Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lindsay Lohan's hippie mode

that "brunette to blonde" post made an old friend, JS (girl, where are you?) email me this photo:

what's happening to Lindsay Lohan??
ok, bandana, sweatblots on the tanktop, inner pockets showing below the shorts, and cigarette on hand? i-just-had-sex-inside-the-suv-look? classy? surrreee, whatever you say, girl. you're the "celebrity"! if tacky is your thing, US Weekly would probably just say you're researching for a role. =P
the "hippie look" didn't work for Mariah Carey at the peak of her much-publicized breakdown (know what they say, bad publicity is still publicity! lol)....what the hell made La Lohan think she could pull it off?

ok, why did i just say that...i shouldn't be comparing anyone to Mariah. especially considering since for the past decade, Mariah's only assets are just that....assets. real estate, massive bank accounts, ludicrous insurance policies and major bootay. ;)

i need major revamping, and i can't write about anything else. i'm beached, and i don't know how to get out of this slump.

trashy mental state = trashy celebrity dissing.

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