Wednesday, August 16, 2006

brunette power!!!!

if "blondes have more fun", then how come all these celebrities are going brunette? practically everybody noteworthy are shifting to the dark side, sporting luscious locks of rich browns. boy, that Aniston vs. Jolie thing really did make an impact to other levels besides just showbiz gab! iluvsit!

oh, except Britney Spears. i think that Harper's Bazaar ish was just not right. i'll end it there. she should've just sticked to the "dumb blonde" (her, not YOU) image. afterall, she DID marry Kevin Federline...and still sticking with him with a second baby, at that!!!!!

here's a few of my top picks in the selection at

much better than the blonde, with such a pale face like hers. Keira Knightley couldn't have made a better decision by going subtle on the shift. love the curls, love the highlights and lowlights, love HER. she looks SO old-world glam, i'm currently swearing under my breath why no amount of primping could give me that seemingly effortless glamour. but sometimes i can't help but notice that if you cut all her hair off, no make up, no nothing...she has angular facial features of a cute BOY...or some skinny mid-20's guy. i actually have a British male chuva friend who has an incredibly striking resemblance to her. that, or i'm just really jealous coz i'm not as skinny as her.

tsk...somebody please tell me i'm pretty!!!!

ahhhhhh...La Lohan, La Lohan. there's not enough time to talk about Lindsay Lohan. even if it's just about her hair. coz it always branches out to SO many other topics. =)

she still manages to look trashy even in Elizabeth Taylor-ish style of dark curls, bright lips, and dripping in diamonds. or maybe i'm just jealous...again.

she could've actually pulled off the blonde, had she chosen a more suitable shade. famous freckles, and platinum blonde don't really work...not unless she planned to go all Ana Nichole Smith, which is actually pretty unsurprising, considering all her latest scandals, and whathaveyous. but omg, that photo of her and Nichole Richie (her zombie-arms twin) at the Cartier event last year is still stuck in my head. major thinspiration that i still have yet to actually work on. lol.

whatever her plan was, it worked. love her, hate her, everyone's still talking about HER.

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Drew Barrymore..blonde or brunette, i still love her cherub face. even though she's obviously aged drastically over the past year alone. and i'll leave it at that.

also featured were Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger, and Alicia Silverstone. all of which, i like better in blonde. Cher Horowitz would never be the same if she were brunette. maybe Bridget Jones, but not Cher! Clueless has made such an impact on all our lives (well, if you read my blog, it probably DID), it would be sacrilege to even alter a single!

but aside from that little detail, BRUNETTES RULE! of course i'm biased. ;) lol!

tsk...and they said Angelina Jolie (Billy Bob Thornton days) would never make a style impact! i specifically remember reading an article stating "blonde is the only way to go, brunettes would never amount to anything! look at Angelina Jolie!".

oh i'd SO love to see that columnist's face right now! to that author, two words babe:


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