Saturday, July 29, 2006

Marc Jacobs east/west stam bag

i don't know what the hype is all about. what is with this bag that everybody's going crazy for? it's sold out everywhere, and of course, eluxury has them...

Marc Jacobs or not, i'd still rather risk my dad's screaming (post credit card bill) for the original queen of quilted leather bags... THE Chanel 2.55! in every single color, leather and size available. now i don't usually carry big bags, but i can't imagine life without an in-your-face double Cs of a JUMBO (not just large) 2.55! lol!

take a look at Mrs. T's latest baby! oh god why can't i be as taitai as you???

this plum beauty is to die for...

which is why we should all just go with our instincts and buy that damn bag if you just can't "sleep on it"! just make sure they're legit and not some knock off in some bazaar!!! SACRILEGE!

i don't know bout you ladies, but i'll just have to pass on this. i have no problems curbing my plastic addiction for it. and i don't want to see any more photos of it, or see it on other people, or see some celeb (most probably La Lohan) toting it on some hip club in NY or LA...because i have a sick tendency to just fall for THINGS (materialistic bitch alert!) that i initially hate especially when everybody has one and i feel like i'm SO left out. =( you'd know how materialistic you really are once you find something so ugly to grow on you. yes, i actually fell for those dull black microfiber Prada shit once upon a time. oh sure, go "ewww" on YOU didn't!=)

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