Wednesday, July 26, 2006

template troubles

ok, i know my template is really crazy, but i swear to god, i just can't seem to work this whole html codes bit the template settings page. oh great, thanks tt.=P i tried to be techie, and all. but you guys have no idea how long it had to take me to even understand the whole links thingie. href src <="+-">{"}+)_{} grrrrrrr whatever!

i wanted to make it look all clean, minimal, classy, yet with a bit of funk, a splishsplash of color...but "chic". i know, i don't know what i want. hohum, what else is new?;) i wanted to use light colors, but just had to use a black backrground for my actual posts so i could highlight easier the words that i wanted to pop out. why? coz i just want to!=( and that's also why THIS TEMPLATE MAKES MY BLOG LOOKS TACKY AND "JUST NOT RIGHT", as tt blatantly said. bitch.;) so with that being everybody reading this who knows a lot bout html or whatever this template thing is called, and wants to make a girl happy with her troubled template and wants to share any kind of ahem...service (not just tips and tricks! lol!), i'd really appreciate it. but even if you don't, i still love you all!

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