Monday, August 07, 2006


i've been getting a lot of comments about how extremely shallow and materialistic i am...

ok, first off...I ALREADY SAID THAT SINCE THE BEGINNING. i never said i wasn't, and everytime i get approached and somebody says that to me, i've never denied it, not once. i'm not saying i am proud of it. but i am shallow for many many reasons. be it a personal choice of mine, or simply i am just like deal with it.

i blog about the things that i've "discovered" online, or personally, because i want to.
i am bored, and have nothing better to do with my time if and when i do. i want to share to the world my little loot so as to provide added information to people WHO SHARE THE SAME INTERESTS as i do.
i blog to keep in touch with friends, old and new, coz god knows they keep my sanity intact.
i blog about retail tidbits for the wonderful people of Metro Cebu, whom i love dearly...despite all the drama i've encountered on this ohsotiny island of ours (literally, everybody knows everybody) the fact that i strongly believe that Cebuano people (of all sexual preferences) are naturally-born stylish. and i would like to believe i am one of them. ok, MAJOR LOL!!!!!
i care about style, and simply just looking good. on making do with what genetics has given you (although plastic surgery is SOOOO tempting nowadays!)

and please, for the love of is subjective and relative. don't lecture me on fashion. i couldn't care less if something is "in" or "of-the-moment" (although it helps...more like TEMPTS me a lot). ]

i am completely aware there is a lot of hunger, war, pain, and everything not nice going on in this world, but as TT would say, THE FUCKING MEDIA ALREADY COVERS MORE THAN WHAT WE NEED TO why bother blogging about it? like people would really want to read MY views on the IRAQ situation than hello...why do you think the entertainment biz is such a GLOBAL HIT???!!!!! coz people WANT to get away from all that drama...why think of pain, when you can think of PINK instead? ;) again, it is all about choices PEOPLE! i chose to be who and what i am, because it makes me happy. i'm not perfect, and so are you...i'm not happy and perky all the time. come to think of it, hell, i bitch and rant half of my waking days. LOL!!!

i am ashamed of the fact that i want to buy all of these things, go to all these places, drink all of these fabulous cocktails, eat at the finest restaurants, knowing at the back of my mind that half of the world is hurting. but what can i do? it is not in me to drop my life just because i would want to be called a saint and be the next Mother Teresa (or Angelina Jolie...alhtough i'd love to have her bod!) and feed all those malnourished children in India, or Nigeria. i shop, i party, but i also GIVE back. not for some cheesy praises, but it makes me feel good. and to be honest, this is me...and i'm not sure if i would want to change that. because i'm happy in my own skin.

OMG!!! this whole "deep, serious, emote" thing has really caught me!!

to the people i love, and hopefully love me back...I NEED A HUG!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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