Thursday, August 10, 2006

Givenchy schimanchy...i want it!!!!!!!

i won't lie to you guys and claim to be some fabulous makeup artist, junkie, afficionado, whatever. i just respect how it can do wonders to a non-celebrity/supermodel face like mine...and yours. ;)! i know it's important, and god knows how i've been trying to get dexterity skills to fucking apply it RIGHT. fuck, i think makeup artists are just GODS! you think makeup is as easy as that *snap*??!!!? HELL NO! i even stooped to taking makeup classes, and i still suck at it!!!! owmygawd am i that useless???!! apparently, yeah...=( so, to keep my self-esteem healthy, i concluded that makeup doesn't just take requires freakin' TALENT to perfectly apply it...fabulously.

don't get me wrong here, i HAVE learned the basics since my virginal days of "just powder and gloss". i think a perfect foundation for your skintone is a girl's (or a faggot's) bestfriend. oh god, that just reminded me that a day never goes by without me seeing a Gaisano Metro girl with horrid skintone-foundation issues. as if their uniforms aren't enough, they have to suffer those royal blue and VIOLET (not just purple, i'm tellin ya!) eyeshadows in all the wrong places!!! =( TSK!!!

so, being the "just a fan" that i am, i resort to collecting makeup instead, rather than being a know-it-all when it comes to practicality, usage, and application... i love Shu Uemura best (like the rest WHOLE WORLD), Dior, Chanel, YSL, and so on and so on. Clinique doesn't suit me for some reason, although it's the most popular in Cebu...and i would've loved it if Clinique suits my skin's PH coz it's cheap, and i could seriously use the savings!!!

but screw savings...i like everything limited and exclusive, being the self-righteous princess that i am. c'mon, you know how i feel, right? coz you know you do too. =) you may not be as much of a self-centered hag that i am, but you know everything "limited edition" and "exclusive" just gives you chills in your spine that sends some sort of electronic zing to your nerves that lifts up that index and middle finger to hand out your gold Mastercard... ;) winkydoo!!!! lol!!!

so after all that ranting, this is what i've found that could hopefully be justified after that spens of an intro...
Givenchy Prismissime Eyes
"These limited-edition shadow palettes -in Sweet Chocolate and Intense Chocolate versions- are almost too pretty to use, but then you wouldn't experience the range of luscious looks each collection of nine shades and textures delivers."

Price: $52 or PhP 2,670.80 !!!!!!!

well what d'ya know? a limited edition something that we can all actually afford here in good ol' Pinas! lol! definitely buying at Rustan's...if unavailable, definitely swiping at and i'll be patient enough for delivery...especially coz they don't ship internationally. boohoo...twice longer the wait. =(

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