Friday, August 11, 2006

ego down, but pride is still way up UP UP!!

accidentally viewed one of my favorite blogs just now...and what a wonderful wakeup welcome (3 Ws!!! yes, that's lame) it was!!! =)

note: yes, i just woke up... =P

The Fash Pack: Cebu

i feel kindda bad, coz the post was (SO) about what i really SHOULD be posting, rather than my usual thingamajigs. seriously, this whole blog has been more like this big personal wishlist for the world to read (hoping one of my friends could get the hint and Fedex me some goodies!!!!), rather than my goal of showcasing Cebu's uber-chic lot. oh fuck it. i don't want to go out, much less write about what i SHOULD be doing. =( i am fucked, and i'm not doing anything about it. boohoo.....give me a month, i'll be ok then...and hopefully, back to "normal"...if that ever means anythign nowadays. *snicker* but my ego is still quite bruised, coz i feel even more useless than usual. =(

BUT...much love love love and ever so grateful to the wonderful Fash Pack for posting a nice article about the opening of a new itlian restaurant called, Acqua, in our much-loved Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu!!!

*i have yet to actually try the Acqua experience to be able to post something about it. i promise to give a proper update...soon*

thanks to The Fash Pack's pictionary, i saw a lot of Cebu's oohlalas at the opening. Bunny Ludo was there...surprise! lol. kidding, i love her! she's so nice, i get hurt just thinking how hard it'd be for me to be as genuine as she is. =) i still can't understand how skinny she is when she's one of Cebu's most popular restaurateurs. life is so unfair. oh well...

and of course, one of my heroes (i actually put that in MySpace!), Teresing Mendezona, was there as well. a lot of other newbies, that i'd rather not mention, for fear of making some major mistake, and as usual, expats galore. =) i'd also like to note that there was even a Goyard St. Louis GM in yellow present at the event. the fourth one i've seen so far within Cebu. yes, i keep count because i am shallow, lame, pathetic, and have absolutely nothing else better to do with my time but oggle at other people's things...sometimes bodies and faces. =)

now, why wasn't i invited???!!!!!! oh yeah, i'm not important. lol.

so in turn, it's all good... it's still a proud day for me (for us all) knowing someone has newly-discovered that we're not so "backward" (as we're usually called) afterall. ;)


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