Monday, July 31, 2006

isp ish

i might be having internet problems starting tomorrow. sigh. oh well, at least my isp called me earlier on. i can only imagine turning on my computer to get online and get frustrated coz i didn't know they're having some sort of technical difficulties or chu chu. i'd probably go crazy and scream again only to find out it's nobody's fault and i'd end up being a bigger bitch than usual.=(
hey, it's all good, i guess...maybe this'll give me time to actually go to the beach or something. afterall, what's the point living in CEBU? i haven't done that in a while, and my life has become SO mundane, it's making ME CRAZY! lol. t'seems like everything just makes me crazy. i'm such a loonie, i need a drink!=) see? told ya i'm CRAZY.

oh god, i haven't even had a drink yet and already i'm acting like a fool!!!!!!

anyways, since i'll be lonely without all you guys to rant on about my sorry little life...just in case i really DO get disconnected tomorrow and you end up missing me (and i promise i'll do my bitchiest best to get my internet access back!), just SMS me if you wanna know how desperate i've become, or email me at

ok? i'll miss you all!!!!!!!! love love love and lots of love!!!=)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Marc Jacobs east/west stam bag

i don't know what the hype is all about. what is with this bag that everybody's going crazy for? it's sold out everywhere, and of course, eluxury has them...

Marc Jacobs or not, i'd still rather risk my dad's screaming (post credit card bill) for the original queen of quilted leather bags... THE Chanel 2.55! in every single color, leather and size available. now i don't usually carry big bags, but i can't imagine life without an in-your-face double Cs of a JUMBO (not just large) 2.55! lol!

take a look at Mrs. T's latest baby! oh god why can't i be as taitai as you???

this plum beauty is to die for...

which is why we should all just go with our instincts and buy that damn bag if you just can't "sleep on it"! just make sure they're legit and not some knock off in some bazaar!!! SACRILEGE!

i don't know bout you ladies, but i'll just have to pass on this. i have no problems curbing my plastic addiction for it. and i don't want to see any more photos of it, or see it on other people, or see some celeb (most probably La Lohan) toting it on some hip club in NY or LA...because i have a sick tendency to just fall for THINGS (materialistic bitch alert!) that i initially hate especially when everybody has one and i feel like i'm SO left out. =( you'd know how materialistic you really are once you find something so ugly to grow on you. yes, i actually fell for those dull black microfiber Prada shit once upon a time. oh sure, go "ewww" on YOU didn't!=)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

JC sweats part 2

ok, maybe i'll also just buy the pants...they're too adorable to pass up. i'll buy both pairs and also pose like this. now if only i could make it work so as to hide all the flab i've gained since summer started...tsk tsk tsk! oh baby oh baby! lol!
i love the "vicious" detail on the back! don't you?;)

follow up on Juicy Couture

remember those candy-colored JC sweats? it was the year of pinks, acquas, sunny yellow, teals, and limes. and who can forget the infamous chocolate brown and baby pink combo? god, i mean everybody! especially since USA Sports decided to make their own polyester and some sort of cheapass stretchy fabric. call me a snob, but i still prefer the buttersoft velour or fleece sweats of JC. and to think once upon a 4AM, i threw them at the very back of my closet when i realized how everybody was starting to look like they were going to the gym 24/7. the moment of epiphany struck when i saw a bunch of girls wearing them (the USA Sports kind. lol! wicked bitch) hanging out at Bigbucks at 3AM. sorry gals, it was just too much color to wear "out" supposedly coming from Vudu. i swear, i couldn't believe it...i was all like, "you went to Vudu wearing THAT?" in my mind, of course. silently bitching. what were you thinking?!?!?! and oh my god, i forgot to mention they were all toting those nasty jelly kellys , plastic see-through bags with multicolored mesh (again, plastic and mesh!), and those shiny patent PLEATHER gym bags with large number patches horribly stitched on both sides (usually a number 7 and in candy colors as well)!

still, despite my highs and lows with JC...i've come to love them once again. i tried to resist, but i couldn't. well at least not for these two pairs...all the other pieces were either too matronly, or too "busy". what do you guys think? nice, noh? and for my's wearable even in Cebu where the weather's a bitch (especially lately), and yet we all can't imagine leaving! and you can do what i just plan to the top or hoodie ($128-158 or PhP 8,209.43 (max). prices are quite similar to other popular favorites such as Roxy and Billabong)and forget the pants. i plan to wear them with johnson or bermuda shorts. love? LOVE!=)

forget pretty template

ok, i have just decided to give up on the template ish. tt was right, i should just settle with the given templates on blogger. i'm fine with this. i wanted the dots in white, but again, i need a dark background for all the pretty colors i need to cheer me up on blogging depression. besides, mrs. t already uses the dots on white. i will forever feel like a total copycat if i do just that...eventhough i know there are millions out there using the same template. oh god, i love mrs. t. and why am i posting about something so pointless? i won't even start on how much i adore mrs. t coz i really don't feel like blogging. this is exactly why i deleted my lj. oh god, i'm afraid my laziness is coming back to haunt me once again...and i'll regret this if i give in...again.

saw something yummy on tv. now i have an excuse to stop rambling.;) smoochies!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

template troubles

ok, i know my template is really crazy, but i swear to god, i just can't seem to work this whole html codes bit the template settings page. oh great, thanks tt.=P i tried to be techie, and all. but you guys have no idea how long it had to take me to even understand the whole links thingie. href src <="+-">{"}+)_{} grrrrrrr whatever!

i wanted to make it look all clean, minimal, classy, yet with a bit of funk, a splishsplash of color...but "chic". i know, i don't know what i want. hohum, what else is new?;) i wanted to use light colors, but just had to use a black backrground for my actual posts so i could highlight easier the words that i wanted to pop out. why? coz i just want to!=( and that's also why THIS TEMPLATE MAKES MY BLOG LOOKS TACKY AND "JUST NOT RIGHT", as tt blatantly said. bitch.;) so with that being everybody reading this who knows a lot bout html or whatever this template thing is called, and wants to make a girl happy with her troubled template and wants to share any kind of ahem...service (not just tips and tricks! lol!), i'd really appreciate it. but even if you don't, i still love you all!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Juicy Couture fever!

i've been avoiding Juicy Couture for a while coz of all the hype it's been getting since the their terry hoodies and trackpants phenomenon. everybody was wearing them! celebrities from class A to D were making them multicolored uniforms! even Oprah (before massive weight loss) haev been constantly seen wearing them. she was even wearing them during that whole Hermes issue in Paris! call me a sucker for advertising, but i must admit, i do own a few pairs of them, and it doesn't mean i hate them, coz they really are super comfy especially on the toosh.;) but of course, like you all know, you can hardly use it here in the philippines. but aside from that, i love them. they're so easy to pack, they're comfortable, and they're cute.=P but after last night's on the quilted belt bag, i just couldn't help but browse through the rest of the collection. i've asked help from a friend to work these pics so i wouldn't have to upload so many photos. lol. lazy me!!=) and i just HAD to post these coz i'm currently lusting over them (and of course wondering how the hell i could afford ALL of them). i love love love them, but i also can't help but feel that JC has been "copying' their designs on the hits of Marc Jacobs and Chanel (quilted leather), LV (the charms), and other designers as well. but who cares? JC is way cheaper compred to most of these super expensive (but oh so worth it!) designer labels that if you get tired of it, it won't hurt to "archive" them or for some, give them away!

i love their new jewelry collection. especially these damn crowns. i love crowns, but don't we all? who doesn't want to feel like royalty? or in this case, pretend to be like one, since not all of us can afford to be drizzled in diamonds. i swear all these royalty figures are such bad influences. if not for them, we wouldn't be the socialclimbers that we all are now.;) lol.
sidebyside, this funky, playful charm necklace from Juicy Couture. $75.00 or PhP 3,912.49. the pave crown one is around PhP 4,955.82

their new earrings weren't bad either. these are my top 3 faves. again, i can't help that the hoops with the charms kindda resembles the one from LV. hmm..maybe that's why i like it? lol. designer slut.
this is a collection of all the charms that i personally WANT! i love them, especially those little handcuffs. cute, naughty, cheeky!=) the bracelet itself, is reasonable for $35 (PhP 1,825.83) and is way cheaper compared to the charms (each) that just HAS to be bought. lol. and you think you could save that much-needed money by staying away from all those damn LV and Chanel!

would you look at these gorgeous gold bracelets? they're funky, and yet still maintains that imnotthatbigofaslut elegance. this double-layered charm bracelet is my personal fave, and beautifully priced at only $65 or PhP 3,390.82. i'd buy this piece in a heartbeat if i can only have my card back, or if JC's available at the nearest mall or shop.=( online shopping is the only way to go in cases like this...sigh.

this is the wristlet version of the hip bag i posted last night. the white leather is just yummy, noh? priced (still quite heftily for a JC) at $155 or PhP 8,085.81. the wallet i think is already a steal at $43 or PhP 2,347.49!

this belt is so daisy duke meets...hmm...lady guinevere? lol. i'm running low on descriptive ideas, seriously. all i know is i love it. paired with skinny jeans, and a basic top, i'm ready to go! $150 or PhP 7,824.98, this belt can definitely last a few years in your closet. it's not as faddish as all the rest in the collection.
i also kindda like these butterfly cowboy boots. they're not every "usable", especially here in Havaianas country -Cebu, but they certainly are cute! but they look quite similar to the Ana Sui butterfly boots -NOW ON SALE!(and even cheaper compared to the JC ones!) see? good things really do come to those who wait! lol. but still, there are a lot of far more better-looking boots out there. this one is just for those dress-up cowboy parties where nobody actually smells like one, and nobody drinks beer!=)

and of course, how can we forget about our beloved poochies? they are afterall, our real bestfriends. ♥ the kind who never judges us for all our bad decisions on life, school, family, career, and especially love or just men. it's just right to pamper them for all their love and loyalty! besides, we all have to admit that uber cute dogs have become a staple accessory to any stylish set. so you see, when feeling guilty on spending too much on your dog(s), remind yourselves that if your dog looks good, they're also making you look better.;) lol. yes, i am that low...using dogs to get attention!

Monday, July 24, 2006

lovin a Juicy new waistpack

i love sundays. it's such a great day to just "chill". i never really use that word often, but i couldn't find a more perfect word to describe my day today. it was so mediocre, and i just love it. i haven't had a day like that in a while. i didn't go out last night coz i thought friday night already covered my weekend fix for fun.=) it was THAT good of a night out.=)

so anyways, i had latte with tt at starbucks sm. it was ok. they have a new barista named jp. he's pretty nice. must be smart as hell too, coz he goes to a really decent med school, and is currently taking up a really snore course which has been producing a lot of cute grads lately (as i just noticed). he's originally from manila, and i have no idea why he's working part-time as a barista at starbucks. i can only wish for that much discipline and time management.=) i camwhored a bit, but won't show any pics coz i'm too scared to be approached by anyone who reads this blog and have a boiling-hot verona VENTI splashed on my face. i just had a facial 3 days ago, please!=) LOL. besides, i'm too insecure bout myself, make that all the have the guts to post mi cara for the world to see!=)

i have pics of the baristas though, but i have yet to ask them permission to post their faces here. =) see, i do know how to respect other people. my, i guess i'm not that much of a brat afterall! LOL.

went home, and just replied to a few emails from friends that i just miss oh so much!!! i love you guys! if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU I MISS YOU PLEASE COME BACK TO CEBU! IT'S ALMOST UNBEARABLE WITHOUT YOU GUYS! i almost want to just fly off to wherever you guys are just to freakin' see you! pictures just won't cut it for me!=( apres drama, i clicked on a neiman marcus email ad and checked out their latest stuff. i didn't quite browse through all the latest fall collection. but i did linger on Juicy Couture, and saw this. Juicy Couture Quilted Pouch Belt

for $195, it's still quite pricey to pay for a brand that's not exactly under "designer luxe" category (e.g. vuitton, gucci, chanel, prada, etc). LOL. god, i'm such a label whore!=)

but in all fairness, i still think it's cute. now i know i've been raving bout metallics lately (most obvious in my previous posts), but i'm loving the black with the lavender stitching. it says on the description they also have it in cocoa, but they don't have a pic shown. it's just the black and the metallic bronze. i think the bronze is cute, but of course, i have to consider mileage. oh i sound so practical!!=) be proud of me!=)

i think this just might be a great alternative to the now-old Gucci waistpack which costs around $435 when it first came out (i no longer know how much it is now. Gucci had a major sale at greenbelt 4 a couple weeks ago). although for hardcore fashionistas out there, this bag has been old news since god knows when, they can barely remember Gucci even made a bag like this!=) i, sadly, am just a wannabe.;) awwwwwwwww. anyways, i still have loads of respect for this bag but i kindda got turned off coz a lot of people have been using them lately. it's quite a favie amongst the fashionable and moneyed lot of the fab and chic cebu gay populus, and i love how they just strut their stuff! they're fun and fearless. now isn't that a great way to face life's harshness?;) i love you guys!

anyway, because of the incredible demand this particular Gucci has achieved, it also of course, has generated LOADS of fakies from ALL OVER.=( and they're readily available anywhere, everywhere! and since in cebu, there is a great absence of designer botiques, and too many bazaars, of course you'd see everyone who finds it cute using one. i even saw striking replicas sans double G logos at Bayo and Maldita. they even used the same chocolate-brown flap and tan canvas! tsk! such a shame on "filipino individuality and originality" which i've read they're so proud of. oh well, i still buy their stuff, and i still love them. especially Bayo and those cute graphic tees with metallic prints. love love love them!

but i really believe one of the greatest reasons why cebuanos took notice (of this particular bag i've been yapping bout) coz of all these fabulous koreans in cebu that have been using them everywhere. and i mean EVERYWHERE. in cebu alone, i think i've seen no less than 10 korean girls AND guys with this bag. legit, of course. i may not approve of everything they wear, but i really appreciate the fact they never wear or use fakes. or at least i've never seen one, that is.

my, i've been yapping and yapping and i totally forgot bout what i really was talking about! LOL. oh yeah, the JC quilted pouch vs. Gucci cult favorite. hmmm. well, in the end, it's really bout what YOU guys want...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

lee dong wook music video

MV - I'm so into you from youtube

please please please daddy, fly me to korea and buy me lee dong wook. your'e the one who wanted me to get married to a good guy!! well, he certainly LOOKS GOOD!!! good enough to eat, even...LOL! i'll get over him as soon as i come across yet another cute boy.



tt!!! i can't believe how GORGEOUS HE IS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!!!!! he's super yummy. and OMG how fabulous was that jacket?! it was amazing! either the MAN (and boy would i love for him to call me HIS GIRL! -flirt-) has REALLY good taste, or the moolah he's paying for his stylist is SO worth it! I TOLD YOU WE SHOULD'VE GONE TO MANILA THIS WEEKEND! tt and i were supposed to go and have a "manila weekend", and that was WAY before this whole LDW ish, now all the more reason for me to blame tt and rub it in even more why she said "no"!

i'm still searching for good videos of him on youtube like you said. but i still can't find the one aired earlier today. but i don't care! oh my god i'm going mad!!! call me a "bitch, ho, slut, etc", and i'll even give you half of my inheritance, i don't care. i want that boy in my room tonight! LOL!!! god i'm such a slut. yeah, well for a guy who looks like THAT, anything baby, anything! LOL!!!
ok, i can't seem to figure this whole video attachment thingie...

frantic night

just woke the same clothes i wore last night! oh my god. last night was such a blast. lotsa foreign people, but who cares? saw this really cool girl with really inexplicably cool hair. no, not nice hair, just cool. she had a drool-worthy body that i wanted to kill her. i promised everyone i wouldn't say where we all went last night. it's this big secret thing. nope, not vudu, formo or any club for that matter. seccccrrrreeettt!! lol. BB just might probably blurt it all out especially since he's been having a hard time keeping up with this whole blogging task. hey, i'm struggling too! and so is TT but we sure as hell are trying!!=) anyways, i'm still kindda groggy and i'm not in the best mood ever coz my head hurts like a bitch, and i wanna go crawl back to bed, but i seriously just need to blog this or else i'd never be able to update within the next 12 hours or so, then ill totally forget all bout it and i'm gonna feel really bad tomorrow and blahblahbha.

first thing's first, i need to take my fucking makeup off! i've already been having skin troubles lately. ugh! and the last thing i'd wanna do is make thing worse than it already is. but my hair's really pretty today. you know how your hair feels sooo perfect immediately after waking up? like all your natural oils in your hair are still there and you so love the feel but you know you really should wash your hair on a daily basis or else it's just gross? but thank god for kerastase. i love kerastase. and i love my friends. i love my life. and yet i wanna crawl under my duvet and just cry myself back to sleep for all the fucked up stupid things i blurted out last night. god help me god! as you may have noticed, i'm still pretty uhmm...a little woozIE.

it's ok, i'm pseudo-SOBER now. a little i think. i really want to go back to sleep.

fuck my maid said wowowi's on like 1pm. that's like what 45 minutes from now. i hate clocks. i have a big one in front of my face right now. hate knowing the time. tt you really should just take mine, i dont want it anywhere i could see it. i wanna see leewdongdkook? i forgot his name. i know he's cute. basta he's cute. i love him. he's tt's crush but i'm stealing him from her. wait, she dosen't own lee...that boy. i should have him. i now know what to ask my parents for my birthday!!! "mom, dad, i want that boy on the tv. could you please wrap him up for me pretty please?". HA! TT YOU'RE SO DEAD! girl you know i can ask my parents that, and you know ud rather die before ever saying that to or about anyone! lol! kidding girl, i love you, but i really do have the hots for him. oh my god! you are SO right! MY HORMONES REALLY ARE OVER THE PLACFE!!!

i need some pain killers and a huge mug of coffee. my yaya said black with no sugar always helps. i hope she's fucking right. oh god my head is killing me!

guys when you wake up, please call me. i'm depressed lonely and miserable. i love you all for being patient with me and please remind me i need new shorts. i wanna go to jessica and rustan's later in ayala. so please remind me that, but remind me to delete this post later before even meeting up in ayala. or starbucks? oh fuck not ayala. it's a saturday! all those highschool rejects are going to be sprawled all over ayala! starbucks, the foyer, friggin' sbarro and timezone! nevermind, let's just go to starbucks sm and buy shorts at oh god they dont have decent stores in sm! let's just have coffee then. bring me lots of cigs ill pay for them later. im running low and i cant ask manong to buy at starmart coz he's going to tell on me. he's SO fucking upright, i love him yet i hate him.

and that's all i have to say im going to watch fucking hoookerlooking dancers on woowowi and hate them with all my heart coz they're at least 5 meters near lee wong dook.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

loving Luella

i am so loving this new bag from Luella Bartley!!! i don't care if they don't have any other available color. this bag is already scrumptious as it is!typically luella priced at £438.30 or $802.47 or for all my beloved readers in the philippines, PhP 42,255.07.

it's ok girls, just give mum or dad a compliment or two and go home before curfew.;) and remember, never demand. big no no. don't even ask when you already know what the answer would be. if you can charge it right away, the better. filipinos don't usually bother to remember there's a 30-day return period.:)

stealing crushes

OMG TT! i SO agree with you on lee dong wook. girl, that boy is SUPER FINE! i swear to god i was all to death! oh don't worry bout us making fun of you. we still will, but girl your lusting is more than justified! i watched it earlier. i can't believe you have taste! errr...i mean, i can't believe you like boys! errrrr...ok, i'll stop with the "i can't believe"s now. I DOWNLOADED HIS PHOTOS TOO right after watching my girl! LOL!

ladies, may i present the one man that changed all of our minds on TT!!

i am so loving the whole boyish charms ek ek lately. and the man is perfect! he's not really like "hot hot", but damn he's totally boyfriend material! the type you'd just want to brag to your girlfriends, act as if he's not such a big deal to OTHER girls, and be his baby when you're alone with him just so he could take care of you and shower you with all that precious love and attention and much more.;) god we girls can be such hypocrites sometimes! LOL.

oh why can't i find a guy like that in cebu?? sure, lotsa chinese and koreans here, but no lee dong wook caliber! if you know anyone or if you ARE one, message me! LOL. slut!



UC BANILAD people, you better tell that bitch of a schoolmate of yours to back off! no matter how big of a bitch she is, i'm bigger! or i could be...LOL.

for crying out loud, of all the freakin brownassed, zit-infested flat-nosed bitches in the world, SHE had the gall to bitch bout me when i don't even know who the fuck she is???!!!! if all she wanted attention, then damn bitch, you's a smart ho, coz i am totally giving you a piece of my mind when i see you again!

i went to x salon banilad with CP and BT. i wasn't going to have anything done coz i already did all my necessary shit yesterday at x salon waterfront. so while waiting for CP to get his hair and nails done, BT and i decided to go downstairs...just to check it out really. we didn't take the elevator coz well, first... it's way too small for comfort. second, it's like a sauna in there! third, i just can't stand the smell of it!

so, from the mezzanine (where x salon is) we walked down the stairs and there was this bunch of girls hanging out or something. chika2x whatever. i don't really mind. i don't approve of sitting on ANYTHING that gets stepped on (stairs definitely included!), period, but like, whatever, right? all of a sudden the prettiest girl there (oh yeah, she was the prettiest alright compared to the rest of those toosociallyunacceptableyetstillsocialclimbing bitches from the south! arrrrggghhh!!!! ) ...suddenly tells the rest of her "gang"(if they weren't wearing super tacky beaded baby pink and blue bags, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference from the REAL GANGSTERS!) something like, "OW MY GUD! OF COURSE IT'S NOT REAL! IT'S SO KLER IT'S A FAKE! THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A BORRRRBERRRI BACKPACK!" in a REALLY "exagg" louder-than-usual voice. she did everything she could for her statement to be audible enough for the rest of the fucking UC people to hear. oh, she's from UC. why am i sure? coz she was twirling her fucking ID lanyard with UC BANILAD stamped all over it like it was a strand of chanel pearls for crying out loud! why, do you ask, she did that? I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA! that's just it, i didn't even know she was talking about ME! BT and i were too busy scrutinizing the PLACE, that we didn't even notice all the dumbass students sprawled everywhere! i even thought she was just simply talking, period! about some OTHER girl! it wasn't until we went back up to the mezzanine, passed by her again, heard another snide remark on "BORRRBERRI", head towards x salon, did BT guffawed out loud while we were lighting our cigs by the trashbin outside the entrance door.
i swear i was too much of a ditz to get it sooner!

i was all like, "why? what's up? what's so funny?"...
BT: why'd you bring a backpack instead of your usual handbag?
CC: coz i had a lot of stuff to bring, coz i was meeting up with you guys, so i wasn't riding with my driver, therefore i wouldn't be able to leave my usual stuff inside the car, and i couldn't find a bigger bag that could fit everything, and everything else chittychatchat...besides, i wanted to have my hands free today and i haven't used a backpack for ages already, and wanted to use one...
i blabbed on and on and on about the WHYS for like 5 minutes while BT was doing her best to keep her composure not to laugh.
i got even more confused, and initially thought it was just because i was using a backpack, and nothing more.
BT: that's why. y'heard bout what that girl just said?
CC: oh my god, YEAH! 'course i did! haha BORRRBERRI! the girl is ridiculously hilarious!
BT: really? (smiles) that's nice of you to think bout it that way...
CC: why wouldn't i? what do i care anyway? hellllooo...this is the philippines, and we're in CEBU for crying out loud!
BT: yeaaappp...that's probably just it. (another evil smile)
CC: WHAT?!! (already exasperated)
BT: sigh...CC, what backpack are you using right now? (wink)
CC: oh this old thing? it's Burberry. don't you think the leather is just absolutely gorgeous? i was kindda hesitant to use it today, it's been at the back of my closet for years and i've never used it, i never had the need to use a backpack before, but it's SO buttery-soft i just couldn't resist and lookie here the lining's in......(then it hit me) OHMYGOD... THAT BITCH!!!
i ran down the stairs to see if the bitch was still there, she wasn't. probably heard me shriek and scurried off to trashland with her nasty posse. whatever. bitch beware. i'm never giving up x salon for your sorry little ass. the next time i see you, we're going to have a nice long chat. ;)smooch!
as for the bag, i gave it to one of the maids just incase i need more storage for some out-of-town whatever and my luggage just isn't enough. or she can keep it. whatever. i just don't wanna see it in my closet again, ever.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

D&G gold razr

ok, i know i've already posted way too many "golden items", but this baby i'm about to feature just demands attention. and boy am i glued!

goodbye magenta razr...HELLO GOLD! D&G has performed another midas touch on the mobile cult favie motorola razr. they initially produced only 1000 units of those uber-luxe phones distributed worldwide late last year. but of course, if the world went crazy over the release of the hot pink ones, you would think 1000 units is far from even coming close to "enough" to quench this golden thirst that the world has been having.
i first saw the phone december last year. online, of course. like i'd really see one for real in laid-back, terrified-to-be-stylish cebu a few days after the motorola and D&G press release! i saw it, i swallowed my lust for it, and did my best to forget about it (which was hard, especially since i already saw 4 other people using the hot pink razer only a few months after i bought mine. oh puhlease, we all want exclusivity! LOL. i'm such a royalty wannabe)... not until i saw the lucrative Bryanboy posing with one last month, and that was IT! it no longer is on my wish/want immediately jumped to my NEED list! it's SO comforting to know the golden rush has arrived in the philippines. and who better to inspire me more than the new goddess of excess? =)

oh god i'm inlove with this phone! shut up, you know you want it too! i've been avoiding this subject WAY too long already. it can't be avoided. i need to have it...afterall, i'm filipino. LOL! filipinos have long prided themselves as the "pioneers" of SMS. and that even local fishmarket vendors have developed their ambidexterity in texting way before the americans and europeans have. really? honestly, i don't know that for a fact. oh well, whatever. fact or not, we wouldn't be filipinos if we weren't clutching our cellphones practically 24/7. even i got totally overwhelmed on how filipinos really are into mobile phones! "oh my god is that a new phone? when did you get it? how much? oh wow! i want one too! i'm SO going to ask my mom to buy me one!". =) you know you've either heard or said those lines before. i know i have. well, at least the "how much?" part.=)

god these designers are making my life (and everyone else shallow like me) miserable by the day! just when i decide to start pondering on learning to "grow up" and "know my priorities" and everything else that my father always lectures me on, and just when i sum up enough to courage and self-control to tuck away my credit cards so i would no longer be tempted, i always find things that interest me everywhere! the mall (sigh...), on tv, fashion magazines, the
freakin' internet, and of course, when i avoid everything i just said, there's my girlfriends (and gay friends) who never seem to stop informing bout all the latest craze. damn you bitches! sigh but i still love you guys to death and i wouldn't know what to do with you! smoochies to you all!
now all i have to worry is how and more importantly WHERE to find one (aside from ebay), to actually BUY one. sigh...even the now-old Vertu took god knows how many years before one ever graced at our local Audionet (cebu's leading cellphone shop...or is it Junrex? not sure, tell me if you know). and if it's available in manila, again...WHERE?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Dior gaucho in gold!

god! as if things weren't bad enough (fyi: my wallet's sick. and i mean really sick), i had to find out that Dior has come up with the gaucho (my latest obsession) saddle bag IN washed METALLIC LEATHER! why oh why did i have to go to eLUXURY ???heftily (but surprisingly justifiably -bag addict's excuse) priced at $1,660 for the medium-size. see? only a measly (yeah right) $265 difference between the gold and the famous white gaucho! although i do know that the white one's probably going to last longer than the gold. but dammit, i want the gold!:(

why oh why is eluxury so cruel to me when the last thing that i need right now is a new bag...coz i can barely even afford a new pair of slippers. no, not even sandals.:( sigh, and i was eyeing on those red joelles from tod's. ugh. no fair!! daddy dearest, if you're reading this, i promise i'll be a good girl. i promise i will no longer use my IDD to call my friends just coz i'm bored and nothing good was on tv so my phonebills won't be THAT gastronomic. please please please give me back my (yet again) gold card. i miss it SO much, it kidding!

hardiharhar i'm so shallow. oh don't you raise your eyebrows at me missy, you know you are too!!:) in the words of the great
, "coz we are living in a material world and i'm a mamaterial girl!". LOL!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

inlove with the color GOLD

we all know it's been a great year of metallics. since late 2005 til now everbody's going gaga over metallics! but i personally still favor gold amongst the rest. silver doesn't even come close to my 2nd fave. rose gold is! i ♥ it to death!! here's a couple of my "must have items". most are a bit pricey, but i don't care! swipe those credit cards until they crack, pay for the new credit card replacement, and once you get your shiny new card back in the mail, put it on your brand newguccissima (what else?) GOLD! LOL!

gucci horsebit wallet in the famous gold leather...SO delicious! for $590, it's SO worth it! available at

here's another one of my favorite brands Sean Combs. i absolutely love their new women's line. only one perfect word to describe it = LUXE!

isn't this jacket just TO DIE FOR??! it's priced just right at $250. and mind you, it's not just the jacket i super love. it's the whole ensemble! the top ($62) is beautiful at the back (i have it in black), and the shorts (also for $62) are gorgeous. this is actually an old photo from Neiman Marcus. luckily enough, i was able to save it a few months back, since they're no longer available now. :(

this of course is one of the sold out Kate Spade items last year. the broome street continental which retailed for $195. it can be used as a wallet or a cute clutch.

i have millions of other items i'd just love to post but alas, i have don't have the time, nor the energy to do so.:) LOL. update soon!! new blog, new schedule. note to self: must be religious in updates! LOL!