Sunday, July 16, 2006

inlove with the color GOLD

we all know it's been a great year of metallics. since late 2005 til now everbody's going gaga over metallics! but i personally still favor gold amongst the rest. silver doesn't even come close to my 2nd fave. rose gold is! i ♥ it to death!! here's a couple of my "must have items". most are a bit pricey, but i don't care! swipe those credit cards until they crack, pay for the new credit card replacement, and once you get your shiny new card back in the mail, put it on your brand newguccissima (what else?) GOLD! LOL!

gucci horsebit wallet in the famous gold leather...SO delicious! for $590, it's SO worth it! available at

here's another one of my favorite brands Sean Combs. i absolutely love their new women's line. only one perfect word to describe it = LUXE!

isn't this jacket just TO DIE FOR??! it's priced just right at $250. and mind you, it's not just the jacket i super love. it's the whole ensemble! the top ($62) is beautiful at the back (i have it in black), and the shorts (also for $62) are gorgeous. this is actually an old photo from Neiman Marcus. luckily enough, i was able to save it a few months back, since they're no longer available now. :(

this of course is one of the sold out Kate Spade items last year. the broome street continental which retailed for $195. it can be used as a wallet or a cute clutch.

i have millions of other items i'd just love to post but alas, i have don't have the time, nor the energy to do so.:) LOL. update soon!! new blog, new schedule. note to self: must be religious in updates! LOL!

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