Saturday, August 12, 2006

Miu Miu offering "alternatives"?

noticed how handbags have been starting to look alike lately? the phenomenal demand for the Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle, for example, gave birth to millions of counterfeits. ok, so that's already given, and expected. and unfortunately, the philippines is ONE of the biggest patrons of fake bags, fake wallets, fake dvd players, fake dvds, fake cds, fake everything!!! but it's not just actually inspired legit houses of design to discretely "copy" a popular bag's "look". the texture, material, dimension, color palette, shape and of course, design...are so similar to each other, that even experts have a hard time differentiating them from afar. i don't know, but i really do think these new babies (i'm not saying they're bad) are more alike than a hundred pairs of fraternal twins!!

i won't even post pictures of the Balenciaga Motorcycle look-alikes...way too many of them! =) besides, if y'all must know, i hate to admit this...but i have issues on uploading. i guess i'm not smart enough to take this Blogspot uploading process easily. especially this annoying feature of only being able to post 5 photos max simultaneously. ohgod i miss my LJ♥...

was browsing through the new MiuMiu collection at, and started to the design godess in Miuccia Prada running out of juice lately?

call me bored or stupid, but i really think these KINDDA look alike. lemme repeat that before y'all go on a "boo! you's stupid!" rampage on the comments page (don't worry though, good or bad, i'll still accept them. lol)...they look KINDDA alike. =P

Lanvin Kansas $1,625 or PhP 83,283.52

(inspiration taken from Hermes Birkin and Kelly? hmmm...hello belt! c'mon, give me credit. i'm no expert, but it's not hard to believe, right?)

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and the...

Lanvin Kentucky $ 1,545 or PhP 79,183.41

a widely-popular choice amongst the practical and still fabulous lot.

they're both buttery-soft, and large enough to carry all those daily carry-on essentials for packrats from all over.

i personally, haven't pondered on getting this bag. i get happy just by looking at it. coz i know i'd rather buy a mid-sized tote i can either lug around everywhere and not worry about it, or something i could treat like a REAL baby...wipes, yaya, and all.

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"has been" (which i seriously doubt still) or not, i'm loyal to the function of the le dix motorcycle in my lifestyle. more than a year old already and i still haven't gotten tired of it. so worth the months of waiting back then!! it's fast becoming close to beating the mileage on my 5-year old speedy...not the hand-me-down from my mom, coz that, i archived. too much memories for me to destroy on some TANGA mishap at say...Off Roads Cafe on a rainy day. =)

ENOUGH senseless talk!!!! back to topic!!!!!!!! both Lanvins were and still are big hits, and lookie look at what i'd like to call the MiuMiu "alternative"...coz "copy" would be too harsh. ;)

the Miu Miu Spring Satchel $950 or PhP 48,688.83

they have it in black as well...

what do you guys think? KINDDA alike, noh?

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and ahhh...who can disregard the Chloe Paddington? this was THE bag of the moment in 2005. it was so hard to get, that reportedly sold 376 bags in 36 hours and a LONGGGG 4-figure lineup on their waiting list!

i didn't cave in to the lure of the Paddington either, much less the Silverado! coz at the peak of their popularity last year, i was still wondering how to pay off my credit card dues on the bag splurge i made then...6 bags, 1 actually used. yes, the le dix. =( plus other family members and friends who bought the Paddington kept on complaining on how heavy it was due to the bigass padlock trademark. i'd rather have "Birkin elbow" than a paddington one, thank you very much. lol! but, it's all good. especially knowing that more and more people are retiring their paddingtons early on, and claiming new love and loyalty to the Edith bag NOW!!! lol.

so anyway, i don't have a photo of the regular Paddington, i grabbed this instead...

Chloe Paddington Washed Lizard Bag has a whopping pricetag of $7,200!!! PhP 369,010.08!!! *faint faint!!!*

i love lizard, but damn...for this hefty sum, just save up a bit more and buy a freakin' BIRKIN!!!! =)

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MiuMiu alternative? their Cervo Brigitte Tote looks like a cross between a Paddington (sans the heavy padlock), and an Edith...

$1,415.00...*whistle!!!* or PhP 72,520.73

sorry, i just have to pass pass!!!

these handbag prices are making me both unhappy, pouty, and hungry...

i hope this newfound month-old "healthy lifestyle" of mine can save me enough credit and actual cash on hand to buy a Birkin after months of recluse...

...doubt it. but hey, gotta love daydreaming. it's like free ecstasy without the brain damage...ok, maybe a little, but minimal compared to the actual narcotic!!! ;)

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