Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Juicy Couture fever!

i've been avoiding Juicy Couture for a while coz of all the hype it's been getting since the their terry hoodies and trackpants phenomenon. everybody was wearing them! celebrities from class A to D were making them multicolored uniforms! even Oprah (before massive weight loss) haev been constantly seen wearing them. she was even wearing them during that whole Hermes issue in Paris! call me a sucker for advertising, but i must admit, i do own a few pairs of them, and it doesn't mean i hate them, coz they really are super comfy especially on the toosh.;) but of course, like you all know, you can hardly use it here in the philippines. but aside from that, i love them. they're so easy to pack, they're comfortable, and they're cute.=P but after last night's on the quilted belt bag, i just couldn't help but browse through the rest of the collection. i've asked help from a friend to work these pics so i wouldn't have to upload so many photos. lol. lazy me!!=) and i just HAD to post these coz i'm currently lusting over them (and of course wondering how the hell i could afford ALL of them). i love love love them, but i also can't help but feel that JC has been "copying' their designs on the hits of Marc Jacobs and Chanel (quilted leather), LV (the charms), and other designers as well. but who cares? JC is way cheaper compred to most of these super expensive (but oh so worth it!) designer labels that if you get tired of it, it won't hurt to "archive" them or for some, give them away!

i love their new jewelry collection. especially these damn crowns. i love crowns, but don't we all? who doesn't want to feel like royalty? or in this case, pretend to be like one, since not all of us can afford to be drizzled in diamonds. i swear all these royalty figures are such bad influences. if not for them, we wouldn't be the socialclimbers that we all are now.;) lol.
sidebyside, this funky, playful charm necklace from Juicy Couture. $75.00 or PhP 3,912.49. the pave crown one is around PhP 4,955.82

their new earrings weren't bad either. these are my top 3 faves. again, i can't help that the hoops with the charms kindda resembles the one from LV. hmm..maybe that's why i like it? lol. designer slut.
this is a collection of all the charms that i personally WANT! i love them, especially those little handcuffs. cute, naughty, cheeky!=) the bracelet itself, is reasonable for $35 (PhP 1,825.83) and is way cheaper compared to the charms (each) that just HAS to be bought. lol. and you think you could save that much-needed money by staying away from all those damn LV and Chanel!

would you look at these gorgeous gold bracelets? they're funky, and yet still maintains that imnotthatbigofaslut elegance. this double-layered charm bracelet is my personal fave, and beautifully priced at only $65 or PhP 3,390.82. i'd buy this piece in a heartbeat if i can only have my card back, or if JC's available at the nearest mall or shop.=( online shopping is the only way to go in cases like this...sigh.

this is the wristlet version of the hip bag i posted last night. the white leather is just yummy, noh? priced (still quite heftily for a JC) at $155 or PhP 8,085.81. the wallet i think is already a steal at $43 or PhP 2,347.49!

this belt is so daisy duke meets...hmm...lady guinevere? lol. i'm running low on descriptive ideas, seriously. all i know is i love it. paired with skinny jeans, and a basic top, i'm ready to go! $150 or PhP 7,824.98, this belt can definitely last a few years in your closet. it's not as faddish as all the rest in the collection.
i also kindda like these butterfly cowboy boots. they're not every "usable", especially here in Havaianas country -Cebu, but they certainly are cute! but they look quite similar to the Ana Sui butterfly boots -NOW ON SALE!(and even cheaper compared to the JC ones!) see? good things really do come to those who wait! lol. but still, there are a lot of far more better-looking boots out there. this one is just for those dress-up cowboy parties where nobody actually smells like one, and nobody drinks beer!=)

and of course, how can we forget about our beloved poochies? they are afterall, our real bestfriends. ♥ the kind who never judges us for all our bad decisions on life, school, family, career, and especially love or just men. it's just right to pamper them for all their love and loyalty! besides, we all have to admit that uber cute dogs have become a staple accessory to any stylish set. so you see, when feeling guilty on spending too much on your dog(s), remind yourselves that if your dog looks good, they're also making you look better.;) lol. yes, i am that low...using dogs to get attention!

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CC...You really should do something bout that template of yours. I can barely read all of the things you wrote on this post. It's too..."busy". Hehe. Sorry gal, I'm just saying...y'know.:)