Monday, August 07, 2006

top picks for new designer markdowns

i tried to resist...but i just couldn't. you all understand how i feel right? i should really unsubscribe to these damn email newsletters from all my favorite sites. it really just started with innocent curiousity, and wanting to be updated, just looking at all those eye candy...which in turn have evolved into this whole monstrous addiction for online retail!! =( or =)... sheesh!!!

i was browsing AGAIN through the SALE section of and i just can't help but post these lovely goodies to you guys...hoping that at least one of YOU can get your hands on them, instead of me. and hopefully, you guys can do it soon, so it'll be sold out in like a few days, and i really wouldn't be able to find a way to get MY greedy hands on them!!! lol!

for the past two days, it was those two DKNY glazed leather bags (my "substitutes" for the almost-impossible to get Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle bag). tonight, i had eyes only for these four beauties. and all less than $400! see??? be proud of me please for trying my best to be frugal!!!! lol! i have so long dreamt of being a "smart shopper". and i think i just might be able to pull this off...especially coz i'm no longer daddy's little girl, and i need to "grow up", zero expense account, and all... *POUT!!*
Rock and Republic
Flame Trim Pump with crystals's
original price? $495 or PhP 25,468.49...

NOW ONLY $249 or PhP 12,811.42!!

this can most definitely spruce up any solid-colored outfit. be it a wrap-dress, or even just a tank or tee with a pair of gorgeous skinny jeans!

Diorlita Espadrille Sandal. original price? $375 or PhP 19,294.31...

NOW ONLY $188 or PhP 9,672.88

they have these in orange as well...but i'm loving this lime one just fine! DIOR espradilles for less than 10K PESOS PEOPLE!!!


Dior Diorlita Wraparound Sandal original price? $360 or PhP 18,522.54...

NOW ONLY $160 or PhP 8,232.24!!! NOW C'MON! THAT'S ALREADY A 10K DROP!!! lol! *evil tempter*

now THIS is especially dedicated to flats-loving Cebuanas. we all know how almost impossible Cebuano men are when it comes to stilettos...they pick on you nonstop, even when they're loving the effect it (stilettos)gives us! lol!

edit: OMG!! this pair is even CHEAPER at saks!! ONLY $127.90 or PhP 6,580.65!!! BUY NOW NOW NOW!!!

Gold Stretch Twill Jacket
original price? $295 or PhP 15,178.19

NOW ONLY $179 or PhP 9,209.82

ok, i know you guys might not see this as a "bargain". but REALLY, it IS.
1. it's a DKNY (LOL!!! label whore label whore!!!!)
2. this particular color is quite uncommon, and can carry on even after a few years. it looks almost neutral!! screw BEIGE!!! THIS ONE'S A MUST!!!
3. it'll be perfect for Club Vudu or Formo...then afterwards snuggle up at Mr. A's or Mountain View (for you Cebu party people) style!!
4. it's simply just GORGEOUS!!

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