Monday, July 24, 2006

lovin a Juicy new waistpack

i love sundays. it's such a great day to just "chill". i never really use that word often, but i couldn't find a more perfect word to describe my day today. it was so mediocre, and i just love it. i haven't had a day like that in a while. i didn't go out last night coz i thought friday night already covered my weekend fix for fun.=) it was THAT good of a night out.=)

so anyways, i had latte with tt at starbucks sm. it was ok. they have a new barista named jp. he's pretty nice. must be smart as hell too, coz he goes to a really decent med school, and is currently taking up a really snore course which has been producing a lot of cute grads lately (as i just noticed). he's originally from manila, and i have no idea why he's working part-time as a barista at starbucks. i can only wish for that much discipline and time management.=) i camwhored a bit, but won't show any pics coz i'm too scared to be approached by anyone who reads this blog and have a boiling-hot verona VENTI splashed on my face. i just had a facial 3 days ago, please!=) LOL. besides, i'm too insecure bout myself, make that all the have the guts to post mi cara for the world to see!=)

i have pics of the baristas though, but i have yet to ask them permission to post their faces here. =) see, i do know how to respect other people. my, i guess i'm not that much of a brat afterall! LOL.

went home, and just replied to a few emails from friends that i just miss oh so much!!! i love you guys! if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU I MISS YOU PLEASE COME BACK TO CEBU! IT'S ALMOST UNBEARABLE WITHOUT YOU GUYS! i almost want to just fly off to wherever you guys are just to freakin' see you! pictures just won't cut it for me!=( apres drama, i clicked on a neiman marcus email ad and checked out their latest stuff. i didn't quite browse through all the latest fall collection. but i did linger on Juicy Couture, and saw this. Juicy Couture Quilted Pouch Belt

for $195, it's still quite pricey to pay for a brand that's not exactly under "designer luxe" category (e.g. vuitton, gucci, chanel, prada, etc). LOL. god, i'm such a label whore!=)

but in all fairness, i still think it's cute. now i know i've been raving bout metallics lately (most obvious in my previous posts), but i'm loving the black with the lavender stitching. it says on the description they also have it in cocoa, but they don't have a pic shown. it's just the black and the metallic bronze. i think the bronze is cute, but of course, i have to consider mileage. oh i sound so practical!!=) be proud of me!=)

i think this just might be a great alternative to the now-old Gucci waistpack which costs around $435 when it first came out (i no longer know how much it is now. Gucci had a major sale at greenbelt 4 a couple weeks ago). although for hardcore fashionistas out there, this bag has been old news since god knows when, they can barely remember Gucci even made a bag like this!=) i, sadly, am just a wannabe.;) awwwwwwwww. anyways, i still have loads of respect for this bag but i kindda got turned off coz a lot of people have been using them lately. it's quite a favie amongst the fashionable and moneyed lot of the fab and chic cebu gay populus, and i love how they just strut their stuff! they're fun and fearless. now isn't that a great way to face life's harshness?;) i love you guys!

anyway, because of the incredible demand this particular Gucci has achieved, it also of course, has generated LOADS of fakies from ALL OVER.=( and they're readily available anywhere, everywhere! and since in cebu, there is a great absence of designer botiques, and too many bazaars, of course you'd see everyone who finds it cute using one. i even saw striking replicas sans double G logos at Bayo and Maldita. they even used the same chocolate-brown flap and tan canvas! tsk! such a shame on "filipino individuality and originality" which i've read they're so proud of. oh well, i still buy their stuff, and i still love them. especially Bayo and those cute graphic tees with metallic prints. love love love them!

but i really believe one of the greatest reasons why cebuanos took notice (of this particular bag i've been yapping bout) coz of all these fabulous koreans in cebu that have been using them everywhere. and i mean EVERYWHERE. in cebu alone, i think i've seen no less than 10 korean girls AND guys with this bag. legit, of course. i may not approve of everything they wear, but i really appreciate the fact they never wear or use fakes. or at least i've never seen one, that is.

my, i've been yapping and yapping and i totally forgot bout what i really was talking about! LOL. oh yeah, the JC quilted pouch vs. Gucci cult favorite. hmmm. well, in the end, it's really bout what YOU guys want...

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