Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bergdorf gold flats fest!!!

found a couple of great steals of metallic feet candy on the dumping bin of!!

Gucci Flat Thong sandal for $213 or PhP 10,916.55 a major plummet from it's $425 or PhP 21,781.84 pricetag!!!

this one's a keeper for me...even when the time comes people start getting sick of gold! lol!

both photos from:
Jimmy Choo metallic skimmer flats for only $148 or PhP 7,585.21 from $295 or PhP 15,119.16!!!

oh come on!!! Jimmys for less than PhP10K people!! even that's cheap for the major stingers of Cebu.

*knock knock BT!!!*

i'm not much into flats, coz i'm a bit unblessed on the height department, but i'd wear these babies to a day out with the girls...or a boy *winkydoo!*...anytime! it'll definitely spice up any bland Cebu uniform of white tops and bottoms...;)

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