Friday, August 04, 2006

that thing is Hermes?!!?

OMG...i just have to let this out of my system. i didn't want to bitch bout this, but seriously, i'm SO bothered...

i accidentally got on, and for no reason, i typed "HERMES" on their search engine...and take a looksie on what i ugh found!! NASTY NASTY NASTY!!!

do THESE *shudder* look like they come from the high heavenly house of HERMES??!

sigh...when are these people ever going to quit? i guess NEVER!

ok, for one thing...if you can afford to buy ANYTHING from HERMES, then you could at least do something with those fugly legs first! oh god! such blasphemy!! lol!

secondly, it's $26.99! even daily planner REFILLS or some other paper thingie with an H stamped on it at HERMES cost way more than that!!!

check it out at here!

ok, i'm no expert but CLEARLY it's a fakie! and to think i had so much respect for for their "honest" selection! oh god oh god! what would TT say if she finds out that one of her favorite site has actually been infested with counterfeits??!?

call me a snob, but that is just SO NOT RIGHT! call me pretentious, but hey, at least my i don't go around calling some cheapass strings of leather stitched on to a wooden sole "HERMES SANDAL" when they could always just say "gladiator sandals" or just plain "leather sandals"!!!!!! call me an ignorant bitch still, coz prior to this THING, i didn't know that you could SELL through either. selling stuff online isn't my cup of tea. if it works for you, fine. but don't go labelling stuff when they're actually not.

i still have loads of respect for the mt. everest of all brands (as Mrs. T would say)...eventhough bitchdiva La Lohan's been trashing the whole image of class and elegance that Hermes has been eminating since the release of their first ever women's collection in 1929! hey, i'm no bag expert like mrs. t but i still know my fashion history dammit! lol!

<---i love those thongs though (footwear, not the knickers! lol!). what are those? Gucci or Manolos? if you guys know, message me! =) photos taken from:

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