Thursday, August 10, 2006


ok, i've officially gone NUTS!!! i caved in to MySpace...fuck. 4 years, and i have just decided NOW. see how lame i am?? gawd...i seriously need to straighten out my act. hello, i was pretty fuddled when i did it. i have an excuse, so lay off! like YOU guys don't have MySpace!!! =P

ok, so i took a safety buzz earlier with the full intention of signing up for MySpace, just so i could have an excuse NOW. there, i said it. =P

oh whatever, at least i got to practice my html skills...eventhough there's a bigass rolling whiteboard beside me right now with all the necessary html codes that i had my brother's webmonkey write on yesterday afternoon. =P ahhhhh ptoooeeey!!!! i'm unhappy, so give me a break. i'll post a more sane explanation tomorrow...make that LATER, after i wake up, and enjoy an expected nice hangover.

TT is so going to laugh...and spit on my face the second as she finds out about this. lawrd why me??!!!!!

edit: (taken from my MySpace blahblahs...)

oh yeah...i just went on a crazy "Add to Friends" frenzy if you happen to be one of those unfortunate people i powerclicked for a request for invitation, then i probably think you're fabulous...or hot, or both...or i'm just plain drunk. =D but please please don't panic coz you think some crazy bitch of a stranger is stalking you!! lol!!! i just got sad when i saw the "Cheeky has 0 friends" note...god i need a life...

...i mean it though, and i'm putting it up again here, coz i shamelessly plugged this blog add on my profile earlier, and i'm afraid it's already too late to cop out now. yep...not only did i sign up for the damn thing, i also embarrassed myself by OVERclicking on practically every profile i viewed that appealed to me. oh god, what could those people be thinking when they see my request? i swear, it was blatant harassment!!! it was like me running around Times Square...wait wait...*local local!!!!!* MANGO AVENUE, butt-neked screaming "ADD ME!! ADD ME!!!!"!!!!!!!!


i am a fool to think i'm cut out for myspace...seriously. i'm scared of the vile reactions i just might get the next time i check my emails, and turn on my cellphone to be bombarded with phonecalls and text messages from real friends and again be ridiculed for my bad decisions. =) lol. life life life life life life liffffffffffffe.........

i feel so vulnerable right now...i miss my ♥LJ. i should've just sticked to LJ. Blogspot is so..."out there". =(

oh fuck it...i can't turn back now. i'd be too much of a charlatan than i already am, if i say i'm too embarrassed to do yet another stupid thing like canceling my MySpace account. so with that said...ADD ME!! ADD ME!!!. do it.

edit part deux:
OMGOMGOMG...the press is right. MySpace really IS powerful!!!!!! was just about to call it a night, and jump into bed, when...
damn, only 1 hour after my...that thing i did...i get 3 friend requests???? oooo oooo!!! make that 5!!! my YM just popped up saying i have 2 more new friend requests!!!!! and these are complete strangers, i'm tellin ya...all of my friends, both real and imaginary, are still out right now and will probably be home to check this post by 6AM later (that is, of course, if they're not as hammered as expected). one of the requests was from this tom brady guy. he's some sort of NFL guy, i don't know. i bet half of my inheritance that he's not really THE tom brady. probably his publicist, assistant, or some freako stalker of a fan who's too cheap to make a decent .com site slash shrine dedicated to his "idol". wait...i shouldn't be mean, coz i might lose "a friend". and for somebody who currently only has 5 friends (all of which, i don't even know personally!!!!!!), i can't afford to lose one!!! god...i know, i's lame. and god knows i already need to sleep, but dammit, this is better than caffeine!
forget all that rara i said earlier...i now love MySpace! it's good for my ego, and it feeds my delusions that i am special, and in-demand. lol!!!

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