Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dior shades and the modern peasant top

i'm keeping this short coz my mouse is all screwed up. it took me almost half an hour just to log on to Blogger for crying out loud!

remember the peasant top days? well, i personally didn't give in to that trend then. not when YSL first started to pour in on all the fashion glossies everywhere, not when the rest of the designers started to follow trend and make their own, and especially not when SM and Metro started to produce their own!! lol!

but damn, i don't care if i'm like ages late, but i'm SO into the modern version of those nasty off-shoulder ones:

Peasant Blouse & Boot-Cut Jeans, both from the illustrious Yves Saint-Laurent collection. photo creds: neimanmarcus.com

Peasant Blouse is $348 or PhP 17,850.63 marked down from a whopping $695 or PhP 35,649.96!!! (still hefty, if you ask me. but..but...it's pretty! *pout*)

Boot-Cut Jeans are $448 or PhP 22,980.12 marked down from $895 or PhP 45,908.94!!!

*low self-esteem mode* yes, omg...i canNOT afford that! I WANT MY CARDS BACK!!!! you guys might've noticed i've REALLY REALLY tried hard to be practical in my shallow NEEDS. not just wants, i'm serious. =P and if i do have that amount to splurge...hello new handbag!!!

let's go to something more attainable, less depressing and less daunting on our financial life...
call me stupid, but this is exactly the photo i posted on MySpace. lol. i didn't have anything decent without my oh-shameful face in it. me shhyyyyie...

but i seriously love them. i know everybody's been donning oversized shades, it's almost sickening...but Cebu's too damn hot and just glaring to NOT have at least a decent pair.

Christian Dior overshine glasses for $240 or PhP 12,310.78

i still haven't looked up where to buy online, much less go to Executive Optical or Acebedo to check. just been to damn busy...slacking. ;)

photo creds: style.com

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