Tuesday, August 29, 2006

template issues part deux

omg! first i wasn't able to log in my blogger account coz i got confused with the whole blogger beta thing, that i just gave up and decided to have a blog-free weekend. so so SO sorry hags for neglecting my post, if it makes you feel any better, i didn't have a good time *sob*! =( which actually kindda sucks, coz i was SO expecting it to be fabulous and carefree. not. i ended up watching old dvds and went through a major caloriefest that i have absolutely no idea how to shed off NOW.

second is i'm kindda getting pissed just looking at my template. tt was right. it really does look "too busy". only problem is i can't figure out how to edit the new blogger's html page coz they don't have "raw html feature" YET. which is ok for me, coz at least i know they're going to come up with it. the new feature's actually pretty great, but i'm afraid i'd have to lose all the other data that aren't available for editing on the new no-brainer editor.

so basically, i don't know whether i love or hate blogger beta. why should i be surprised, i'm like that with EVERYTHING in my life. lol!

enough enough erase erase!!! =)

fashion update: omg my email was like really full from all my subscriptions! i didn't know they could really pile up like that after only a few days of not going online. alas, my life has become so boring, that i've revolved my life around a hunk of what i used to see as junk (my computer). i am now nearing social suicide and into startrek world and be the geek i was prolly destined to be. sans the actual computer SKILLS...and smarts. lol! *whine*

from the limited time that i eyeflipped through all the emails (i'm too lazy to read them right now, hello), i noticed the same trend in all the email updates.

from saks:


  1. CROP IT
  4. ADD FUR

there ya have it ladies, short and sweet. i'll give a proper update soon, i promise! for now, i'm going to go back to my lovely bed and enjoy my hopefully LAST night of being a foodwhore slob. and pray to god i never be like this again for the rest of my life! lol!

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