Monday, August 28, 2006

Prince Andrea Casiraghi was in the Philippines and i was too lazy to know sooner...

i think i just might have to scream and not care if the home owners' association's president knocks on my door and give me a piece of her nasty mind.

Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi was in the Philippines for a week, and i didn't even know about it. it was in the news and everything. the whole third world knew, and i didn't. great, talk about being up to date with current events to broaden my sic, self-centered and shallow mind!!!!!

his visit to the Philippines was for mainly for his mother's charity, to reach out to the children of the third world. he even went to visit Payatas!! I'VE never even been to Payatas...yet. i seriously need to give back...more. hey, if a royal can do that, why can't us "lowly commoners", right?

see how big of an impact that boy has on me? i have totally forgotten about all my wants, my needs. and actually considering totally bursting my shallow and materialistic bubble to go to fucking Payatas and be friendlyfriends, hughugkisskiss with poor children that smell like dead rats. seriously.

a few friends told me they had the chance to meet him at Nuvo sometime last week whenever, i don't care anymore coz hello, I WASN'T THERE!!! =( bitches kept on asking why i didn't go...uhmmm...i'm a nobody, and i'm in CEBU??! if i WAS there, not THAT, would be surprising!! huhuhuhu

i usually don't like long hair on guys...but come on! he's fucking royalty, you can't argue with that! =) i'll take scruffy blond long hair anytime over bucktooth William. ok, so maybe i will. if he'll have me, 'course i will! lol. gawd..why am i such a lowlife?? sad part is, i actually know why. =)

i googled him and came up with tidbits of info on our blond prince...

Education: Lycée Jeanne d'Arc, Saint Aspais, Fontainebleau, France.

sigh...i knew my mother had a point when she told me to go to AUP. why? why did i have to disobey and suffer now? i should be so lucky for crying out loud!!!

i know i choose not post personal photos, for fear of being seen and (might be) recognized in public and be pelted with rotten eggs, with the exception of one. one photo. just one photo with him, and it would've truly kept me satisfied until the next royalty love-of-my-life comes along. i definitely would've posted it EVERYWHERE!

Myspace, HERE, Flickr, Photobucket, Multiply...hell, EVERYWHERE!!!!

Personality: sensitive, introvert, cordial, sportive, admires his late father.

*swoon* i don't care if he's so stereotypical and sounds like a fictional character from some children's book...or an r-rated paperback.


  • Football

i love football!!! 95% of the boys...and men i've adored over the years are soccer players!! lol.

  • Horse riding

i throughly enjoy horseback riding, plus it's the (obviously) best excuse to wear those absolutely wonderful riding boots! =)

  • Water sports

uhhmm...i love to swim, and i like lounging by the beach? both with proper skin protection. and i play bowling (hello, SPORT) on my cellphone sometimes when bored while floating.

  • Skiing

errrr...hello, Las Islas Filipinas!!! we sweat, not shiver. ;) which is why all 6 trips to ski resorts in my life have not been very pleasant in the actual skiing part. =(

  • collecting Swatch-watches

by god, i will resurrect all those Swatch watches i've accumulated in the 80's and the 90's. screw tacky and color-overload...ok, maybe not. prince or no prince. =D

  • Reading
*faint* we ARE destined for each other...

see? 1 out 6 isn't so bad, it's almost perfect! =) afterall, there's no such thing as a perfect life, so he'll just have to settle with me. =D

sigh, pretention is so much fun. =D but the snap back to reality can be SO brutal. trust me, i'm having a major headache right now from swimming in that dizzying pool of imaginary royal fantasy.

prince + cheeky = VALIUM

fuck, i don't have any. i'll settle for some Advil and Tylenol. pfft. loser loser loser

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miel said...

new blog? gosh cc, i saw him on the news and he is to die for!!!