Friday, September 01, 2006

Roberto Rodriguez sexy top

dare to bare and be frilly and fabulous!! =)

i saw this top a couple of weeks ago, and printed it out and asked myself whether i could ever be brave enough to wear something as head-turning as this. and by golly the answer is a big YES! =)

Roberto Rodriguez Silk-Front Top $275 or PhP 13,984.49

gorgeous, isn't it? it's sexy. it's fun, with a touch of old-world glam. it's like a modernized mourning dress from The Renaissance, only you wear it for guys to mourn over the fact they can't have you! lol.

it's silk and has a sheer lace front. it can be worn sleeveless (as shown in the first photo), or with cutout half sleeves (shown below). it has a banded waist and a cheeky silk tie on the side.

price-wise, it's not that bad, really, especially noting that this is like one of those pieces in your wardrobe you can just hang and stare at and it makes you smile knowing how sexy you'd look in it. so-so tops that nobody else but you would think is eye-catching actually cost more! :)

perfect for those spontaneous night outs with the girlfriends. oh, and do keep count, and tell me how many heads you've turned with this baby!

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miel said...

i love it!! omg, where to buy man?