Thursday, July 27, 2006

follow up on Juicy Couture

remember those candy-colored JC sweats? it was the year of pinks, acquas, sunny yellow, teals, and limes. and who can forget the infamous chocolate brown and baby pink combo? god, i mean everybody! especially since USA Sports decided to make their own polyester and some sort of cheapass stretchy fabric. call me a snob, but i still prefer the buttersoft velour or fleece sweats of JC. and to think once upon a 4AM, i threw them at the very back of my closet when i realized how everybody was starting to look like they were going to the gym 24/7. the moment of epiphany struck when i saw a bunch of girls wearing them (the USA Sports kind. lol! wicked bitch) hanging out at Bigbucks at 3AM. sorry gals, it was just too much color to wear "out" supposedly coming from Vudu. i swear, i couldn't believe it...i was all like, "you went to Vudu wearing THAT?" in my mind, of course. silently bitching. what were you thinking?!?!?! and oh my god, i forgot to mention they were all toting those nasty jelly kellys , plastic see-through bags with multicolored mesh (again, plastic and mesh!), and those shiny patent PLEATHER gym bags with large number patches horribly stitched on both sides (usually a number 7 and in candy colors as well)!

still, despite my highs and lows with JC...i've come to love them once again. i tried to resist, but i couldn't. well at least not for these two pairs...all the other pieces were either too matronly, or too "busy". what do you guys think? nice, noh? and for my's wearable even in Cebu where the weather's a bitch (especially lately), and yet we all can't imagine leaving! and you can do what i just plan to the top or hoodie ($128-158 or PhP 8,209.43 (max). prices are quite similar to other popular favorites such as Roxy and Billabong)and forget the pants. i plan to wear them with johnson or bermuda shorts. love? LOVE!=)

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