Saturday, August 19, 2006

Manolo goes western!!!

i am beat! which is why i wasn't able to post anything yesterday. i just needed some serious "me" time. actually, i still haven't had that, despite my update absence. i tried to relax, but all i could think about was blah and blah. fuck this world. materialism is the only escape i have! lol!

with that said, i'm going to keep this short, and wallet-draining sweet...

the Daisy Duke is here to stay...well, at least 'til the end of fall. lol! even the shoe god Manolo dipped his leadtips on some sexy western flava....

Manolo Blahnik Two-tone Western Boot

$1,050 or PhP 53652.59

this particular pair kindda reminds me of that Juicy Couture and Ana Sui butterfly boots i posted about last month.

Manolo Blahnik Tooled Western Boot

$895 or PhP 45732.44

Manolo Blahnik Calfskin Western Boot

$1,050 or PhP 53,652.59

this one's a safer choice compared to the two-toned pair. it's more versatile, therfore insuring more mileage compared to its flashier counterpart of the same pricetag! =)

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check out the rest of the cowgirl frenzy at

if you're lucky, and just SO not like me right now...

BUY! and pretty please email me and send me photos, so i may drool over your loot, wish you the best, and secretly come up with a devious plan to hunt you down and steal your life. lol!

damn ladies, i need some SERIOUS neurosis is getting worse by the second, it's not even funny.

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