Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Big Bag picks

big bags really are "IT" for the season, and yours truly just isn't strong enough to resist!! =) here's my two top picks for today...

Marc Jacobs Striping Hudson Bag

i know this is kindda old news already, but it's a great weekday bag to pack all those daily essentials. although the straps are too short to be worn on the shoulder. and it has a Trompe l'oeil signature push-lock closure on front with stud accents, which has been Marc Jacob's "thing" for this season's handbag collection. he's even incorporated some to last season's quilted leather. it's also available in black and chestnut, but i'm loving this super-rich dark brown one with the beige stripes. drawback? $1,275 or PhP 64,414.66! so i'm just gonna have to pass.

let's talk perfect carryall, shall we? i am totally loving this

Leather Skye bag from Joy Gryson
this bag just screams, "it" all over!!!

let's do a checklist:

  • soft Italian leather? CHECK!
  • suede lining? CHECK!
  • braided details? CHECK!
  • brushed metal hardware? CHECK!

luxe AND cool!! iluvit!!! and the price is just right at $695 or PhP 35,112.30. well, yeah, it IS kindda expensive, but hey, it's almost HALF the price for the MJ one! =) besides, i have a feeling Joy Gryson is going to be the next "it" designer for 2007. she's earned my respect for her work at Coach, Calvin Klein & her most recent? Marc Jacobs! lol. plus points on beating the "boss" on these two bags. ;)

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