Wednesday, July 19, 2006

D&G gold razr

ok, i know i've already posted way too many "golden items", but this baby i'm about to feature just demands attention. and boy am i glued!

goodbye magenta razr...HELLO GOLD! D&G has performed another midas touch on the mobile cult favie motorola razr. they initially produced only 1000 units of those uber-luxe phones distributed worldwide late last year. but of course, if the world went crazy over the release of the hot pink ones, you would think 1000 units is far from even coming close to "enough" to quench this golden thirst that the world has been having.
i first saw the phone december last year. online, of course. like i'd really see one for real in laid-back, terrified-to-be-stylish cebu a few days after the motorola and D&G press release! i saw it, i swallowed my lust for it, and did my best to forget about it (which was hard, especially since i already saw 4 other people using the hot pink razer only a few months after i bought mine. oh puhlease, we all want exclusivity! LOL. i'm such a royalty wannabe)... not until i saw the lucrative Bryanboy posing with one last month, and that was IT! it no longer is on my wish/want immediately jumped to my NEED list! it's SO comforting to know the golden rush has arrived in the philippines. and who better to inspire me more than the new goddess of excess? =)

oh god i'm inlove with this phone! shut up, you know you want it too! i've been avoiding this subject WAY too long already. it can't be avoided. i need to have it...afterall, i'm filipino. LOL! filipinos have long prided themselves as the "pioneers" of SMS. and that even local fishmarket vendors have developed their ambidexterity in texting way before the americans and europeans have. really? honestly, i don't know that for a fact. oh well, whatever. fact or not, we wouldn't be filipinos if we weren't clutching our cellphones practically 24/7. even i got totally overwhelmed on how filipinos really are into mobile phones! "oh my god is that a new phone? when did you get it? how much? oh wow! i want one too! i'm SO going to ask my mom to buy me one!". =) you know you've either heard or said those lines before. i know i have. well, at least the "how much?" part.=)

god these designers are making my life (and everyone else shallow like me) miserable by the day! just when i decide to start pondering on learning to "grow up" and "know my priorities" and everything else that my father always lectures me on, and just when i sum up enough to courage and self-control to tuck away my credit cards so i would no longer be tempted, i always find things that interest me everywhere! the mall (sigh...), on tv, fashion magazines, the
freakin' internet, and of course, when i avoid everything i just said, there's my girlfriends (and gay friends) who never seem to stop informing bout all the latest craze. damn you bitches! sigh but i still love you guys to death and i wouldn't know what to do with you! smoochies to you all!
now all i have to worry is how and more importantly WHERE to find one (aside from ebay), to actually BUY one. sigh...even the now-old Vertu took god knows how many years before one ever graced at our local Audionet (cebu's leading cellphone shop...or is it Junrex? not sure, tell me if you know). and if it's available in manila, again...WHERE?

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