Saturday, August 05, 2006

Chloe belted boots + DKNY (on SALE!)

here's a tip for y'all...

IF YOU'RE BROKE, OR HAVE JUST MAXED OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD (which resulted to the confiscation of your credit card...), DO NOT BROWSE ONLINE SHOPS!!!!

remember when i said those yummy butterfly boots from Juicy Couture and Ana Sui are to die for, but you can't really use 'em here in the Philippines...much less CEBU?!?! well, i didn't exactly listen to my own usual.

i am LOVIN♥ the new belted boot from Chloe! nevermind those butterfly boots, at least THESE can serve you well for a longer time! plus the fact they look SO god-damn comfortable! i haven't seen this in person (which is a GOOD thing, coz i just might swipe away yet another debt on my dad's mastercard)...but knowing Chloe's sumptuous buttery-soft leather, i'll just assume these boots are as magnificent (leather quality) as those lovely Paddingtons!

photo taken from

for $885 or PhP 45,534.58...THEY BETTER BE!!!!

ok, excuses to buy them? hmmm...well, they have chunky (but not TOO chunky, which is GOOD) heels, so you can use them for a longer time WALKING. those planned trips to Singapore, or Hong Kong, or to the US would be perfect to wear these babies. if not, fine, use them at BTC or Ayala. nobody would care, as long as you don't get conscious. REPRESENT GIRLS, REPRESENT!

i accidentally (ok, PURPOSELY) clicked on the Shop our Sale section of and i found these two DKNY bags that i was eyeing on a few months ago (yehey! good things come to those who wait!!!)...
DKNY Glazed Leather Flap Satchel
originally priced at $295 (PhP 15,178.19), dropped to $199 (PhP 10,238.85)...
they have this in black and saddle. i'm personally liking the saddle one...but then again, this particular dark ocean is growing on me by the second! lol! what else is new?=)

kindda reminds you of the cult status Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle, huh?

now i know i said there are TWO bags, but i'm having trouble uploading the other photo, i don't know WHY!!! grrrr....blogspot hates me!=(

anyway, just check out the other bag (much simpler, but more expensive, yet has more "lasting power" than this particular one i just featured)

i'm hungry...who wants to take me out for brunch at 2PM? lol! i haven't eaten anything all day!!!=( wait...WOOHOO!!! that's a first! lol!!! maybe this way, i could finally fit in those boxload of spanking brand new skinny jeans i bought 2 months ago, and still haven't worn not even once!=( sigh... so sad naman my life....

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