there, she wasn't. probably heard me shriek and scurried off to trashland with her nasty posse. whatever. bitch beware. i'm never giving up x salon for your sorry little ass. the next time i see you, we're going to have a nice long chat. ;)smooch!
as for the bag, i gave it to one of the maids just incase i need more storage for some out-of-town whatever and my luggage just isn't enough. or she can keep it. whatever. i just don't wanna see it in my closet again, ever.

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