Thursday, July 20, 2006

stealing crushes

OMG TT! i SO agree with you on lee dong wook. girl, that boy is SUPER FINE! i swear to god i was all to death! oh don't worry bout us making fun of you. we still will, but girl your lusting is more than justified! i watched it earlier. i can't believe you have taste! errr...i mean, i can't believe you like boys! errrrr...ok, i'll stop with the "i can't believe"s now. I DOWNLOADED HIS PHOTOS TOO right after watching my girl! LOL!

ladies, may i present the one man that changed all of our minds on TT!!

i am so loving the whole boyish charms ek ek lately. and the man is perfect! he's not really like "hot hot", but damn he's totally boyfriend material! the type you'd just want to brag to your girlfriends, act as if he's not such a big deal to OTHER girls, and be his baby when you're alone with him just so he could take care of you and shower you with all that precious love and attention and much more.;) god we girls can be such hypocrites sometimes! LOL.

oh why can't i find a guy like that in cebu?? sure, lotsa chinese and koreans here, but no lee dong wook caliber! if you know anyone or if you ARE one, message me! LOL. slut!

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